Prepositions used with "field"

"of field" or "in field"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases field of is used

And we're talking about a subset of fields.

The control has no meaningful effect on depth of field.

Could someone in the know, comment on the depth of field of a Nikon 1 CX sensor and a f/0.

They have shone in a wide variety of fields and it is a pleasure to record their achievements here.

In the Semi Finals, I made a strike for home early, actually too early considering the quality of field I was racing.

Therefore, the depth of field and the contrast of the small particle images were inferior to those of large particles.

If we look at the Universities, it is evident that students from all communities pursue studies in a variety of fields.

Since those early days, dozens of field guides have been published for countries, states, and entire biogeographical regions.

In 19% of cases field in is used

There were cows in fields with an inch of ice on them.

I found just what I wanted in Field and Trek Gloucester.

Experience as manager and/or grunt in fields of financial.

They then move it in field where Barnes drop kicks the ball left footed between the posts.

Data types allow the user to define how data is stored in fields or cells within a database.

It cost us 20-25 runs in field -- and that was probably the difference between the two sides.

The SLF as a centre of leadership, education, and training offers a wide range of academic programs in fields such as.

The board awards 10 prizes per year, each celebrating improbable research in fields ranging from medicine and psychology to literature and peace.

While the Bulls defense has been astounding, it's difficult to see Chicago holding Philly in the low 30s in field goal percentage for two more games.

In 9% of cases field on is used

On paper, India is ahead but on field, Pakistan is ahead.

Undoubtedly the on field side of things is very fulfilling.

Depending on field of study, public sector may be the most likely career option.

The club sees the commercial success more important than on field success at this juncture.

Get a giant Christmas stocking and hop around in it like it's a potato sack on field day 196.

Sections on field techniques and reader-friendly descriptions also make this guide accessible to amateur geologists.

If I feel happy after hitting a good shot during my match I express my happiness by waving the bat or dancing on field.

We won! We won! Climber meanwhile kept a clean sheet in goal in the first half and was then allowed out to play on field as defender for the second half.

In 6% of cases field for is used

It's a rare historical role for Field.

Primary access for field force is mobile phone/tablet.

Other types of plant reference books, even if designed for field use, may not qualify.

For Fields I even sent out a checklist two months ago telling participants how their armies will be marked.

The classes were divided into two sections, one for field officers from colonels to majors, and the other from Captains and below.

Learn more Our client, A worldwide provider and Manufacturer of Marine Diesel Engines, is looking for Field Engineers to join their team.

Michael Fischer began working on an SGML parser for field notes in October/November of 1998 (perhaps earlier but I became aware of it then).

While in grade school, we always had to have the teacher carry a special shot vial with her, for field trips or anywhere he might get stung by a bee.

This function works for fields with any access specifier as long as the field is defined /overridden in the class that the Class object directly refer to.

The Patriots have a major edge in kicking, kickoffs, punting and punt returns with the latter category likely to prove very important in the battle for field position.

In 5% of cases field from is used

First, IFs vary heavily from field to field.

In case if you are wondering there is a get() method to read the value from Field.

Usage (practice) varies from field to field: religion, law, medicine, business, etc.

Herd animals wandering around, shepherded from field to field, pastoral agriculture.

Essentially, the food industry involves the commercial movement of food from field to fork.

From field notes, 29 July 2008 I was having breakfast at a restaurant that I usually went to.

From field notes, 2 October 2008 I was on the sofa typing up my notes, when Joseph, my translator called.

Alternatively to the 2nd step, you can just click on the dropdown arrow in the gmail search box and fill the email address you want to block in the From field.

Subsequent to this work and to the equally encouraging results from field trials in Tanzania, the efficacy of similar immunization in the face of field challenges in Malawi was assessed.

In 4% of cases field by is used

Participation in tertiary education by field of study and gender in 2006 Figure 33.

Qualification attainment in tertiary education by field of study and gender in 2006 8.

His place was in the countryside surrounded by fields about a 10min drive from the beach.

Figure 32 shows the New Zealand participation in tertiary study by field and gender in 2006.

Then we discover they were actually inspired by Field of Corpses?! Oh gosh! Hard to say, really.

And, given that I live in a barn conversion surrounded by fields, I appear to be at its epicentre.

The valley is surrounded by fields and open ground which would have provided an opportunity for landing had that been required.

WHEN he played politics in Afghanistan by not sending requested by field commanders to win the war, people said it didn't matter.

He became a Regional Manager in the north and subsequently the midlands, followed by Field Operations Manager, Dealer Operations Director and then 3 years as Sales and Marketing Director.

Conclusions: Data withholding is common in biomedical science, takes multiple forms, is influenced by a variety of characteristics of investigators and their training, and varies by field of science.

In 4% of cases field to is used

First, IFs vary heavily from field to field.

Subscribing to Field Subscribe to Field by filling out the following form.

Once he placed his hand on the plough on to field, there was no looking back.

Usage (practice) varies from field to field: religion, law, medicine, business, etc.

Herd animals wandering around, shepherded from field to field, pastoral agriculture.

In addition to field days and practical training sessions, they also have work days there.

I did not envision prior to field research that recruiting respondents on American patriotism would produce a gendered effect.

It is estimated that using slurry on your land can boost crop yields by as much as 25% when compared to the application of manure directly to fields.

In 4% of cases field with is used

This meant constant snap searches and we even saw a ferret hiding in the trees with field glasses.

I'd retired and just getting my feet on the ground with field services to supplement Social Security.

In this story about one of the Buddha's past lives he was a brahmin who supported his family with field labour.

Notre Dame held the ball for nearly 16 minutes in its first two drives and came away with field goals both times.

Growing potatoes Potatoes are grown as annual plants, with fields planted each spring, and harvested in the fall.

In 3% of cases field near is used

LG Optimus G supports near field communication technology that is NFC.

We know that devices are becoming more powerful with path breaking technologies like NFC (Near Field Communications) that are being integrated.

In 2013, 13 exploration wells -- six near field exploration wells in the UK and Pakistan and seven high impact wells -- are planned to be drilled.

In particular, Premier was awarded four operated licences adjacent to the Catcher area, which offer both near field and deeper exploration potential.

In 3% of cases field through is used

It was roaming through fields at the back of his house alongside the M42 motorway.

This responsibility is exercised through various departments at its head office and through field offices at the provincial level.

There are naturally produced hazards too, that presented by the Earth passing through fields of meteors as it journeys around the Sun.

Edward Said must be rolling over in his grave every time a European scholar with his/her Eurocentric biases and through field observation writes as an expert on cultures of other people.

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