Prepositions used with "finance"

"of finance", "for finance" or "in finance"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases finance of is used

Chair of Finance: I am relieved.

The Ministry of Finance offered 1.

Peter Phillips, Minister of Finance.

Kenyatta was invited as the minister of Finance due to the burden of PSV advance tax.

Equity and short-term paper issues were the main instruments of finance in the quarter.

EDSOURCE: But if you trust the view at the Department of Finance projections, and if Prop.

Minister of Finance Njeru Githae is to drive a post into the ground to officially inaugurate the project on Friday.

He perceives that this situation has become more prominent recently in the present government's Ministry of Finance.

She is former undersecretary of finance and administration and previously worked in the office of the vice president.

Yet the plaintiff's claim was upon letters from the Attorney-General to the Minister of Finance to pay the plaintiff.

In 13% of cases finance for is used

And this is the person who wants to be Minister for Finance.

The Vice-President for Finance manages the financial affairs of UN Youth.

We are going to have the Minister for Finance south of us in Limerick so.

Ray MacSharry is the 74-year old former Fianna Fail Tanaiste and Minister for Finance.

The investment account is a savings account that is managed by the Minister for Finance.

Rohan himself wrote to the Minister for Finance, Bertie Ahern, arguing along similar lines.

Hong Kong's status as one of the world's hubs for finance and trade did not come overnight, but it was hard earned.

Finance degree for finance career! That's a different matter altogether and one that I alluded to in my earlier post.

Also responsible for finance, Jess is creative director and oversees the design and themeing of all Wavelength events.

In May of that year Charlie McCreevy, then minister for finance, in response a written question from Michael Noonan said.

In 12% of cases finance in is used

The idiots in finance have tried blaming the Euro.

The officials in Finance and Revenue weren't impressed.

I am female and have always been very interested in finance.

Guerzon is a holder of an MBA in Finance from the University of the Philippines and a Ph.

It's also the only top business school to offer a specialist Masters in Finance programme.

But even those specialising in finance are fearful of the prospects for once-booming Dubai.

I'd no expert in finance but it seems to me that it is not in the interest of banks to lend money to small business.

In the battle against crime in finance it makes total sense, right? Its not a problem of how to store all that data.

He claims he has an education in finance and religion, but does not disclose what universities he should have studied at.

He is an actuary and an international expert in finance, insurance and social welfare, specialising in emerging countries.

In 4% of cases finance On is used

On finance issues, Third Way is Wall Street.

He obviously is making a decision based on finances.

Oh if you get one on finance, watch out for the ppi trap.

Once I was having coffee with an acquaintance and our topic eventually landed on finance.

I bought the car on finance where I was promised that the tax would be cheaper than my megane.

It is liberal only on social issues such as gay rights -- and Wall Street created Third Way to focus on finance.

Maybe women don't go to O or money to get advice on finance, but women are talkers and knowing my friends we talk about our investments.

She is the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and that Party's spokesperson on Finance which makes her a key player in challenging the Government.

Shaukat Tareen elected as Senator Advisor to Prime Minister on Finance Shaukat Tareen has been elected unopposed as Senator from Sindh, report said.

Originality/value -- The value of this paper is that it develops a Christian perspective on finance based on the reformed tradition of Christianity.

In 3% of cases finance about is used

It's not people's fault that most of them are clueless about finance.

In general, stress about finances distracts workers and reduces productivity.

Could work, and would be interesting to hear different magazine writers talk about why they write about finance in a particular way.

I was only casually asked about finances during my interview (how much I had saved, etc ), but there was never any formal investigation into it.

I know nothing about finances, except how to spend money really well! I am attempting for the first time in my life (I am 27) to get control of my finances.

I know nothing about finances, except how to spend money really well! I am attempting for the first time in my life (I am 27) to get control of my finances.

They blog about finance, or curing a disease, or how to fix motorcycles, or whatever, and then either have targeted ads, affiliate programs, or their own product.

I read Kiplinger 's, Money or another finance oriented magazibe when I want to read about finances, just as I read T+L or Budget Travel when I want to read about travel.

I read Kiplinger 's, Money or another finance oriented magazibe when I want to read about finances, just as I read T+L or Budget Travel when I want to read about travel.

In 2% of cases finance by is used

According to the memorandum signed by Finance and Economic Planning Minister, Dr.

The much awaited MTS is expected to be launched during the weekend by finance minister.

About nemo paradise Nemo has been perversely fascinated by finance since emergence from college as an English major with little or no math.

The Philippine Development Forum, the first organized in this administration, is chaired by Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima and co chaired by World Bank Country Director Bert Hofman.

The source said one solution for dealing with legacy assets of banks could be to split the burden between the states and the ESM bailout fund, under conditions yet to be defined by finance ministers.

In 2% of cases finance to is used

Worst thing is I'd not as involved as I could be due to finances.

Let us not forget we're borrowing money from China to finance the war in Iraq.

The left wingers don't know that but they never were very swift when it came to finances.

I volunteer as a financial counselor and do find that many women are lazy when it comes to finances.

When it comes to finances, the fairer sex is better at protecting the family than men, a new survey shows.

With this aim, and with so much of the Foundation's proposed activities relating to finances, a Treasurer was to become important.

In addition to Finance and Administration, currently there are Vice Presidents for Communications, Education, Governance and Relations.

Honestly, I like to hear what others are doing or not doing when it comes to finances because I think most people don't like to talk about it.

Belt tightening might be easier when it is the individual who has to forgo something, but telling your kids that they have to miss out may not be as easy, leading to finances being over stretched.

In 2% of cases finance with is used

I actually don't like the word engineering associated with finance at all.

I am 22 years old and I am struggling with finances, emotional detatchment.

Cooperation with Finance Core is a unique opportunity to significantly increase your income.

The deal was hammered out at a meeting with Finance Minister Njeru Githae on Sunday afternoon.

It might encourage laxness with finances and poor budgeting skills over the years of studying.

After standard 7, trouble with finances forced Paul to quit school and work in the fields for income.

He was obviously retired and I decided that he must have been an accountant, or an insurance man -- something to do with finance.

Campbelltown Mayor Sue Dobson and general manager Paul Tosi will meet with Finance and Services Minister Greg Pearce to lobby for changes to the plans.

It gives the Reserve Bank considerably tougher powers to be able to deal with finance companies, building societies, and credit unions that are long overdue.

In 1% of cases finance as is used

Yusuf's fate has changed since then -- in terms of fame as well as finance.

I would like however to suggest that Cunliffe at number 2 be given the climate portfolio as well as finance.

Author biography: Mike is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as finance, insurance, real estate and stock.

This will range from the mundane issues like where dirty linen goes to the more serious issues such as finances, family and sexuality.

The other big donors on both sides hail from a wide range of other business backgrounds, such as finance, real estate and manufacturing.

In 1% of cases finance from is used

It can address any topic -- from finance to history, from current affairs to a scientific discovery.

The need for human capital is unmitigated for industries from finance to manufacturing and construction, according to forecasts from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

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