Prepositions used with "fantasy"

"of fantasy" or "in fantasy"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 46% of cases fantasy of is used
    For now, the attendees of fantasy Fest can.
    It's kind of a form of fantasy play acting.
    A train of fantasy may occupy all of a person's attention.
    Well known are the flights of fantasy and dreaming stimulated by hashish and cannabis.
    Not entirely the kind of fantasy fiction or thriller I am used to but still a page turner.
    Find out what's inside The latest issue of fantasy Artist, issue 36, hits the shelves today.
    The series is an intriguing mixture of fantasy and science fiction, but either the writing or storytelling eventually leave a lot to be desired.
    When living out this particular dream through games then, what we're really after is only a sprinkle of fantasy next to a large serving of realism.
    Her days were full of fantasy -- populated with television personalities she regarded as personal friends, and family members who had long since died.
    Everybody has their own preferences for the version of fantasy league they play, just wondered if you had tried any others? Another fantastic post yogi.

    In 16% of cases fantasy in is used
    I got lost in fantasy adventure books -- read all of C.
    Douglas just doesn't have anything to provide in fantasy.
    She lives in fantasy land completely detached from modern day business.
    In fantasy, all you need is magic for explanations of why something happens.
    Even in fantasies and science factions the shadow of the real world is constantly and inescapably present.
    This thinking lures us into parallel worlds that only exist in fantasy, but at some point we confuse with reality.
    Madeleine, you are absolutely correct--even in fantasy writing, everything that's done must be done for a logical reason.
    Since high school, she has been a voracious reader of books of all genres, with an emphasis in fantasy and science fiction.
    And Dee is a saint anyway! Apparently idealist children are soulful, emotional and self-examining -- they are head-in-the-clouds or lost in fantasy.

    In 9% of cases fantasy with is used
    Lovers affair, very filled with fantasy, and that is why I have helped you with your fantasy.
    Chicago at Tennessee - The Bears are the perfect example of real football clashing with fantasy football.
    Monday, November 5, 2012 Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG Beta Released Along with fantasy Flight's other Star Wars related offerings is a new RPG, Star Wars Edge of the Empire.

    In 8% of cases fantasy to is used
    To an extent that is true, but not entirely, and it's especially true when it comes to fantasy football.
    Printing money, zero interest rates and mark to fantasy balance sheets can't hide the fact that the underlying economy is bankrupt.
    The same reservation applies when I tweet to #sciencefiction since my first novel would be relegated to fantasy to most hard-core science fiction adherents.
    The valuation of model known as ' mark to fantasy ' is still allowed and without ' mark to fantasy ' then and only then is a bank resolution regime important.
    A big credit/property bubble burst and due to mark to fantasy they chose not to recognise losses that always occur upon the bursting of a credit/property bubble.

    In 6% of cases fantasy for is used
    The Lions schedule the rest of the season is extremely fortuitous for fantasy.
    He was the perfect kind of player for fantasy teams, but he could go quiet in big games.
    Newcastle v Man Utd You would have to think that Manchester United would boss this match, but I'd not expecting a classic and I'd probably staying clear for fantasy purposes.

    In 5% of cases fantasy from is used
    They are able to identify their purpose and distinguish reality from fantasy.
    ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast) from fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, Calif.

    In 3% of cases fantasy between is used
    I thereby get caught in the vicious cycle of fantasy, so that when eventually I am released, the grotesque discord between fantasy and reality breaks me down.
    Actually, is very good post in a somewhat diseased way -- choosing between fantasies of ad agencies, where you'd have to behave as they decree, or ' socialist fantasies ' of ' leftist brightness '.

    In 2% of cases fantasy about is used
    Why did you decide to place such a strong emphasis on looks? The band is very much about fantasy and escapism.

    In 2% of cases fantasy on is used
    Their off-task thoughts are more focused on the things of everyday life, much less on fantasies, and even less concern, the researchers report.
    Alison Sherratt, at Riddlesden St Mary's Church of England Primary in Keighley, West Yorkshire, said pupils were increasingly ' hooked ' on fantasy personas.

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