Prepositions used with "bird"

of, for, by, to or with bird?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases bird of is used

You can see lots of birds along the way.

By dusk the trees are covered with hundreds of birds.

One of the best sensory organs of birds is their eyes.

I truly despise stuffing cooked inside of bird, it's gross, gloppy and plain ol ' nasty.

In some types of birds the males are known to be aggressive; in a few types it's the females.

Every sounds we hear every day like sound of birds, wind, rain, sea, friends, parents, laughing, crying, kissing and.

Mai Po Marshes - these wetlands have recorded more than 360 different types of birds and are a birdwatchers paradise.

So over many generations the average beak size in that group of birds which struggle to crack tough nuts will increase.

Swarms of insects, schools of fish and flocks of birds regroup into golden spirals after scattering from a disturbance.

In 15% of cases bird for is used

Manu is a paradise for bird watching.

Hearing is also very important for birds.

Dublin Falconry is a small zoo for birds of prey.

The fringing forest is dominated by mahogany trees up to 40 meters high and looks promising for birds.

We were told it's a great place for birds watching but unfortunately there was no bird in sight at all.

For birds galah size and up you should seriously consider powder coated steel or a stainless steel cage.

The Appropriate Cage for birds Size You should acquire the biggest cage your budget will allow and your space will accommodate.

Restoring the dawn chorus The sanctuary developed a 10 year Restoration Strategy in 2000 with a three stage release programme for birds.

How you can help Share this About the RSPB The RSPB speaks out for birds and wildlife, tackling the problems that threaten our environment.

Lake Manyara Lake Manyara is a great safari spot for bird viewing and also has a healthy population of ungulates such as buffalo and wildebeest.

In 5% of cases bird by is used

It is a natural urge, which is manifested even by birds.

His father, also a writer, told him to just take it bird by bird.

Bird by Bird -- Anne Lamott This is a guide to writing that someone recommended on GoodReads.

Faced with your own pile of marketing tasks? Here are some things you can do to take it bird by bird: 1.

The list includes eight new determinations, together with the four determinations run by Bird (Leavesley et al.

The corpses of the English, strewn upon the ground, he left to be devoured by worms and wolves, by birds and dogs.

This site is managed by Denis Lepage and hosted by Bird Studies Canada, the Canadian copartner of Birdlife International.

Considering that it is 40000 kilometres (24840 miles) around the earth, you can conceive better the long distances covered by birds.

Roosting in the trees around the lake, many prefer the safety of the water and one corner of the lake towards dusk is covered by birds.

Pesticides can contaminate groundwater and cause the loss of natural enemies of bollworms, such as ants, beetles and parasites, as well pollination services by birds and bats.

In 5% of cases bird to is used

Don't try to catch or obstruct to birds on the way.

Just like Priyanjan said, 14 km is not going to make a difference to birds.

Why then do they face into such dangers to birds migrate? The answer is simply food.

Add cornstarch and water to bird drippings instead of butter and flour to slim down your gravy.

A natural place, home to birds, animals and plants and with a wonderful feel of quietness and peace.

One of the deadliest threats to birds worldwide -- building collisions -- has, in a sense, been put on trial.

Although it is difficult to spot game in Mkomazi, its dry savannah is one of the best spots to bird watch in Northern Tanzania.

She can cook like nobody's business one minute and spend the rest of the afternoon in the garden pruning roses or talking to birds the next.

The upper slopes have a rare Afro Alpine habitat with heath land, glacial valleys and some unusually large plant life playing host to birds, mice and rock hyrax.

Yonge Corporate Centre has also installed the same film to the north elevation of their 4120 Yonge Street building -- the most deadly to birds -- as a test for effectiveness.

In 4% of cases bird with is used

Every morning it is a new experience with birds of different shades and colors singing away on tree tops.

As with Foxes and Stoats, surplus killing occurs which can lead to problems on islands with bird colonies.

One of Steve's trademark grey Mercedes sports cars was parked outside, looking a bit forlorn and splashed with bird poo.

He still gets excited, he says, when the swallows come back in April and he proposed to his wife in Norfolk with birds flying overhead.

Histoplasmosis Histoplasma capsulatum is a dimorphic fungus that exists in mold form in soil contaminated with bird or bat droppings, and transforms to yeast form when inhaled.

In 3% of cases bird from is used

As early Chinese reflected, much can be learned indeed from bird tracks.

Therefore to protect your vehicle from bird droppings that fall on the sky, consider sketching basic carports designs.

He suspected foul play and went round asking for the whereabouts of Sita from birds and beasts, plants and trees, wailing and weeping like an ordinary man.

Linda Robson, from Birds of a Feather who's an old friend and also on the show, could see how upset he was and shouted after his disappearing figure: ' We love you Brian.

Although most down and other feathers are removed from birds during slaughter, geese from breeding flocks and those raised for meat and foie gras are sometimes live-plucked.

In 3% of cases bird in is used

If people leave food in bird feeders, bears will find it.

No interest in birds, not much talk about the local area, etc.

A seaside visitor with no interest in birds will see sea gulls.

In 3% of cases bird on is used

Especially in Africa and India, animals which feed on bird eggs are legion.

In 1931 a scientific expedition discovered a small breeding colony of a few hundred on Bird Island (just off the coast of South Georgia).

Most of these lizards, skinks, and snakes feed on the abundant insects and rodents in the grass, while others specialize on birds eggs and pythons can consume animals as large as gazelles.

The following year, she directed a UNICEF-commissioned special project on developing community-based communication materials on Bird Flu prevention intended for a national information campaign.

In 2% of cases bird about is used

Learned more about birds I never knew! Best field trip ever!!! LOL Thank you for a great birthday.

I work for a radio show (about birds) called BirdNote and we need high quality audio of a passing Shinkansen train at full tilt.

Guests can walk up into the Forest Reserve with Simon, who is a fount of local information as well as highly knowledgeable about birds and trees.

Despite widespread common, folk, knowledge about birds ' olfactory abilities, Birkhead explains there was an astonishing refusal among professional scientists to accept this.

In 2% of cases bird like is used

It was a dark creature, with a mouth looking like bird's beak.

It's easy to give a fiery speech about the criminal BSF killing people like birds at the border.

Shoulder charges are almost impossible to pull of now with out been charged and one on one hits like Bird on Cronk are penalised.

Bangladesh's rickshaws twittered like birds, but you felt at any moment that the whole lot could be swept away by a gust of wind.

I've seen film footage of others: shivering children, perched like birds on the edges of charpais, while swirling waters enter their tin homes.

Andrial, a farmer, explained that the specific tunes that sound like bird tweets are actually a portion of the lullabies that every mother composes for her newborn child.

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