Prepositions used with "fan"

"of fan", "for fan" or "to fan"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases fan of is used

They like WG think of fans too.

That's the way a lot of fans are.

And certainly not their hundreds of fans.

In other words, I can only invite fellow fans from 7 out of litlary hundred of fan pages.

My first concern would be the selection of fans in respect to the case and the radiator.

You can add me to the list of fans awaiting this release along with an album of rarities.

With 105 metres of Wembley pitch dividing the two sets of fans, the emotions could not have been in more stark contrast.

The 30-year-old forward has played for both finalists and believes that each set of fans will contribute to the occasion.

Tens of thousands of fans cheered them on Down Under with many more taking to the streets to salute them on their return.

He has a big punch and big contingent of fans, unfortunately that's not enough to make one a legit heavyweight contender.

In 15% of cases fan for is used

It is not helpful for fans to attack one another.

It was made for fans, it's almost like a love letter to them.

Tonight's #RAWactive is for fans to pick the team name for Kane and Bryan.

This game is an indie masterpiece, and is highly recommended by us for fans of all genres.

So, this gives incentives for fans to sign up early and to tell all their friends about it.

This is truly a game for fans, but does that mean it's a game ONLY for fans? I don't think so.

At EMI Music we will remain committed to working with existing partners to develop new and exciting services for fans.

Evander Kane was in Winnipeg last night, signing autographs for fans at the EA Sports NHL 13 video game midnight launch.

And he suggests that this Sunday might be a good opportunity for fans to consider watching TNA to compare both alternatives.

Scotland vs the Springboks should be one for fans of big hits, with Scotland sniffing at a rare Southern Hemisphere victory.

In 12% of cases fan to is used

Ingwe Fan wishes to pose a question to fans.

Those guys were brilliant to fans at Silverstone.

I don't mean to be condescending to fans it's just true.

They haven't signed a big name player for some years now which was sending the wrong message to fans.

I would gladly sell the Radiohead tickets to fans for face value but I can't due to the restrictions.

Neydavoud was a member of an Iranian radio organization, and his performances were broadcast to fans.

Machine Head extends its regrets to fans, the other bands, and the other crews for having to leave the tour prematurely.

David Barton-Ginger, NZRU Digital Channels Manager says the new-look site will appeal to fans from New Zealand to New York.

I have never heard of Kristen being mean to fans, she even apologises to fans when security won't allow her to stop and sign.

Word of Hagman's passing spread quickly late Friday and early Saturday, with everybody from celebrities to fans mourning his death.

In 9% of cases fan with is used

The area was robust with fans of various ages and ethnicity.

Bands now charge $50 for a T-shirt, a CD and a meet and greet with fans.

I hope to have a party with fans when I'd 30, because I hardly have parties with fans.

This technique, this method of engaging with fans is the true future of popular culture.

R2Bees took over and capped off the night with fans singing,? Kiss your hand? among others.

But this is a record that might not have seen the light of day at all, even with fans funding it.

But, with fan fictions like this, I would also add that my favorite character in MLP would be Gilda.

She was being rushed all over the red carpet but you could tell she wanted to spend time with fans.

Scoop up those last tickets Rider fans! Great game to watch live in the stands with fans and friends.

The superstar took to Twitter after the gig to share her thoughts with fans: ' Twickenham, im not even sure what to say.

In 8% of cases fan by is used

The air is conditioned by fans and sea breezes.

The 18-track disc was well received by fans as well as media.

A few years back, it was voted by fans as the greatest fight in UFC history.

After his speech, he was mobbed for at least 10 minutes by fans trying to shake his hand.

The chanting of racist abuse by fans also remains a sporadic problem in soccer across Europe.

Hard-edged gorges softened by fan palms separate the orange-and-black striped towers, however.

It didn't comfort me any to watch Hap surrounded by fans congratulating him anew for boiling down aesthetics to a few basic precepts.

But the pressure finally told late yesterday as the Scots singer -- dubbed SuBo by fans -- was rushed to the private clinic suffering from exhaustion.

Now on its 7th year, the poll remains the same: powered by fans, tabulated online, real time results, transparent and free! You don't need to spend money by text voting.

In 7% of cases fan from is used

Kroll itself has received lots of flak from fans, but.

I am always interested in hearing from fans in the UK and aboard.

If you wish to write creatively I think you should move away from fan fiction.

I'd still getting emails today from fans of both shows who want us to bring them back.

We are doing a follow-up canvassing some other opinions from fans - get in touch if you'd like to be involved.

I think the boys are also under immense pressure from fans and still lack the mental strength to withstand it.

Auburn's Blake is hoping to get a chance to test the message he's heard from fans since arriving in the state from Texas.

Fan you hear is a sigh of relief from fans everywhere that this Diana Jenkins murder storyline has finally run its course.

Gene Hackmen on the other hand came under pressure from fans and the media and is coaching in friggin Uzbekistan or something now.

Likewise, Cole Harbour's Black Moor, touring its recently released second full-length, Lethal Waters, gets continual props from fans.

In 2% of cases fan as is used

Stalkers wako but I regard them as fans.

We as fans are grateful to have the club in our hearts.

I think we as fans, although bloody frustrating at times this has been, we have liked this.

Surely we as fans should be enjoying ourselves not bitching constantly about where it is all going wrong.

In 1% of cases fan among is used

The decision led to immediate uproar among fans, media, and pretty much everyone who follows the NFL.

Known for treating grown-man NFL players as though they were children guzzling Pixie sticks, Goodell's become an inside joke among fans for being a tyrant and a hypocrite.

In 1% of cases fan in is used

So what do you have to do if your page lags in fans and interactions? How do you create a Likable fan page? Here's some points for you to check.

In 1% of cases fan on is used

And as for your view on Fan fic? You 'll.

Is there a way to remove this? Give my timeline a more streamlined look, simply with the content I want displayed? Can you kindly help me out? I can't post apps on fan page I handled.

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