Prepositions used with "flesh"

"of flesh" or "to flesh"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 60% of cases flesh of is used
    It smacks of your desire for your pound of flesh.
    Now those Shylocks are demanding their pound of flesh.
    MrsThatcher, it was widely assumed, had had her pound of flesh.
    A man appeared pushing a mobile kebab cart and picked up the pieces of flesh from the floor.
    The aortic artery's location under several inches of flesh, next to the spine, which doesn't help either.
    I will take out the stubborn hearts of stone from your bodies, and I will give you obedient hearts of flesh.
    Just because I didn't pay your ' pound of flesh ' price for first class doesn't mean I should be treated like cattle.
    He had entirely forgotten that the white man made civilization with the sacrifice of flesh and blood and our originators.
    Some even attack the hooked squid and it is not uncommon to get our squids in with bite marks and chunks of flesh missing.
    At 32 mph he will be a mangled mess of flesh and bones and you will be a pariah for disregarding the government's sound advice.

    In 19% of cases flesh to is used
    However, as months passed it be- came apparent that the healing process had worked miraculously to obliterate the damage to flesh and bone.
    Blood poisoning: if this happens during piercing, or shortly afterwards, it could lead to flesh eating disease which would necessitate the removal of the areas infected, i.
    Just to flesh out the interest factor -- he was a chronic gambler and wasted most of his fortune and was charged with intent to commit murder for his part in a backyard brawl.

    In 9% of cases flesh in is used
    The narrative is curiously lacking in flesh and blood human beings; other than Barnes, Sheppard and their companions, there are few people here.
    What else? Today, the commission, we talked about bribery in flesh and bone, it has been suggested that some entrepreneurs are offering escorts and everything else follows.

    In 3% of cases flesh on is used
    On flesh Tone her collaborators are David Guetta, the Benassi cousins, and a few other Mondrian Sky-Bar-friendly DJs and the hoax is over.
    You could do so much better for yourself, but if you've got tenners to spare on your next trip out go on ahead and squander them on flesh Tone ' s half-hour of dullness.

    In 2% of cases flesh into is used
    Often the cords had cut deeply into flesh, the wounds left untreated.

    In 1% of cases flesh about is used
    John 6, this chapter we find ourselves so deep in this week, the chapter we have been reading all month at Saint John 's, is not LITERALLY about flesh, or even about bread.

    In 1% of cases flesh against is used
    We do not war against flesh and blood and our enemies are not the Muslims.

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