Prepositions used with "intervention"

of, for, at, after or to intervention?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases intervention of is used

The risks of intervention, however, are tremendous.

But he does not believe in a market devoid of intervention.

This is an form of intervention and I would really like to help you.

More particularly, it identifies what was done (types of interventions ), by whom (i.

Discontent and open mutiny in the armies of intervention forced the imperialists to withdraw.

An emerging trend is to involve youth in the development and implementation of interventions.

I wouldn't have been able to think of interventions along these lines if it wasn't for studying Health Economics.

Intervention was found to have a significant effect on the exchange rate, particularly on the day of intervention.

Both organizations have been major sources of interventionist propaganda, influential on both sides of the Atlantic.

Lack of a coordinating agency in this area led to problems like repeated intervention or duplication of intervention.

In 15% of cases intervention for is used

The coalition also accused the government of ignoring calls for intervention.

In short, whether based on ideals or interests, the case for intervention is strong.

This still brands the children's conduct as criminal, calling for intervention by state services.

You and/or your authorised representative will be informed in writing of the outcome of your request for intervention.

Bricmont is right in his sensing that the case for intervention against Serb atrocities in Kosovo was never substantially made.

It has led calls for intervention, including no-fly zones enforced by foreign aircraft to stop deadly air raids by Assad's forces.

What is expected of me? Unless you are in immigration detention, you must hold a current visa throughout your request for intervention.

But of course he linked this with calls for intervention in Syria saying that the West is ignoring the plight of Muslims in both Palestine and Israel.

Who can ask the minister to intervene? You, or your authorised representative, can make a request for intervention if you have had a review tribunal decision.

In 7% of cases intervention at is used

Such gamblers need as much, if not more, help at intervention.

Attempts at intervention by those who love her dearly have been rejected.

He claims the strike is illegal and unprotected and workers have resisted SAMWU's attempts at intervention.

The money saved goes to Unicef to fund a project in Bangladesh, looking at intervention at every point of a child's life in some of the worst slums.

In 5% of cases intervention after is used

The NES for multi-domain CogTr showed a significantly improved immediate effect after intervention, which is better than the single-domain CogTr performance.

The NES for single-domain CogTr showed significant improvement after intervention, which showed a better effect than the multi-domain CogTr group at all posttest performance.

In 5% of cases intervention to is used

Cognitive assessors were blinded to intervention assignment.

The outcome measures at baseline were defined as covariates to control for the slight, but not statistically significant, between group imbalance prior to intervention.

Product-Oriented Syllabuses Also known as the synthetic approach, these kinds of syllabuses emphasize the product of language learning and are prone to intervention from an authority.

In 5% of cases intervention with is used

Franais: Indicateur de processus Promising program: Program designed to address known risk and protective factors in a specific at-risk population with interventions (e.

In 4% of cases intervention without is used

Almost all of the children have never been inside a classroom and would never have had the chance without intervention.

Causal established the contacts with the authors without intervention of my committees, thus saving us a significant workload.

In 3% of cases intervention through is used

Through interventions like The Yes Men 's, those in power can be made to pay attention.

In 2% of cases intervention in is used

The exercise of this responsibility has however in some cases resulted in interventions that have curtailed rather than facilitated effective oversight by the local councils.

In 1% of cases intervention about is used

When it became clear the original strategic goal in Iraq was lost, Tony Blair fell back on the moral argument about intervention.

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