Prepositions used with "fiction"

"of fiction" or "in fiction"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases fiction of is used

That for me is a kind of fiction.

Yet a novel is still a work of fiction.

We define a novel as a lengthy work of fiction.

Dershowitz is the author of 20 works of fiction and non-fiction, including 6 bestsellers.

But in the world of fiction I don't mind some spiritual stuff depending on how it's handled.

His last work of fiction, Walking to Hollywood, was barely reviewed and sold in tiny numbers.

People know they're books of fiction, but when we read a book and it's set somewhere else, it leaves an impression.

There were even claims that the blog was a work of fiction by some professional writer, or that it was written by a man.

Allegory is actually a fairly sophisticated type of fiction, but in the end, it does have an additional level of intent.

I don't think the disparaging tone of the charge is fair; after all, different types of fiction aim for different effects.

In 18% of cases fiction in is used

Doom is a literal event in fiction.

In fiction, it's not true that only rubbish sells.

In fiction, I'd currently re-reading The Lord of the Rings.

As for punctuation at least in fiction it's the same UK and US, quotation marks outside.

And why isn't it natural to read things literally? Even in fiction, you read events as literal.

And generic tropes continue to infect the mainstream, both in fiction, and as discursive metaphors.

Just a thought!! Thanks, I always thought that as well (about how time machines in fiction seem to magically bind themselves to the same space.

Editors evaluate each year's submissions, choosing the very best student writing in fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and cross-genre work.

The idea of getting something that you love and then having it turn on you is not new in fiction and it's fine for other people to play with as well.

San Francisco Chronicle: 100 recommended books from 2011 in many categories, including in fiction Chris Adrian's retelling of A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Great Night.

In 8% of cases fiction from is used

Stoned, you are too stoned to understand fact from fiction.

As with any other legendary personality it is often hard to tell truth from fiction.

Too bad your filter does extend to knowing the truth from fiction, or right from wrong.

As details of the siege transpire, all is not as it seems and Josh tries to determine fact from fiction.

She juxtaposes past and present images and puts archives stemming from fiction beside restaged sequences.

There are so many fake Dermatend reviews that it's hard to tell fact from fiction anymore on the internet.

It would be much more enlightening if the media would attempt to sort through the spin and separate fact from fiction.

She is an avid reader and prioritises her Saturday afternoons to reading a wide variety of books, from fiction to non-fiction, as well as management books and business articles.

In 7% of cases fiction to is used

Returning to fiction has been a big high.

I've given thought to everything from business writing to poetry to fiction.

I'll bed the vampires and religious freaks and you can wander off to fiction.

Was it challenging to return to fiction after more than a decade? Challenging, yes.

Ive got my ipod loaded with excellent BBC radio plays if I wish to listen to fiction.

To be fair, Britain's intelligence services are not without quirks that lend themselves to fiction.

She was soon at work, selling his essays to magazines until Hillerman was ready to move from freelancing to fiction.

While the return to fiction was challenging, she admits that the process was exhilarating and hopes that Sethji makes people think.

They can range from academic works on political theory to salacious books of gossip about Chinese political leaders to fiction that is deemed morally suspect.

In 5% of cases fiction between is used

So there is a fine line between fiction and non-fiction.

Most vivid, though, is the contrast between fiction and reality.

Many writers blur the boundary between fiction and their own lives.

Occasionally it hovered uneasily somewhere between fiction and truth.

They are used as tokens of witness, to unsettle the ground that lies between fiction and non-fiction.

Joyce begins graphing Jungian parallels between fiction, archetype, and memory, and Fairy Tale is itself part of his calculus.

In 5% of cases fiction for is used

Much of his work was based on these people and adapted for fiction.

There is the stigma, especially for fiction, but it is slightly less than in the past.

His novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay won the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

A man came up to the counter with Jumpa Lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies, which had won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction a few years previously in 2000.

In 3% of cases fiction on is used

But it does n't, because it is based on fiction.

For the record, I haven't given up on fiction route.

Currently we have our main focus on fiction programs but yes, in the coming years we might get into reality shows also.

In 2% of cases fiction into is used

I think I'd a frustrated journalist, but journalism seems to be turning more into fiction these days anyway.

In 2% of cases fiction with is used

However, with fiction you are able to use your creativity and imagination more freely and avoid reliving actual traumatic events.

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