Prepositions used with "food"

"of food" or "for food"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases food of is used

We made a lot of food that week.

You can feed foxes any type of food.

Lack of food has endangered his life.

I'd not a food snob, but I really enjoy different colors, flavors, and textures of food.

The excessive consumption of foods high in acids can cause irreversible dental erosion.

But you did order the barracks restriction, didn't you? You did order the denial of food.

Even the best weight loss supplements use the aid of foods with protein for the purpose of formulating their product.

This list is comprised of foods identified by the team as non-essential, energy-dense, nutritionally-deficient foods.

He said that some of the hotels were yet to exhibit the price list of food stuff in compliance with the forum's order.

Mr Khalili is also a member of the Immunity Managing Systems of Food Industries at the University of Medical Sciences.

In 16% of cases food for is used

The immediate need was for food.

So has worldwide demand for food.

Starving Rumana asked her for food.

Best for food Splurge Jet-set St Barths should satisfy the most demanding of gourmands.

Burton and Speke did something similar, only they shot animals for food when they could.

There are such a lot of decisions for food and equally as many tastes for your visitors.

As a child, he wanted to sleep on the floor with no proper bed, and to take his own excreta for food instead of rice.

I run to the kitchen for food because I'd kind of religious about breakfast, and kind of useless when I don't eat it.

When men aren't hunting for food, clean water, and weapons, they're seeking the most valuable resource of all: women.

We had to fight for food, and when there were no internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, we had to rely on looting.

In 8% of cases food in is used

I remember the part in Food, Inc.

That's a reduction of 70% in food expenses.

Hakka dishes are also easily found in food centers.

Also the fats themselves are seldom present in foods in as great a proportion as water.

An innovative approach for sustainable insertion of smallholders in food chains Abstract.

The spikes in food prices also undermine development gains especially for the urban poor.

Even worse, through the process of readying gossypol for mass-distribution in food, the fulfillment of their longstanding.

Chamber is also continuing to target a ' signature event ' most probably in food and wine and was keen to work with other.

However, if you do chose to create a rack be sure to completely wrap everything you use tightly in food safe aluminum foil.

She received USDA certification in food components, nutrient sources, food groups and infant/child nutrition, and holds a B.

In 7% of cases food on is used

Store up on food, fuel, and ammo.

Locals don't spend a lot of money on food.

It was a relationship based on food and sex.

In order to be so totally focused on food, you have to be able to focus only on yourself.

The Bible thumpers on food stamps think they deserve them, and therefore, are not takers.

Saving on food Shopping for even a small family of three or four can add up very quickly.

What we need is huge investment on post-production food handling and transport technology to clean up the entire chain.

Are you the only household prepared for a crisis? Have you stocked up on food, water, clothing, medication and heating.

So, Obama can be credited with putting ever more people on food stamps and now they're going to have their benefits slashed.

We are sorry that your stay was not satisfying - we always aim to provide a high standard on food, drinks as well as service.

In 7% of cases food to is used

Talk turned to food, as it often does.

Hence, he is grateful to Food for the Poor.

Your approach to food is quite businesslike.

You have the right to food, clothing, a safe place to live and to have your basic needs met.

Standard hygiene practices in relation to food production and handling are deemed sufficient.

I felt so ashamed of myself for having so much and being so greedy when it comes to food and clothes and owning things.

The report says that the rising food price, which contributed to food insecurity, adversely impacted household budgets.

Heck, they're buying advertising time (with our money) and running commercials to recruit more people on to food stamps.

In 7% of cases food with is used

They came with foods such as coco.

This is not a hard wine to pair with food.

Honestly, with food, it's a never-ending story.

Volunteers assisting with food provision after the earthquake Quake-proof construction.

Fantastic food comes from a skilled technician working with foods, tasting, and creating.

Still, with food that tastes this good cooked, I would be in no real position to complain.

While pondering over the menu, you need to consider people with diabetes, vegetarians and those with food allergies.

Perhaps at age 40 (and a bit ), I should begin to honour my body (in whatever shape it is) and make peace with food.

Such an outpost would have to be regularly supplied -- or be able to sustain itself -- with food, oxygen and energy.

Mr Scully said that his own struggles with food have been put in perspective since he began working with the charity.

In 3% of cases food about is used

Please be more specific about food.

Those two guys taught me a lot about food.

The centre aims to educate consumers about food.

But on average, men thought about food and sleep more often than they thought about sex.

When I say power food, I am talking about food that really packs a punch for the calories.

Staci radiates strength, and when she talks about food, she gets excited and seems to glow.

They include leaflets on how to make a complaint about food, understanding food labels and how to use fridges and freezers.

Evidence showed that educating children about foods, the healthy and unhealthy products, help children to make better food choices.

In his book The Face on Your Plate: The Truth About Food, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson extols the health benefits of an all plant diet.

If you're reading Gizmodo, it's likely you think about food in the same way: You don't stress where it's coming from, it's just there.

In 3% of cases food from is used

Watch this video from Food, Inc.

Fasting is not only from food and drink.

Keep away from food products with too much extra fat.

Essential amino acids must come from food because the body can't make them on its own.

It states all the facility requirements; from food handlers up till finished products.

This will definitely lead to the body feeling tired, as it can not create energy from food.

One of the most interesting moments of the brand discussion was when CEO John Brakenridge showed the clip from Food Inc.

Your main carbohydrate sources should come from foods such as sweet potato, white rice, berries, nuts and green vegetables.

At six months, there is less chance of your baby: picking up an infection from food, as his digestive system is more mature.

Abstaining from negative words may be as powerful as fasting from food, because it is a particular battlefield for most of us.

In 2% of cases food as is used

There are bathrooms on each bus as well as food and drink service.

With basic necessities such as food and water scarce in the region,.

The first one they found they kept with some Velella to use as food.

Three teas and a reception had provided adequate sustenance as well as food for thought.

But that also means that average Americans are paying more for basic necessities such as food and gasoline.

He said music activates the same pleasure centers of the brain that respond to rewards such as food, drugs or sex.

In the Caribbean, through our global church partnerships, we are providing basic needs such as food, water and shelter.

Human ingenuity has found such a way of transporting present resources such as food, drink, shelter, mutual protection, etc.

This is one reason Londoners have started building micro-networks such as food co-ops and local farm-to-plate organizations.

These products are used as a part of the enrichment program and are used as treats for the elephants as well as food for the onsite restaurant.

In 2% of cases food without is used

I would go for days without food.

They go without food so you don't have to.

I went two days without food or water or anything.

The detainees incarcerated in it were often left for days without food or drinking water.

Billions of people have sucessfully fasted for one month of Ramadhan without food or water.

They had forgotten how to be alone together without food to cut into tiny pieces or kids to hush.

The generators held by the marathon, the port-a johns, all needed in areas where people are without food, water, heat, shelter.

Without food, one dies, and if food again becomes available, the demand for it will have to come from another person/generation.

Ayesha the wife of the Prophet said once that until the victory of Khyber we in the house of the Prophet spent days without food.

I've heard questions from people asking what's the rational to build big statues especially when so many people goes without food.

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