Prepositions used with "football"

"of football" or "in football"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases football of is used

A global panel of football writers.

God is in control of football games.

We still have a lot of football left.

Ps Jack, to properly appreciate the game of football one chooses an team allegiance.

Most of the countries at the top of football have one major domestic sport, football.

As far as I know, the style Of football has no effect what so ever on the attendance.

Italy play a more direct style of football which I like, lots of passing with no end product or purpose is boring.

A team with a world-class youth system, a team with an aesthetic style of football, a team that always win things.

Personally i wish him well at Chelski, but i would rather see him at Anfield again maybe as a director of football.

Liverpool at the time where the great all conqouring team of the 80's and the style of football was fantastic to watch.

In 26% of cases football in is used

In football, the ball is round.

That rarely happens in football.

Ties were once common in football.

And their next opponent-the Saints -- gives up more than any other team in football (469.

So just like in football, watching the number seven can tell you how well you team is doing.

This time we are going to write about the Top 10 List of most popular moves used in football.

In football and in life, we need courageous people like Gyan, people who can take and bear risks at crucial times.

The Oympics should be about sports in which winning a Gold is the pinnacle of your career and in football it's not.

Not exactly a United fan, I still respect the club and Ferguson as the most single-minded winner in football history.

But then as I always say the only thing you won't be disappointed about in football is that you will be disappointed.

In 7% of cases football about is used

He is passionate about football.

I have always made decisions about football.

And I'd not talking about footballing success here.

Most people I know who know about football would rather anyone be England manager than him.

Was just thinking How high up my to do list was reading what David Bond thinks about football? Not very.

You can be idealistic about football (and I often am) but that's simply not how the modern game operates.

You realise there are so many people like you who are quizzical and don't just talk about football all the time.

This is a franchise with tons of potential, playing in a community that is passionate about football and loves to win.

It is difficult to find information about football in Benin but some sources describe Ighodaro as the star player of Buffles.

If that guy can make a living talking about football, then I highly doubt Valentine's value as a tv talking head has been affected.

In 6% of cases football for is used

It was a new stage for football sport.

The passion that the people show for football.

So I opted for football, which was less dangerous.

Saturday on Facebook for football conversations and stuff you won't see on the blog.

The amazing thing bout some of the comments are, they are rehash for football tabloids.

England for example, has different sponsors for football, for cricket and various other sports.

It could be that there are special rules for football clubs or for those on what is effectively a fixed term contract.

I have coached high school football for the past 21 years and every year I see less and less kids come out for football.

Go Devils! yay for football season! Since I went to a tiny small private college I didn't have the ' college football gameday ' experience.

In 5% of cases football to is used

I hate what they are doing to football.

The resolution is a big victory for Qatar but most likely a defeat to football.

This suggested if I was stepping into football I was going to be a Rangers fan.

The bear-traps for referees are societal problems, too, not just restricted to football.

But I'd content with what I gave to football, if I did my very best for Tyrone, I'd happy enough.

This work debates 3 latest observations in sports psychology and how they can be best applied to football.

I will keep it short and map it back to football in the end; of course because otherwise it will be a pointless article.

For issues of this nature, I think a 3rd party regulatory agency, preferably unrelated to football handles the investigation.

When you are a child if your families aren't in to football you definitely essentially just opt for your personal footy team.

Although he returned to football and school the next year, war was declared in September and Kerouac left school shortly after that.

In 4% of cases football from is used

Former NFL player Herschel Walker didn't slow down much when he retired from football.

Away from football, he is a recent Politics graduate now persuing a career as a journalist.

He then went on to draw out a Roman Candle, mostly known from football stadiums around Europe.

Baseball bats covered in rectangular mirror, like disco balled weapons and skulls made from footballs.

HJK fans will most definitely miss Johannes West who decided to have a year off from football to travel the world.

They will, however, definitely rue losing Johannes West who decided to have a year off from football to travel the world.

From football cards to baseball cards the product is still the same, small and easy to store until it is sold and shipped.

If you read my mails and visit my blog frequently, you will definitely learn a lot more about making a lot of profits from football.

SAFA reaffirms its commitment to fully cooperate with FIFA and to continue with its own initiatives to uproot corruption from football.

After being unable to win time against an NFCW failure, a rookie and two guys that spent time away from football, I'd not so sure he can.

In 4% of cases football on is used

He has played in almost every position on football field.

We use this trait in young people by putting them on football teams, or into the army.

Question - How do I create an account to stake on football matches? Answer - This is simple.

During a year of healing, the university could actually prove that it doesn't center on football.

On football weekends, I'll start out by speaking to some number of groups at breakfasts or board meetings.

For about ninety percent of his career commentating on football, however, Green has been angry about something.

What is it again? Where is it? Or will you just wait four years until the brasil olympics? Every day people bring up the olympics on FOOTBALL threads.

What stands out the most is that this latest England U19 squad calls heavily on Football League players, with Southampton being the only Premier League team with more than one call-up.

And now let's focus on football and what's happening this weekend! So we decided to use this international break to conduct a Ballon d'Or RoundTable with some of the candidates because.

The real beauty of this particular bet is in essence you are just cheering on football, celebrating the beautiful game, encouraging attacking football the way the sport should be played.

In 3% of cases football with is used

This has everything to do with football.

Sorry Bobs, but I still think the story had nothing to do with football.

Now, there aren't in fact 500 English men and women with Football Agent Licenses.

Remember that I said I have a lot of systems that I use to make money with football.

Question - Do I need to Have a laptop to start making money with football? Answer - The answer is NO.

Chicken Wing Sales - Like Koozies and Beer - Chicken Wings go hand in hand along with football games.

The Rooney saga is just another chip away at the love affair this country -- no, the world -- has with football.

The median revenue generated at FBS schools with football is $48 million, and football teams brought in an average of $16.

I've purposefully avoided writing about the topic of the Suarez case until now because, frankly, I don't believe it had anything to do with football.

When it comes down to it some of these women are to blame, they have choices, why go out drinking with football players, why put yourself inthe position.

In 2% of cases football at is used

It seems that footballers sex lives are the apotheosis of your moral reasoning.

It's nice to know he went back to a time when Auburn was really good at football.

The Netherlands may be a small nation, but the Dutch are seriously good at football.

Indeed, Beenie Man was selected to attend many schools because of his strength at football.

He also knew that football delivered a respect to him that he feared would disappear the day his career finished.

We should all be grateful that football is part of our cultural landscape as it enables us to see how far as a community we have come.

Utter fools they are!! You know they may be good at football, but off the field I am sorry to say I have little to no respect for these guys at all.

There was a study by the Australian Psychology Association recently showing that footballers tend to have higher levels of personality disorders than the prison population.

Tom Brady would like to sell you Ugg man-slippers, and he'd like to do it while taunting you about how much worse at football you are than him, and also how funny he finds your tenuous job situation.

In 2% of cases football like is used

But a lot of voters are simply like football fans; they support their team no matter what.

Like football, hurling is evolving at a rate of knots while the playing rulebook gathers dust.

Example 2 At a youth club of 40 members, 25 like football, 20 like cricket and 5 like neither football nor cricket.

Miandad, who played 124 Tests for Pakistan over a span of nearly 21 years, said cricket was not like football or hockey.

Some of your players like football for the shear fun of the game, they like to play, and such like the opportunity to run around and do things with their buddies.

I'd pretty sure things like football, sport and music don't really matter in the grand scheme of things but those of us with an interest in them like to discuss them.

From different state ATS or SIT visit Darbhanga and kidnapped Muslims and different state security agencies pass them (Muslim like football) to other state security agencies.

And they stretched out like football jerseys on a washing line down the back straight, Nathaniel, Light Heavy, Snow Fairy, St Nicholas Abbey, Born To Sea, Indian file behind the leader.

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