Prepositions used with "focus"

"of focus" or "in focus"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases focus of is used

You could call it a lack of focus.

Blurred, distorted and out of focus.

There's a huge amount of focus on speed.

Training on criteria develops a common conceptual base and drives consistency of focus.

Focused To lead a team to success, leaders must possess an extraordinary amount of focus.

While Kemp's obsession is its driving force, the novel has several contending points of focus.

Its three main areas of focus are: evangelism, training and mercy ministry, and it exists in more than 177 countries.

So far there has been a lot of focus on body shape and movement But like I said, things are getting more intense now.

The point of focus has to be what is the income stream or expenditure stream from which this tax is going to be drawn.

She informed that different parishes are chosen annually, and Trelawny was selected to be the parish of focus for 2011.

In 25% of cases focus in is used

It just needs a small change in focus.

The bigger targets are back in focus too.

The dog's in focus while everything else is not.

I was posting the total range that is in focus not the focal length/F stop equivalence.

And this shift in focus and expectation can result in suffering and disappointment each month.

In the old paradigm, the main focus has been on increasing accuracy of thesauri and annotated corpora.

EDOF technology keeps the camera always in focus, even when you quickly switch from subjects nearby to those far off.

The mccanns have not slipped into obscurity they are very much in focus and once their book is published will be more so.

Category in focus According to Nielsen's Retail Audit, Pakistan's soap market is valued at Rs 25 billion or 100,000 tonnes.

In 15% of cases focus into is used

The season is starting to come into focus.

Only then will being on a bike come into focus as sensible.

The waterfall traces snap into focus; QSOs become readable.

With only four exhibition games to play, the battle for final spots is coming into focus.

As the world slide into focus Harry glanced around his room for the source of the problem.

I am trying to bring those important issue into focus, and I am saying that they do matter.

If you're frustrated, make the choice today to put all of that energy from your frustration into focus on your search.

The media in general and the Gujarati media in particular deemed it necessary to bring into focus facts relating to the case.

A foggy, distant vocal comes into focus as the track adventures forward, eventually imploding and scattering pop stardust into the.

When sites like AICN and CHUD first came into focus, there was something almost defiant about the way they tackled film news and reviews.

In 8% of cases focus with is used

With focus to detail even the buttons show the skull motif.

The top continuous drive speed is a blazing 10fps, with focus and exposure locked at the first frame.

There is need to monitor how public funds are actually spent with focus on leakages as resources flow downstream.

Dorothy Grace Guerrero has been with Focus since June 2005 and is the coordinator of our China/East Asia programme.

This fund has been specifically tailored to enhance the youth to develop with focus on self employment via entrepreneurship initiatives.

Many of the leading telemetry industry players with focus on the oil &; gas industry such as Pason Systems and Zedi are based in the region.

Follow the path of growth with focus on creating a bigger matching zone of both influence and interest to keep yourself enduringly motivated.

The substantially higher number of hits found in ISI Web of Science was due to abstracts or papers with focus on identification of sources of Resv.

The second is to write, with focus and clarity, about how the piece of art works, what choices the artist has made, and how that might affect a reader.

In order not to become stale, the series took a very different approach with focus on a new collation Government, with the old party now taking the position of Opposition.

In 4% of cases focus to is used

Up to us to focus on the one that go with us and ignore the rest.

I could look at taking a season off from racing to focus on building a good base or working or certain disciplines.

So to focus on the reality of every day and the? ordinary? could suggest that these communities are not necessarily a threat.

Xu decided early on to focus on high-quality products and military sales, which he hoped would prove more stable and more lucrative.

If you check all the elections we have done so far in the country, you will find out that in the cities they prefer to tune in to Focus Nigeria, and be watching Gbenga Arueleba and CNN.

In 2% of cases focus on is used

Metlink's Network Revenue Protection report provides some interesting findings based on focus group research.

Africa Radio Theater, a program dedicated to poetry and short stories was introduced on Focus Radio on KNUST campus in my final year.

In 1% of cases focus about is used

This year was about focus, finding my place in the world.

In 1% of cases focus for is used

We should certainly not jettison the current preference for focus on pressing particular issues.

Why Should You Shop For Focus Dailies Online? By: Sharon Evans Nov 6th 2012 - There are a number of stores on the internet that sell Focus Dailies and 1 day Acuvue Moist contact lenses.

In 1% of cases focus from is used

The ball was speeding and spiralling towards me, but it seemed in slow motion as everything else around me disappeared from focus.

In 1% of cases focus like is used

For bike sporting buffs, brands like Focus bikes can prove to be ideal.

When properly maintained and serviced, good quality bicycle, like Focus bikes, can last for a really long time too.

The cameras of the future will not simply capture an image but will capture the entire light field and things like focus and depth of field will be computed on the fly.

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