Prepositions used with "file"

"of file" or "on file"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases file of is used

This is often good volume of files, www.

This is often good volume of files, www.

Love it!! I too am a hater of file cabinets.

The standard of file attachment will determine how easy it is to locate desired records.

If you end up pushing lots of file around after the transcode, you are wasteing time there.

Corporate users can create a drop box folder for each requirement of mass upload of files.

This covers the majority of files out there on the web, only in rare instances do you have additional audio tracks f.

It is appropriate that a simple form is completed and tendered to the staff member responsible for the closure of files.

It is appropriate that a simple form is completed and tendered to the staff member responsible for the closure of files.

For those making their many entire way there are some overall hackers of file tools that find to be in registry as often.

In 22% of cases file on is used

Only edited, altered copies are on file.

I have the data and Professor Pitman's emails on file.

These should be kept on file by the hospital for 7 years.

It's important to note these functions will not work on files or folders that are closed.

In such cases, we keep a scanned copy on file and send the originals to the relevant tax office.

If on file, it takes just four minutes for the Bureau to find a set of prints and identify them, so competent is the system.

In the event that we do not receive such a request, we will shred originals and keep a secure scanned image on file instead.

Credit card information can be taken in advance and orders can be taken online and charged to the credit card number on file.

These papers look to be my refi already on file from 06???? I will be printing everything off and comparing any to what I already have.

In 9% of cases file for is used

This procedure is often used for file downloads.

Recuva will then search for files which can be restored.

Explanation: The filesystem returned error code &1; for file ' &3'.

A client was using Dropbox for file sharing and suggested that I should look at it for my own business.

Going forward, we want to create a simple plugin mechanism so other developers can add their own extensions for file verification.

If the facility being hired is small in size then the costs involved will also be lower but there are additional costs involved including for file deliveries.

To promote efficiency, each staff member responsible for filing records should have an out-tray from which the staff member responsible for file attachment can take records on a regular basis.

In 8% of cases file to is used

Go to File Binder (if you need).

Open WinBUGS and go to File > Open.

It may not be possible to ascribe a closing date to files at the times they are opened.

EITHER drag-and-drop the script file into the R Console window, OR go to File > Source R code.

Elza Graphics are not liable for loss, damage or corruption to files or information stored on its servers or individual PCs relating to a Client's website.

If you haven't used iTunes before, you'll want to add your media to it; that's a simple click and drag operation, or you can assimilate entire folders quickly by going to File > Add to Library.

In 5% of cases file in is used

We just store the data in files.

Does it run? Look at data available in File A (summary data).

Some organisations retain records in files known as meeting files, in preparation for upcoming meetings (and the files may be maintained on an ongoing basis).

I've done it a lot of times in Python and Java with a simple for line in file if givenline == line; count += 1 but I am starting to think that there is no magic thing as for.

According to PRX, there is an issue in iOS 6 Audio Playback frameworks that results in files being downloaded multiple times, however the problem has apparently been resolved in iOS 6.

Then there was the participation in File na nGael for the first time in 1988 when the reached the final of their division against Roscommon side Padraig Pearses that was played in Cusack Park.

In 4% of cases file from is used

IF attainable Switch Absent from file sharing attribute.

Containers can range from files to copied system volumes from fully-encrypted hard drives.

Use direct link to download Call of Duty Black Ops 2 from file sharing or P2P to download Call of Duty Black Ops 2 with torrent client.

Step 2: Screens of TypeScript Installer Step 3: Create a new Web Site Create a new website in Visual Studio from File > New > Web Site.

Click Insert -> Movies and Sounds -> Sound from File, locate the folder that contains the sound file that you want, and then double-click the sound file.

In 4% of cases file with is used

Apache allows types to be associated with file extensions in.

With file caching, the result of the processed PHP script (the HTML) is stored in a separate file.

Buffing the Nails Buff your nails with file gently, starting from upper tip and going towards the bottom.

Anyone have any first hand experience? Really hoping I can get a mirror of the drive back with file structure in tact.

The walls are obscured by banker's boxes, stacked five high like modernist towers and stuffed with files for Taylor's case.

And there is also a problem with files using the loop filter on dual core machines which causes horizontal artifacts along slice boundaries, which is my bad.

Batch rename apk files with proper name You can automatically rename all apk files with file name format option, or manually rename a file by double-click on the filename on the table.

In 2% of cases file as is used

The location type in the URL Attribute (such as File, http or CID) defines the submission method.

And with parent EMC as well within its own development efforts, it has integrations into virtualized storage arrays as well as file systems.

I can say that Inbound Rules are enabled for Network Discovery (both NB-Name-In and NB-Datagram-In) as well as File and Printer Sharing (All NB-*-In).

In 2% of cases file by is used

You can also sort all of your files by file type (movie, TV show, song.

There should be as little duplication as possible between the subjects covered by file names.

In 1% of cases file like is used

So they start with the low-level stuff like files on government ministers, illegal phone taps.

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