Prepositions used with "festival"

"of festival", "to festival" or "At festival"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases festival of is used

A series of festivals varying from race to race are observed here.

Since the mid-90s there's been an explosion in the number of festivals.

Since the mid-90s there's been an explosion in the number of festivals.

Festivals The celebration of festivals in Ghana is an essential part of Ghanaian culture.

May the spirit of festivals also encourage all to do something for the welfare of the society.

May the spirit of festivals also encourage all to do something for the welfare of the society.

Virtual Festivals seeks to capture the true spirit of festivals and this lies in the sum of everyone's experiences.

In Muslim areas like Hyderabad in India, Hindus are not allowed to make even temporary sheds for the use of festivals.

From my understanding this year only a handful of festivals sold out and they were all small ones that catered for a certain audience.

The type of festivals that will do well I think are the smaller boutique ones which have a character that appeals to certain audiences.

In 15% of cases festival to is used

Turns out he travels around the country in a camper van going to festivals, imagine that! We had words.

Is it any wonder that I'd addicted to festivals? If I was at home it'd be dry toast and miwadi watching the X-Factor.

The book has everything you need to know about a city, from its landmarks, places of worship, parks to festivals and cuisines.

Will all this glamour lead to a deal? Reality Check #4 Having fun and traveling around your world to festivals does not guarantee the sale of your film.

With almost 300 films in his credits over the past 35 years, Charles Band is a horror-fan icon, always drawing crowds to festivals and fan conventions like Comic-Con.

In 14% of cases festival At is used

We thought the bag would be perfect for using at festivals.

I do a presentation called, At Each End of the Rifle, at festivals and cultural events.

He also gives viola and chamber music master classes at festivals and conservatories in the U.

While nowhere near as serious as the risk of death, the feeling of being screwed over financially at festivals is simply driving people away.

I have seen him twice (At festival type events) and it kills me inside because I know he is the reason for this shift away from the music to a shift in being retarded.

By cutting resources of security and stewards at festivals with many thousands in attendance, they are beginning to find it hard to cope with the demand of everything.

Session Note By now, nearly everyone's local theatre has been converted to digital projection, and most of the films screened at festivals will be in some digital format.

After a couple of years gigging at festivals, clubs and raves, Back To The Planet produced a cassette-only release, Warning The Public (1991) and shifted over 5000 copies themselves.

In 9% of cases festival for is used

There are special dishes for festivals and occasions.

Temporary Shed for festival removed from Bhagyalaxmi Temple in front of Charminar at Hyderabad.

When I write songs now, I write them for festivals or the arenas and then tweak them slightly for radio.

Although many factors have combined to cause the particularly high number of problems for festivals this year, some sort of collapse in the market has seemed inevitable for some time.

It has CERTAINLY nothing to do with gluttonous orgies, firecrackers bursting, silk sarees new clothes purchasing, bonus extortions agitations for festival advances as Calcuttans are notorious for.

Our drums are housed in an old Victorian pram because it's immensely practical for festivals, it carries our equipment and it looks awesome (our drummer actually rode in this very pram as a baby!).

In 8% of cases festival during is used

During festivals, we have invited the children to our house.

The uniting and working together during festivals serve as family reunions.

Many have responded well to the PAP's community bonding activities, especially during festivals.

GETTING HIGH Tiger Balloons flies in Hampi and Pushkar during festivals Hot air ballooning, like most adventure sports, does not take place all through the year.

During festivals such as, Rash Leela (Full-moon night in February) and Doljatra, the attractive young girls dressed in colourful robes, dance with the male members of their choice &; love.

In 4% of cases festival in is used

Currently working on their first album, KAMP! have already demonstrated their skills with the guys having performed in festivals in the UK, the U.

That, I suppose, is inherent in festivals: we celebrate, commemorate, remember and look forwards -experiencing all those emotions is draining, but it must be why we do it every year.

In 3% of cases festival from is used

Toronto musician Anslem Douglas said he performed a 20-minute set during the carnival and is angry he has yet to receive a cheque or get an update from festival organizers.

In 2% of cases festival through is used

The coordinated culture is however kept alive by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission through festivals.

In 2% of cases festival with is used

The city is busy year round with festivals and events filling the streets and venues to tempt shoppers, foodies, culture vultures and sporting fans.

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