Prepositions used with "floor"

"of floor" or "on floor"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases floor of is used

You're not supposed to walk on that type of floor in high heels.

Now, the builder has changed the flat types and the number of floor.

The same amount of floor space, pavement and built form is required for both.

Due to the cost of floor plan going up, it has caused dealers to reduce stock.

Only one week's production is stored in 50 square metres of floor space where the floor space taken up by each product is 0.

For instance, any large nonindustrial project with more than 100,000 square feet of floor space or 100 dwelling units will qualify.

Toyota eventually recalled more than 11 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles globally because of floor mats and sticky accelerator pedals.

I've got to put some little bits of floor under the counter for the foot of the side bed and to make a little bit of storage on the range side.

Previously I've lived in small flats with no building security, just walk in off the street, and there was a long renovation going on a couple of floors up.

In total, there is 850,000 square feet of floor space for the military to train on along with an underground utility tunnel system and more than 9 miles of roads and streets.

In 21% of cases floor on is used

We slept on floors and ate chips.

Sleeping on floors and roughing it in the jungle.

Without their combined support, the government could be defeated on floor of the house.

The executive floors are on floors 23, 24, and 25 and are one of the most impressive in Manila.

Jobs dropped out of college after his first year, but remained on campus for a while, sleeping on floors and scrounging free meals at the local Hare Krishna temple.

A strange and unfamiliar view of my paternal house; that became unforgettable; main gate was wide open with white sheets spread on floor and men squatting in and outside the gate.

In 8% of cases floor to is used

At short intervals along the moving catwalk, wide transparent tubes led down to floor level.

In a darkened room, bunches of slanting golden threads stretch from ceiling to floor, like shafts of light in a cathedral.

The first time we used the middle seat it wouldn't re-lock to floor - it needed new seats - took 3 weeks to obtain from France.

Even worse, if someone has had their ' house of cards ' knocked to floor, then the strength and wisdom to rebuilt something from scratch may well have been destroyed along with it.

Marwood: You bloody fool, you should never mix your drinks! Withnail laughs hysterically and falls to floor, and then vomits on Marwood's feet Share this quote Barman: Time, gents, please.

In 7% of cases floor per is used

So lets say theres 15 units per floor, 450 total units.

In 6% of cases floor at is used

There should be no draughts at floor level.

The stove is often at floor level, adding to the risk of accident and the hygiene factor.

The fresh cool air at floor level will flow to replace that which is warmed and lifted into the convective plumes.

The video screen was at floor level, it had not been raised so when the crowd got a few people deep, anyone under 6 feet tall could not see a thing.

In 6% of cases floor for is used

Go inside the lift and hit the button for floor 6.

IT 'S WRONG! So why are they using it for floors? Beats me.

The free wi-fi throughout the room and hotel premises were a little slow, but thankfully there was a wi-fi network specially for Floor 45.

In 6% of cases floor from is used

The Superior rooms in the hotel run from floors 3-6 and the Deluxe rooms from floors 6-9.

It can include those traditionally woven using vertical looms as well as those from floor looms.

In 5% of cases floor under is used

The changing rooms had under floor heating and you did not need to rake around to find 1 for the locker.

Low flow rates result in the reduction of energy usage of the fans used to distribute air through the under floor ducts.

It has maRble floors downstairs, under floor heating, wooden floors upstairs, a study and parking secure, at the door - rear large garden/patio and shed.

In 4% of cases floor by is used

Just moments after the weekly Friday morning drill, wardens were asked to evacuate floor by floor.

In 2% of cases floor in is used

I have experience in hard work, specifically in floor laying as carpet, pvc and laminated floor.

Many tile ranges for both kitchen and bathroom design are available in stock as well as to order in, add in floor tiles and the possibilities increase the flexibility of design even further.

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