Prepositions used with "fashion"

"of fashion" or "in fashion"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases fashion of is used

Be aware of fashion statements.

I chose The McDowell School of Fashion.

Because of fashion lovers likely to offer.

Q: What kind of fashion do you like in a girl? TOP: I like people who dress casually.

From here, our sketch of fashion theory could easily go a number of different directions.

Her father thought it was a good idea to turn her interest of fashion into something productive.

On this account, planned obsolescence and conspicuous consumption isn't just an unfortunate side effect of fashion.

All before he went out and gave them money from his own pocketand snorted cocaine like it was going out of fashion.

In this ever-changing world of fashion, YST offers you the information needed to approach fashion in a practical way.

We often associate such dress with the runways of fashion week in fashion capitals such as Paris, New York, and Milan.

In 22% of cases fashion in is used

I love moving in fashion circles.

I don't have much interest in fashion.

He works in fashion and he despises women.

Currently we supply everything from your course books to your latest trends in fashion.

That's why trends in fashion, products and advertising have a tendency to come in waves.

On Beauty: Like in fashion, I have to make sure to stick to what is effective and simple.

You should know, wedding dresses that look good in fashion magazines, not always an ideal model for your body type.

This charity, though great, reinforces the stereotype that in order to work in fashion, at least in the beginning,.

I apply everything I've learned from skate photography to my work in fashion, advertising and visual communications.

We often associate such dress with the runways of fashion week in fashion capitals such as Paris, New York, and Milan.

In 9% of cases fashion for is used

She has a passion for fashion and.

My passion for fashion is what keeps me going forward.

CK, Ralph Lauren for fashion advertising image of several male models wearing a T-shirt.

It is difficult to know how many there are, as there is no organization for fashion designers.

I know of a young Bangladeshi woman named Shompa Akhter who has a passion for fashion and design.

Hi, I'd Angel a 20 something Fashion Blogger from Milan who loves to share her passion for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle.

The room is comfortable with a bold colour scheme, and is filled with souvenirs of her endless travels for fashion shoots.

The high expense of your Louis Vuitton handbags for fashion shows is going to be a waste of money if they turn to be a phony.

A graduate with distinction in fashion designing and a diploma holder in beauty therapy, she obviously has an eye for fashion.

In 6% of cases fashion about is used

For example, you need to learn more about fashion.

Modeling is, after all, more about fashion than anything else.

Today's world has become more conscious about fashion and looks.

Talking about fashion in Bollywood cinema it can be counted from the era of 1960? s.

When talking about fashion, it is assumed that only one of two views can be adopted.

Let's find out more about fashion photographer Rebecca Litchfield, forum member ' Day Of The Dead '.

In other words, to think carefully about fashion is not for the intellectually and theologically faint of heart.

How does fashion influence your music? I don't really care about fashion, more so style, which is self expression to me.

Where Can You Learn About Fashion Perhaps you are wondering how to keep yourself up to date with the latest trends in fashion.

These watches are about fashion, grace, precision, excellence, talent and earlier mentioned all of the genius of human intellect.

In 6% of cases fashion with is used

I have stopped flirting with fashion.

They inspire women of all ages to have fun with fashion.

And now Coach Factory Outlet becomes synonymous with fashion.

Well, I've been out of step with fashion all my life and I see no reason to change now.

With Croc's Fall collection comes with a commitment to come up with designs with fashion in mind.

With fashion design games, a player can create fashionable apparel designs with a personal style.

The other thing is that that type of technology won't always fit with fashion sensibility which changes every six months.

When did you first fall in love with fashion? I think as a child growing up I always had a love for it as my aunt, with whom I lived in the rural St.

They might be on different sides of the coin, but there is (or at least should be) nothing stopping a feminist from being interested in and engaged with fashion.

In 5% of cases fashion into is used

It needs to come back into fashion -- fast.

I am fulfilled that many people are now into fashion.

I think I only stopped smiling when I got into fashion.

I don't really remember a point that I fell into fashion.

This is one more reason why optimism should come back into fashion.

E ' Coming into Fashion: A Century of Fashion Photography at Cond Nast ' is.

For the friend who wants to break into fashion media, this is the book to buy.

The three (3) speakers share their experiences and journey into fashion business.

When I got talking to her, I found she's super into fashion and works on all sorts of cool projects.

GK -- Yeah, I think it's a bit like Abba, the way they've kind of come back into fashion over the years.

In 5% of cases fashion on is used

I've also done some work experience on fashion shoots.

For instance, this week I have several things from Nordstrom on Fashion Friday.

Decide on fashion jewelry, many of us opted 316l stainlesss steel manufacturing.

Designers often show different clothing on fashion runways than the lines they actually sell.

Vogue Covers: On Fashion's Front Page is a visual feast of one of fashion's most iconic magazines.

So, If your business is about fashion, show them a market trend; how Nigerians are spending on fashion.

In the last four decades, serious academic work on fashion has begun to emerge, offering careful reflections on the subject.

In September 2008, Chung walked the catwalk as part of the Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring/Summer 2009 show at London Fashion Week.

I thought it appropriate to illustrate a piece on fashion and feminism with a series of images celebrating dressing up and running wild.

Even those who acknowledge fashion as an art of sorts are not always ready to allow the contemporary museum to have the final say on fashion.

In 3% of cases fashion at is used

But this happens before they show at Fashion Week.

If he's a finalist, then the collection that was shown at Fashion Week is his finale collection.

Kristin is also a regular at fashion shows and is rumoured to be dating Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

She runs her own fashion blog - At Fashion Forte - which shows off the outfits she wears in the show, and she's a regular at London fashion events.

This calls for a toast over some barbecue and burgers! When I started modelling, I used to see models who seemed unhealthy backstage at fashion shows.

She frequently appears on best-dressed lists, is a regular cover girl for Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar and is often seen in the front row at fashion shows.

Baragwanath says the shoot was done at fashion photographer Desmond Williams ' studio to demonstrate how products pro-gressed from the sheep's back to final garments.

I snubbed my nose at fashion stores and danced in hippie pants and old men's shirts with the collars cut off, in army trousers with lacey edges and endless pairs of stripey stockings.

In 2% of cases fashion by is used

Ditto has been embraced by fashion designers including Jean-Paul Gaultier (she modelled his S/S.

By fashion, I mean the microcosmic industry, which in the larger scheme of things doesn't really dictate how the consumer at large buys their clothes.

Laird Borrelli's Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers showcases the often unseen process of sketching before any patterns have been made or models booked.

In 2% of cases fashion from is used

I often seek advice from fashion designer friends too.

I often felt like it would break into the Mar Jawaan track from Fashion.

When you posted the pics from fashion week, I immediately knew it was a decoy collection.

It's quite new to the UK and sells a range of goods from fashion and homewares to last-minute gift ideas.

She reports on everything from local bands to local food, from fashion and the Internet to theater and dance.

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