Prepositions used with "observation"

of, for, by, from or on observation?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases observation of is used

It is a recital of observation of effects.

Show a sense of observation and empowerment.

It took Uditha over an hour of observation before he too was sure.

Your powers of observation and lateral thinking are tested, but never overwhelmed.

I take a great deal of observation in, spotting off all the abnormalities I can find.

This requires powers of observation that I don't think come naturally for most of us.

Rather, it is a series of observations, happenings, which added up, may be in the subconscious mind somewhere.

Mostly, the term time of observation bias (TOB ), however, refers to minimum and maximum temperature measurements.

She began writing when she was three - her first work was a notebook of observations about her grandparents ' home.

I'd not questioning your powers of observation, I'd merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked man who he is.

In 10% of cases observation for is used

They going to move her from CCU to regular room for observation.

Immediate concrete experience is the basis for observation and reflection.

Look for themes and patterns, and for observations or descriptions that you like.

The 25-year-old remained in the San Camillo hospital in Rome for observation, but police said his life was not in danger.

For Observation: the figure occupying 25% - 30% of screen height shows characteristic details such as clothing while also viewing surrounding activity.

This process keeps an observatory director from getting several phone calls a day from ten groups asking for observations of a gamma-ray burst just discovered.

The nozzle cap allowed only one spray from a hole open for observation, while it bypassed other sprays from four holes without disturbing injection performance.

My mother lied to my brother and I and told us that my father was in the hospital, and that he was okay, and that the doctors were keeping him there for observations.

First, if a really neat event (like the Jupiter impact, or like a supernova in the Milky Way galaxy) happens, more than one group will call the director and ask for observations.

In 8% of cases observation by is used

Most of their learning is done by observation.

The greenhouse effect is standard physics and confirmed by observations.

I suppose I would define ' empirical grounding ' as backed up by observation and evidence.

AMD GRAFIX Just by observation, I divided the progress of the Olympic logo design into two parts.

Statements of the vision and values help but the rites, symbols and taboos are all learnt mainly by observation.

Surely any factual statement, any claim about how things actually are in the universe, must somehow be testable by observation.

This makes the issue of data collection methods, both by observation and self-identification, a greater technical difficulty than in the past.

This prediction was supported during a total eclipse of the Sun in May 1919, and again by observations of a total eclipse in Australia in 1922.

Since discrimination is based on the perception of an individual's race or Hispanic origin, these agencies oppose any changes that would make it more difficult to collect data by observation.

Models also correctly predicted other effects subsequently confirmed by observation, including greater warming in the Arctic and over land, greater warming at night, and stratospheric cooling.

In 7% of cases observation from is used

You can watch creatures in their natural habitat from observation centers.

Initially they were used as a means of escape from observation balloons or aircraft.

However, I do not know how to separate feedbacks from observations, although, of course, you can in models.

Using information from observation and assessment tools, you will develop individualized programs for children.

I'd going to say that it is Newton's first Law, as follows, that is the primary cause of the order of the universe that is deduced from observation.

Although he cited certain theoretical books as being very useful and influential in the making of the piece, most of the material came from observation and experience.

Although these may improve patient health or prevent adverse events, their benefits may be too small to detect from observation, yet they are strongly supported as quality indicators.

In 7% of cases observation on is used

You can't show that based on observation but claim that it is logically provable.

They are not based on anything like axioms -- they are not even based on observations.

They are not based on anything like axioms -- they are not even based on observations.

Based on observation and experience, he proposed that there were five main functions of management.

Quantum physics is basically a set of theories on the behaviour of things at a very small scale based on observation and experimentation.

Astronomy and anthropology, for example, are two respected sciences that rely more on observation and study than on experimentation per se.

Based on observations of the job, knowledge of accident and injury causes, and personal experience, list the things that could go wrong at each step.

Actually the baseline is fairly unimportant, because it will shift to the true position based on observations very quickly if its in the wrong place.

How well you understand the people in your particular niche is critical, and it seems to us, based on observation, that lots of marketers have no clue about it.

In 6% of cases observation with is used

This is part one of the theory which also lines up with observations.

It cometh not with observation --with watching or lying in wait, as for something outwardly imposing and at once revealing itself.

The experimental cosmology begins with observation of red shift, proportional to distance, in the light of galaxies by Hubble in 1929.

HadGEM-2ES paper uses a low-pass filter in this specific case because they are comparing with observational data derived in a similar manner.

It was quickly accepted as a good metaphysical system, but when the details were closely examined they did not quite match with observations.

In 5% of cases observation through is used

The dominant research approach in Astronomy is through observations.

The Big Bang Theory is based on data gained through observation and physics.

Know that the user changed the turbocharger two days ago through observation and inquiry.

Let's say we studied computer models of the influence of excessive greenhouse gases, verified them through observations, then had them peer-reviewed and published in Science.

In 5% of cases observation to is used

Then, aged 12, I switched from transportation to observation and experimentation.

Indeed, the dedication of the alchemists to observation and measurement helped produce modern science.

I like the fact that this paper connects (at least arguably) plausible physical mechanisms to observations.

In human settings, there are many other types of responses to observation other than running away and looking back.

Sometimes you may go back to observation if you discover that stating a clear solution to the problem is difficult.

The Red Shift is peculiar to observation from Earth; it is not absolute and can not give us information about the Universe as an object.

Prior to product registration and marketing, data about the safety and efficacy of drugs are limited to observations from pre-clinical animal studies and initial clinical trials.

In 5% of cases observation under is used

Similar short, uncoiled strings about 2cm long were laid by specimens kept under observation in finger-bowls.

According to the agency's head of public affairs, the actor had tested positive to drug ingestion and was immediately placed under observation.

In 3% of cases observation in is used

The patterns derived bear a strong resemblance to those seen in observations (Parker et al.

About 3,000 Australian airmen served in the Middle East and France with the Australian Flying Corps, mainly in observation capacities or providing infantry support.

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