Prepositions used with "break"

of, for, at, during or to break?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases break of is used

This kind of break is called a conchoidal fracture.

Watch the performance of Break On Through with Franky Perez below.

As a result, I couldn't work straight through the day, and I had to take a lot of breaks.

Although, there are instances when one gets completely miserable when in pain of break-up.

In the paper the next day: A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of break failure.

The four modules consist of four hours of delivery for each, including 30 minutes of break, i.

It is just rough, and no matter how tough you are, the pain of break up breaks the one completely.

No matter what kind of break, Reading will continue to find tough sledding, having not added in the transfer window.

But at the end of the day, in terms of break points Ferrer had converted one of eight, and Federer had converted two of three.

This status indicates some kind of break, including a pause, maintenance or a breakdown, as long as execution has not been aborted.

In 12% of cases break for is used

Romney never did anything except for break up companies and lay people off.

List down season wise possible availability of items for Break-Fast, Lunch &; Dinner c.

Ask each recipients to provide their rating against each options available for Break Fast, Lunch &; Dinner e.

Finding the City of London empty at night isn't difficult (although some other photos in London require me waiting for breaks in the traffic, or for pedestrians to move on).

In 10% of cases break at is used

We look good at breaks and (with or without RvP) we have real depth in squad.

The two positions got stops with a total of 42 pips of loss; the last one was set at break even.

The musical runs from the 10th to 15th May at Break for the Border as part of the Absolut Gay Theatre Festival Dublin.

In 10% of cases break during is used

They would even follow us around during breaks to see how we interacted.

During breaks add them to LinkedIn, + Circles, and track them down on Twitter.

During the latter months of the first year, infants regularly look at caregivers ' faces when receiving objects as well as during breaks in play.

A lawyer herself, she's in constant, animated conversation with her father during breaks, and with worry written all over her face, twists and tugs on her hair during testimony.

In 9% of cases break to is used

I am so tired of the Media handling these folks as if they are going to Break.

Many young people are rushing into commitment only to break up shortly thereafter.

In 9% of cases break with is used

I could do more with breaks between.

Well, this cut took me four hours to finish- with breaks in between.

What I see are huge surges of energy and activity interspersed with breaks of introspection and incubation.

These off-the-cuff conversations can last throughout the day, with breaks for going to class or having dinner.

The 30-year-old Englishman needed only 89 minutes to secure a spot in the second round, seeing off compatriot Andrew Higginson 6-0 with breaks of 67, 52, 86 and 96.

In all other eurozone countries lease lengths are short, say three to ten years, with break clauses and rents are indexed annually to changes in the consumer price index.

In 8% of cases break on is used

A full 20 minutes went by before the players sat for the changeover, Federer 3-0 up, and Ferrer now 0/6 on break points.

In 6% of cases break about is used

So be honest with yourself about breaks.

In 5% of cases break by is used

After the first year had engine oil leak, followed by break lights failing and constant rattle in drivers door.

So A History of Mapmaking becomes a series of tantalising previews, punctuated by breaks for emergency rewiring.

In 5% of cases break from is used

Kane scores a nearfall as we come back from break.

This match is already in progress as we return from break and Otunga is in control.

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