Prepositions used with "finger"

"of finger" or "with finger"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 39% of cases finger of is used
    God has the likeness of fingers and hands and a face.
    It has five concurrent points -- one hand of fingers.
    Gripping also stiffens the hand and wrist, a sure source of tiredness and lack of finger speed.
    They are horn-like envelopes covering the dorsal aspect of terminal phalanges of fingers and toes of human body.
    A lot of overhangs of sheet coral that makes for great swimthroughs with dozens of finger like canyons running perpendicular to the coast.
    But on three exposed walls I found that the chalk had? hardened? a bit and would need something other than a mere set of fingers to eradicate.
    Because many Reebok EasyTone exercises that use the same finger positions, as a rule, most children read the numbers of fingers Reebok ZigTech shoes position notes.
    Research by two British doctors in 2002 looks at lengths of fingers from their rotation points in almost 200 hands and again fails to find to find phi (the actual ratios found were 1:1 or 1:1.
    Research by two British doctors in 2002 looks at lengths of fingers from their rotation points in almost 200 hands and again fails to find to find phi (the actual ratios found were 1:1 or 1:1.

    In 29% of cases finger with is used
    It can be done to apply it in your breasts with fingers.
    Early in the morning, first rub your palms with fingers for a while.
    Most meals are eaten with fingers and utensils are kept to a minimum.
    Wrist, Shoulder &; Neck Stretch Against a wall, place a flat hand with fingers pointing back.
    Place your hands on your thighs above your knees, with fingers turned in and elbows turned out.
    Movements: Put the hands on the sacrum on the back, with fingers pointing downward and palm outward.
    Lightly steamed or boiled and then buttered, they are best eaten with fingers, three-at-a-time, dipping one end of the clump in the yellowy mustard mayo.
    She was particularly interested in Zone Therapy and found that probing with fingers and thumbs instead of applying pressure to the extremities, showed best results.
    Equally unsurprising was the fact that those who had performed the piano exercises saw marked structural changes in the area of the brain associated with finger movement.

    In 14% of cases finger to is used
    However, not many were willing to finger OBL for money.
    I shall now proceed to finger crawl my way through this post.
    He began to finger the heavy knot of the handkerchief tied around his neck.
    But it has the huge advantage, from the climate-fear-promotion industry's point of view, that it continues to finger CO2 as the real villain of the piece.
    For example, for C with 2 HR Tory Burch Flats sale to finger the
    The employee is occasionally required to stand; walk; use hands to finger, handle, or feel; reach with hands and arms; climb or balance; and stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl.

    In 3% of cases finger through is used
    But the cards kept slipping through fingers damp with sweat.
    In fact, we might all have to hide behind the sofa, peering through fingers at the miasma of mortification as we behold his national embarrassment in slow, slow, quick, quick slow motion.

    In 1% of cases finger from is used
    For he it was who decreed that a yard would be the length of his own arm, from finger to nose.

    In 1% of cases finger over is used
    They are worn over fingers and are used to tell stories to primary school children.

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