Prepositions used with "feeling"

"of feeling", "to feeling" or "with feeling"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases feeling of is used

But it was a different kind of feeling.

These sorts of feelings are not helpful to you.

Our return to Ireland brought a mixture of feelings.

The aggregate of feeling includes pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, and indifference.

Those lenses actually keep us stuck in a state of judgement, rather than a state of feeling.

The singer did not merely sing the words of the lyrics but displayed a real depth of feeling.

As for men, they raise their voice and display the emotion of feeling snubbed, in the form of yelling and shouting.

Being robbed of options for gift that conveys real depth of feeling is the price we pay for holding uncountable wealth.

I get why Dmitry gets so frustrated about her: he doesn't express a lot of feelings, he's always so cool and composed.

This is undiscriminate jotting of all the chaos of feelings, facts, visions you have gathered from your previous steps.

In 13% of cases feeling to is used

Make reference to feelings concerning procuring a location involving solaris clothing.

Consequently, these children may be particularly vulnerable to feelings of confusion and isolation.

As the body's energy levels reduce the user is prone to feelings of irritability, anxiety, restlessness and dizziness.

This leads to peaks and valleys in your blood sugar levels, which can lead to feelings of hunger, lack of energy, and fatigue.

The collections in the boxes and the finished work are poetic responses to feelings of belonging through the language of making.

The defendant was ordered to pay damages to the plaintiff at HK$98,500 (plus interest) for injuries to feelings and loss of income.

Once again, it seems kind of odd, but inactivity can sometimes lead to feelings of tiredness, and we need to get up and move around.

A general lack of energy combined with a vicious cycle of tiredness and insomnia or disturbed sleep can lead to feelings of extreme fatigue.

I'd frankly uninterested in pursuing that line of discussion, because I think it's as fruitless as trying to define old school solely by reference to feelings.

It's quite possible that these habits will lead to feelings of depression because of being overwhelmed by email and stress, or being frustrated and emotionally engaged in online gaming.

In 12% of cases feeling with is used

And refrain fromevil deeds, with feelings of distaste for them.

When you love God with your soul, it means loving Him with feelings.

This is the year that we are going to love the Lord with feelings and actions.

What you can imagine vividly and invite with feelings, you attract in your life.

They are humans with feelings and they deserve respect and an opportunity like you and I.

The birth of his first child with you will be inevitably colored with feelings from the loss of the other child.

Survivors may feel overwhelmed as they attempt to deal with feelings they struggled to suppress since the assault.

UPDATE: Now Norwegian officials, dizzy with feelings of inclusiveness and tolerance, are suggesting introducing Sharia law in Norway.

Respect has to be there for the other person as a person, as a representative of their gender, as a human with feelings like yourself.

In 6% of cases feeling about is used

It is about feelings and stories.

Also about feelings or things that might happen.

It is a movie about feelings, enjoying life, and finding yourself.

We could talk about feelings before skimming stones across the water.

Most of this activity is not about thinking, it is about feeling, about emotion.

It's all about feelings and abstract associations and words and thoughts can be put aside in an instance.

Casual chatter about homework or what they did that day occurred three times more than intimate conversations about feelings or problems.

Budziszewski argues in The Revenge of Conscience, at bottom morality isn't about feeling, it's about truth, about a law written on the human heart all can read.

I thought it would therefore be interesting to produce an illustrated book that is all about feelings, unframed any storyline context, in some sense going ' directly to the source '.

In 6% of cases feeling without is used

I think everybody need music and without it, he/she will be like a robot (without feelings).

Two days ago, before ramadan started I couldn't make it lunch time without feeling like I was going to pass out from hunger.

IET can be a very spiritual experience for some people, who feel the release acutely, whilst others experience ' healing without feeling '.

From a personal perspective, I am sure it is very difficult to know how to feed a very picky eater and enough of a struggle to find your way without feeling judged.

Most would leave the place with heavy heart, but without feeling refreshed, relaxed and energised, thanks to good food, the fresh, great music and excellent company.

Ultimately you are responsible for the decision you make in your life - and you have the right to decided whom you wan na share your love with - without feeling obliged to do so.

CotC is attended by several hundred people and I can honestly say that, at any given time, I'd always doing exactly what I want at CotC without feeling like I'd missing anything.

In 4% of cases feeling by is used

It filled the void of love in her life but was followed by feelings of guilt.

This may be followed by feelings of guilt, self-blame, and physical complaints.

Our natural tendency with such an emotive issue is to be swayed by feelings, rather than logic.

The elation in older people may be characterised less by feelings of well being and more by irritability and agitation.

Most of the players who died had been close friends of Bobby's and he was for ever haunted by feelings of guilt and loss.

The lesson to learn from this story is that such sins may be forgiven by good works followed by feelings of remorse and penitence.

In 4% of cases feeling for is used

Know Why You Want to Have Sex When hormones are raging it is very easy to confuse lustful urges for feelings of true love.

Heart Rate TIP! A simple method for feeling connected in the fitness arena is to save bodybuilding websites to your bookmarks.

In 4% of cases feeling in is used

Anava Mala wraps us in feelings of unworthiness.

Man is not complicated in feelings but woman are very complicated.

May be one, even as we are one - Not in nature, or in the mode of existence - for this was not the subject of discourse, and would be impossible - but in feeling, in principle, in purpose.

In 2% of cases feeling from is used

Because there is no commitment or responsibility, one is free from feelings of hurt, pain, etc.

In 2% of cases feeling on is used

The emphasis here is on feeling.

Do not make decisions based on feelings, use your gathered knowledge.

If you love someone based only on feelings, then that's not real love -- you just feel for that person.

Here's my point, if you are making decisions based on feeling obligated and not based on your values, you are going to be really stressed.

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