Prepositions used with "experiment"

of, for, by, in or with experiment?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases experiment of is used

A number of experiments will be reviewed underlining these views.

Which is why he carried out a number of experiments to find the perfect diet.

Research Confirms: A series of experiments in the 1970s and 1980s illustrates these effects.

The team's mission is to conduct a unique set of experiments on the Leatherback sea turtle's hearing.

The small panel on the bottom right will rotate through a status update of a selection of experiments.

Overview of experiments focusing on the effect of resveratrol on obesity and diabetes in experimental animals.

Yet a series of experiments failed to find any evidence for differences in speed due to motion through the ether.

Yet a series of experiments failed to find any evidence for differences in speed due to motion through the ether.

In 1662 Robert Boyle, an Irishman, performed a series of experiments employing a J-shaped glass tube, which was sealed on one end.

Personal views can be wrong, or our methods of experiment and verification might be incorrect, and then will not lead to the truth.

In 13% of cases experiment for is used

A massive industry harvesting pieces of dead children for experiments, or transplanting into animals.

There seems to be no direct evidence for CCC, it offers no possibility for experiment, and it is probably non-falsifiable.

In 10% of cases experiment by is used

I doubt if there is a shred of evidence supported by experiments if this is indeed true.

Galileo showed ' the fact ' to be untrue by experiment and measured observation, science's techniques of disenchantment.

I think this a good example science going where it is not supposed to go, not in a theological sense but in a sense of how can this be proven by experiment.

In 10% of cases experiment in is used

A large number of participants was asked to try to identify these silhouette and outline versions in experiment 1.

Every 600 million times a second, protons are smashed together at near the speed of light at various points in experiments in CERN.

On March 25, 2009 at 9:41pm BA in Science with a Concentration in Experiment Design wrote: Alright, let's try out your new poem-sorting doo-hickey on some actual test cases.

In 8% of cases experiment with is used

And it agrees fully with experiment.

Merging computation with experiment will accelerate nanodesign.

He gave some remarkable physics lectures with experiments performed during the lectures.

He subjected conventional wisdom of his time to a critical review and verified it with experiment and observation, discarding errors.

In 5% of cases experiment from is used

That will only be learned from experiment.

Obtained from experiments under -very unnatural- conditions.

In 4% of cases experiment on is used

Real science is based on experiment and observation and gives us our technology, and this is a good thing.

But if you want to develop a war drive theory that is founded on experiments, then you have to look for another way to warp space-time besides the stress-energy tensor.

In 3% of cases experiment through is used

So through experiment a therapy began to take shape, even an effective one.

In applied mechanics, the study of fractals in nature has to pass through experiment, simulation and theory in the prescribed order.

In 3% of cases experiment to is used

We next turn to experiments (1) and (3) enumerated above, shown in Figure 3.

Additional safety precautions will be announced in class prior to experiments where a potential danger exists.

We also need to investigate the high status accorded to experiments and those people like Robert Boyle, Earl of Cork, who alongside or instead of hunting, shooting and fishing, dabbled in chemistry.

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