Prepositions used with "feedback"

"of feedback" or "for feedback"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases feedback of is used

She is open to all kinds of feedback.

We have received a lot of feedback from users of mr.

The uptake during Beta was great and we got lots of feedback.

Due to the amount of feedback we receive, we can't respond to everyone individually.

It would work even better on electric with a bit of feedback or Jimmy Page type effects.

This is the type of feedback that is either totally positive or overwhelmingly negative.

Eurogamer: What sort of feedback do you get from the testers? Colin Johanson: I'll give you an example from my team.

Like Amazon told me, they value any kind of feedback, as it helps them to provide a better service to their customers.

Cloud-based customer experience solutions are enabling this loop to be closed by using real-time processing of feedback.

It wasn't the sort of feedback Kalish was hoping to hear, because he wanted to be back on the field as soon as possible.

In 30% of cases feedback for is used

I wait for feedback from clients.

Ask your test subjects for feedback.

Ask for feedback from people you trust.

At the midway point, I like to stop and ask for feedback on my teaching, and the course.

Alina announces the badge system to the wider community via a blog post and asks for feedback.

I've asked the Yessers several times for feedback about refugee kids getting evicted from Lissbrook in Galway.

Mr Mathew said they were each given a form and asked for feedback on how staff thought the business could stay open.

The comedian relies on the audience for feedback -- by going to a preview, you get to influence a show's final form.

The briefing video was part of our meetings, and we felt that getting it in your hands for feedback quickly was important.

It is this of course counting within limits, for feedback and structure which bankers etc who allegedly do count *don't* do.

In 11% of cases feedback to is used

According to feedback from participants, this was.

To coin a phrase, it is being responsive to feedback that counts.

Our Experiences need to feedback into who we are empowering our life and where we are going with our life.

Not too shabby! Final Tip for everyone: You're never going to please everyone, but that doesn't change the fact that you should listen to feedback.

With Simplicant, employers and recruiters can instantly react to feedback and tailor their recruitment strategies to be more targeted and effective.

You are encouraged to seek feedback during the development of your work, but please note that adhering to feedback does not guarantee a high assessment of the completed work.

The IETF produced a surprisingly simple, but innovative, solution: with TCP, a source terminal tunes the? le transmission pace according to feedback from the destination terminal.

This year we've also asked GPs to feedback their detailed and personal views on the impact of the Health and Social Care Bill -- one of the most radical proposed reforms in over 60 years.

Their ability to act quickly and with (apparent) transparency means that I view them as honest, approachable and willing to listen to feedback -- attributes that a social brand must embrace.

In 9% of cases feedback with is used

The band exit the stage, leaving their devices rumbling and hissing with feedback.

This also provides you with the opportunity to provide them with feedback on your view of their performance in the first week.

Through this process we've provided people with opportunities to access information, discuss their concerns and provide us with feedback.

Pastor (American Airlines ): The obvious place is in the area of Customer Relations with feedback to the operational where improvements are critical.

The three postal pieces, ' Garage 1 ' etc, are the most noisy ones of this lot working extensively with feedback sounds and heavy oscillations from the synths.

With feedback maybe they could achieve that? Having had to stop teaching classes for them because of how badly they treat their tutors, I'd not particularly planning on going.

In order for a team to have effectiveness, each member of the team has to contribute by offering ideas, sharing responsibility and working with feedback from other team members.

Long detailed design cycles are eschewed in favor of very short, iterative, low-fidelity cycles, with feedback coming from all members of the implementation team early and often.

And for some reason, despite your assertions of scientific credentials you can't seem to grasp that primary effects (raised CO2 levels) supplemented with feedbacks can be overpowered by.

In 6% of cases feedback on is used

Based on feedback from our customers, we know what kind of information is important.

You can comment on feedback submitted by others by simply clicking on the reply box below a comment.

There is also more emphasis placed on feedback, to encourage the student to think again or more deeply.

Our own communications team is taking on board a number of insights from the sessions, including reworking our briefings ' design based on feedback we received.

One project which I took part in was based on feedback at several stages -- but it was really aimed at people working in disability services and I was recruited through researcher desperation.

In 2% of cases feedback about is used

I suggest that you break out of the box that you are in, adopt engineer/scientist-like objectivity and learn about feedback.

In 2% of cases feedback in is used

I have never posted a comment before, but since you seem really interested in feedback on this issue I thought I would chip in my two cents.

In 2% of cases feedback through is used

In any process effective complexity builds up through feedback loops, more than just bulk storage.

Again, none of this requires communication over X2 -- this is purely through feedback and measurements from the mobile.

In 1% of cases feedback via is used

The equations can be relatively simple but via feedback generate complex output built up over a number of iterations.

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