Prepositions used with "farm"

"of farm", "to farm" or "on farm"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases farm of is used

The addition of farm to the distribution.

This included a year of farm or domestic service.

High cost of production due to high cost of farm inputs.

Saving Pattern of Farmers Over 55% of farmers have cultivated the habit of saving their income.

If you haven't heard of Outstanding in the Field, it's a nationwide tour of farm to table dinners.

The banks, facing massive losses if farming collapsed, wrote off up to 40 percent of farmers ' debts.

I almost want to put some of these faces next to pictures of farm animals and have people vote on which is more attractive.

She walked at the age of 1, she could also say a couple of words such as mum dad piggy and also some sounds of farm animals.

A small number of farms offer formal apprenticeships to help young people learn the practical skills of farming and ranching.

Such is the ability of farms to overproduce a variety of useful crops that some countries have become net exporters of produce.

In 19% of cases farm to is used

I'd heading to farms this summer to be educated.

At gale force, it does serious damage to farms and buildings.

Sharemilking has traditionally been the pathway to farm ownership.

Agricultural drainage and conversion of wetlands to farm fields also increases flooding.

A disease may strike separate herds but the approach to its control differs from farm to farm.

Therefore, Christians should be the ones with the answers, and the best methods on how to farm.

God has that kind of resources available to each one of us, to teach us how to farm better and to help others to farm better.

The only way for Americans to survive long-term is to learn how to farm and how to do so without technology, as the Amish do.

In these areas, plot sizes are generally not large enough to accommodate herds of animals; thus the Maasai are forced to farm.

In 17% of cases farm on is used

Instead they are born to work on farms.

Today on farm testing offered by Pastoral Measurements Ltd.

Ryegrass and clover are ubiquitous on farm paddocks across the country.

I enjoyed the holidays more: I worked on farms and as a waterkeeper on the River Kennet.

From working on farms, to taking a roadtrip across a country, there are plenty of ways to.

WAIT! You just figgered out that more people live incities than on farms! Congratulations! P.

God's Judgment It is important that we do not go to extremes in our thinking on God's judgment on farms and the land.

Turns out though, there is an alternative: Just ban antibiotics on farms, and force producers to adopt organic standards.

However, it is not usually recognized as being in the context of farming problems and God's judgment upon farms and gardens.

For over 25 years its Nutra-Mix brand has been the choice on farms that grow pigs, cattle, goats, horses, sheep and poultry.

In 7% of cases farm for is used

Insufficient credit and loan facilities for farmers.

Lack of standardized pricing system for farm produce.

Another great site to get a feel for farm people is http: **27;2066;TOOLONG.

Considering the kind of labour force used for farming, farmers mostly depend on hired labour (50.

The land reform programme created a number of problems for farm workers, problems that still persist.

Maybe it is time for us and the Government to re-release safety guidelines for farm strips and facilities.

This was done to keep the horse healthy for the spring work and all horse owners did the same, because people's livelihood depended on the horse for farm work.

Fattening up the cattle thanks to a large percentage of sugar content and no real nutritional value, the disease-riddled cattle end up fetching a larger price for farm owners.

While this imagery seems powerful, mythologizing farm women was not necessarily beneficial for the women as authors created an ideal that was almost impossible for farm women to attain.

As rural communities decline, however, organizations for farm women have declined as well, with the latest incarnation of the UFWA shutting down in 2000 due to lack of funds and participation.

In 7% of cases farm from is used

A disease may strike separate herds but the approach to its control differs from farm to farm.

Since 2007 the amount of nitrogen from farms entering the lake has been reduced by 140 tonnes a year.

He pledged to fund an electric fence around Mt Kenya Forest to keep off elephants from farms to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

For example, nutrients and sediment from farm land are washed into waterways by rainfall runoff or leach through the soil into ground water.

I read online that the RSPCA have called for a boycott of all dairy products from farms that support/allow the cull to go ahead on their land.

Allan said the offers of help were from farm consultants, people who had worked on farms in China, and people in the dairy processing industry.

Twenty-eight of the sightings involved wild boar, which have escaped from farms and become established in some parts of the country in recent years.

Creating this direct relationship with its pig farmers will bring an unprecedented level of transparency to the pricing of pigs and pork from farm to fork.

In 7% of cases farm In is used

I'd still involved in farm politics with the IFA and that's important to me.

Agriculture: No FDI is permitted in farming, nor may foreigners own farmland.

Zafar Adeel, head of UNWEH, suggested that people could also choose to avoid buying shrimps raised in farms.

Typically, soybeans account for more than $1 billion a year in farm sales in Ontario, with most of the production in the southwest.

As a result, this sector presents opportunities for participation amongst players in farming, infrastructure, storage and logistics, etc.

In farm country it's not as obvious, because people living in rural areas don't have all the services, or the same kind of lifestyle, as those in the cities.

The clarification and security of tenure rights are seen as essential issues concerning investment in farm land and even in pastures and improvements in productivity.

A degree in farm management, animal science or crop science or in business (either from a business faculty or in agri-business) with a concentration or minor in agriculture is important.

In 4% of cases farm with is used

Already we see with farm diesel that government will give subsidies or tax breaks.

Open every weekend during the Summer months, kids can interact and get up close with farm animals.

Blackstone River Valley, Rhode Island: Here you will find a country road with farms and apple orchards.

I'd not exactly sure how the farm animals are going to fit into this whole thing (you can't really ever be sure with farm animals.

It is very easy to feel inspired by a place like Forest Row, with farm shops and health food stores that thrive within the community.

Many of the dead were peasants who charged cannons armed with farm implements or crude pikes, and a significant number of them were women.

Same with farms, if you are farming it yourself, no capital gains when selling, but I would support capital gains where a sharemilker or manager is employed to run the farm.

In 3% of cases farm as is used

The first occupation was farming.

The first job God gave to man was farming.

As well as farm workers there were craftsmen like a blacksmith, a carpenter and a potter.

It is important that we keep in the front our minds as farmers that we still come from the ground today.

A There are many tax reliefs available, such as farm and business relief, and reliefs on property left to dependent relatives who live in the property.

In 3% of cases farm At is used

John was received into the Catholic Church by the Jesuits at Farm Street in London.

He works at farms in town during the week, while also doing work on the family farm on the hillside.

One of the first houses built in what is now Oak Bluffs was built at Farm Neck by Joseph Norton before 1670.

The group alleged that most of the deaths took place at farms and stables where the animals were housed, and not while cameras where rolling.

The Norton Homestead at Farm Neck 1750 The rooms were arranged conveniently for use, a small front entry, with stairs leading to the chamber from it.

In 2% of cases farm about is used

LGD, Round 1, Group A It was all about farms with Loda's Syllabear free farming at bottom and LGD's Morphling on Mid.

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