Prepositions used with "fee"

"of fee" or "in fee"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases fee of is used

For a current list of fees for services, click here.

These kinds of fees are just available to certified company.

Paying of fees is inextricably linked to the registration process.

Photocopy or Fax copy of fee payment challan will not be accepted at the time of written test, xi.

We estimate the bank's cost to be about $23/commitment account, net of fees paid by the customers.

The balance of fees will be due one week before the first day of the course and are non refundable.

No candidate shall be allowed to sit for the examination if he/she has not completed payment of fees and other charges.

A student loan can also help you meet the cost of fees and can be paid back in instalments once your course is completed.

Fee Payment Procedures The Office of Financial Services publishes information on deadlines for fee payments and modes of fee payment.

Fee: The fee for each application for registration of a copyright is listed in the Tariff of Fees (Item 1) which can be found at www.

In 17% of cases fee in is used

The more you pay in fees the less money you are going to have in your account.

The chart illustrates the difference in fees charged by six of the 12 US and European schools.

By the time they add in fees and expenses, they may be making 7% on YOUR money but paying you 2%.

In the end it cost us about 20 euro in fees and there was about 18 Euro left in the card we couldn't get out.

But gentlemen, did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some reason for not returning.

The change in fees is progressive in the sense that poorer students will on average pay less than they currently do, and richer students will on average pay more.

The UK will maintain its high level of protection against animal diseases after the changes, which have the potential to save pet owners around 7 million in fees.

Or you end up like Mark Hughes, paying peak value for players in fees and wages, most of whom will represent worse and worse value for money as their contract goes on.

The cozy relationship Gingrich has with the ethanol industry led to his consulting business winning more than $300,000 in fees from the ethanol lobby after he left Congress.

Lately I release a memo to be able to some magnetic narrow tool productivity staying properties looking to aid the front personnel understand my company's philosophy in fees.

In 10% of cases fee for is used

You may qualify for fee reduction if you meet certain criteria.

It is possible to apply for fee relief if you are a low income earner.

The amount is for fees, uniforms and books, ranging from $106 to $135.

The Wizard Clear Advantage Mastercard comes up trumps for fees and exchange rates.

Other small unaccounted for fees such as accountants fees etc should also be included.

Patients with a household income that is 185% of the Federal Poverty Level or less, qualify for fee waiver.

The contracts and terms and conditions of these deals have many possible triggers for fees and higher interest rates.

Fee Payment Procedures The Office of Financial Services publishes information on deadlines for fee payments and modes of fee payment.

Requestors are generally billed for fees after their requests have been processed; however, if total fees are expected to exceed $250.

In 6% of cases fee on is used

A signing on fee and a hike in wages.

Resistance on Fees &; Cap on Royalty: U.

This has a not-for-profit model, but relies on fees to cover its costs.

The anticipated return: 20 goals without a signing on fee or hike in wages to RVP.

Most tuition fees at public universities in France are incredibly low - between 150 and 300 per academic year.

At the end of his contract he leaves on a free but not at the signing on fee and wages he could otherwise demand.

Despite low tuition fees, French universities are failing in their mission to attract applicants from poor backgrounds.

It would be a step down in most cases and I can't see any club with that amount of time and effort to devote to him bringing a signing on fee in suitcase to boot.

In 6% of cases fee to is used

These other, more tangible, ingredients are certainly things you can directly relate to fees.

I and my fellow members of the IASB are extremely grateful to FEE and its membership for leading this important work.

An important part of the growth in ETFs has come from the switch from commission-based selling by advisers to fee for service.

Madras high court holds that CBSE schools are also amenable to fee structure prescribed by the state-level statutory fee fixation committee.

I am concerned that debate about Irish education is becoming too confined to funding and more particularly to the campaign for a return to fees.

Chris provides advice and counsel to fee earners, particularly in relation to conflicts of interest, confidentiality and privilege, management of risk and ethical matters.

Note: The period that Non-EU students are resident in Ireland on Study Visas does not contribute towards the residency requirement in relation to fee assessment at NUI Galway.

These vary from tax on collecting firewood and bamboo to fees for the registration of deaths and births in the family lists, on livestock and fruit-bearing trees, and even on football matches.

In 5% of cases fee with is used

The firm covers only a quarter of its costs with fees from clients.

Many areas are open to the public, though some are developed lidos with fees.

Fees per transaction for small retail customers are also somewhat high by comparison with fees in the U.

Current accounts with fees offer extra services, such as travel insurance and breakdown cover, for a relatively small fee.

The Executive MBA offered in partnership by IE Business School in Spain and Brown University in the US is the most expensive, with fees of 72,000 ($94,500).

Payment for personal medical services is offered through a universal health care insurance system that provides relative equality of access, with fees set by a government committee.

But I also know therapists who came straight out of the gate with fees that matched more seasoned colleagues, and they're the one who are still rocking with a full, well-paid practice.

In 2% of cases fee about is used

This guide will tell you about fees for universities in Hong Kong, admission requirements, and the application process.

Consultation with the Minister of State Services should take place on a case-by-case basis about fees when Trans-Tasman bodies are established.

If you have any queries about fees or deposits please contact our Customer Services Hotline at 3762 2422 quoting, if possible, your child's student.

In 2% of cases fee as is used

Expenses such as utility bills and back-to-school costs such as fees and uniforms need to be factored into your overall budget.

The action did not apply to a number of other mandatory college costs, such as fees for athletic programs, health services and campus transportation.

State residents don't only care about taxes; they generally have the same feelings regarding other revenue sources, such as fees, that come from their pockets.

In 2% of cases fee including is used

New applications received on or after November 5, 2011, will be returned to the applicant, including fees.

Tickets will be sourced by the fanatix team to a maximum total value of 500 including fees and are subject to availability.

Reviewing the Framework 140 The SSC reviews the Framework, including fee levels, through regular surveys and through ongoing contact with departments.

This money pays for academic instruction, uniforms, school supplies, a daily lunch, and miscellaneous school fees including fees for desks, buildings and watchmen.

Any other variations, including fees for full time roles, are regarded as exceptions to the Framework and require prior consultation at Ministerial level (see section E).

Any other variations, including fees for full time roles, are regarded as exceptions to the Framework and require prior consultation at Ministerial level (see section E).

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