Prepositions used with "failure"

"of failure" or "for failure"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases failure of is used

A sense of failure descended upon me.

Fear of failure is intense, but surmountable.

The consequences of failure are unimaginable.

You're not so isolated as an artist that you have a moronic interpretation of failure.

Such systems should be designed to manage, rather than eliminate, the risk of failure.

One, the fear of failure right from the beginning prevents them from even get started.

This new breed of state developing in a constant condition of failure, however, fits none of the above definitions.

With the use of simulation, we quantify the impact of failures on key aspects of operations of the service system.

Sodd's Other Law: The degree of failure is in direct proportion to the effort expended and to the need for success.

The Hungary match (1-2) was the latest miserable performance in a long line of failures by Stuart Baxter's Finland.

In 19% of cases failure for is used

That is a sure formula for failure.

A person may be disallowed for failure to sign.

Sanctions are provided for failure to attend meetings.

There are legal consequences for failure to comply with these legislative provisions.

When your standards are too high, you set yourself up for failure right from the start.

In form, fit and set to be a father once again, Rooney has few excuses left for failure.

BlaxPac on February 11, 2012 at 7:26 AM The appeal: to rely on ones own wit for success (yes for failure as well).

Businesses in every industry need to take risks if they want to innovate, and there is always a chance for failure.

They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on their shelves -- along with threats for failure to comply.

It is essential that the seeds are not covered with soil after sowing - this is one of the main reasons for failures in the nursery.

In 14% of cases failure to is used

Everyone goes to failure on every set.

Any other motive is doomed to failure.

That way is forever destined to failure.

The negative effect of training to failure is seen more on chin ups than any other exercise.

The main reason why an Icon-like VM must diverge from standard VM principles is due to failure.

When we listen to failure stories, we learn from the mistakes of other entrepreneurs and we strive not repeat such mistakes.

All your efforts that lead to failure should be praised and rewarded, for they are moving you in the direction of the success.

We must protect all involved and not fall prey to failure for being irresponsible in caving to one or a few investors and or partners.

This approach to reducing the deficit is destined to failure and will likely make the US deficit even worse as total taxes collected fall.

In 5% of cases failure in is used

Many schools suffer in failure or neglect.

The rare attempts in that direction have ended in failure.

Skipping a single step or taking a shortcut often results in failure.

Despite much support, the putsch ended in failure and the leaders were arrested.

Attempts to land large numbers of Japanese troops ended in failure in October 1942.

While goals are important, picking one that is too hard will only result in failure.

Now where can such experience be found? Such experience can be found in failure stories.

Somewhat schematically, each is revealed to have buried the past in failure and disappointment.

Attempts on both sides ended in failure and the ensuing stalemate continued for the remainder of 1915.

Another conference took place between employers, workers, and English trade unionists, but ended in failure.

In 4% of cases failure from is used

There are critically important lessons to be learned from failures.

It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

Success stories inspire and motivate our spirit but we learn the most from failure stories.

Pablo first arrived in Tanzania in 2009 and, we believe, saved the Mwaji Secondary School from failure.

No one has ever said that it's smart to not learn from failures, so your brand of creative intelligence doesn't bring anything new there.

That doesn't excuse me from failure; in fact, it's the opposite: I need to make sure that I work as hard as I can in order to pull it off.

From failure to adapt to the market economy to the inefficient structuring of agriculture, the three provinces in Northeast have experienced great suffering.

Capturing a little of the dynamic nature of entrepreneurial management (trying things until successful, learning from failures, attempting to conserve resources, etc.

In 4% of cases failure with is used

Unfortunately however, not everybody can deal with failure.

How do you cope with failure? Do you give up, or keep trying until you succeed.

Got in all of the workouts this week, riddled with failure throughout the week.

You might be happy with failure, I and an increasing number of the public are not.

Don't be too willing to blame or credit the evangelists with failure of success of Microsoft.

The lack of education is frequently associated with failure to achieve one's ambitions in life.

This has a number of implications, in particular a heavy reliance on stack operations to cope properly with failure.

So, in these moments of failure, no matter how good-looking or successful we are, how we deal with failure is going to define everything.

It involved learning to enjoy uncertainty, embracing insecurity, stopping trying to think positively, and becoming familiar with failure.

I want to know if you can live with failure Yours and mine and still stand at the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon,?? Yes.

In 2% of cases failure including is used

He pleaded guilty to three charges including failure to ensure the safety of his employees or to maintain equipment in an efficient state.

Neglect refers to the failure (usually by the parent) to provide for a child's basic needs, including failure to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, supervision, hygiene or medical attention.

In 1% of cases failure by is used

Wealth built from choosing smart investments is often lost by failure to manage risk.

For example the expression x: = 2 can never fail (since integer creation is a primitive operation ), and need not be surrounded by failure frame operations.

If, however, a store detective apprehends a suspect, they must at that point produce their ID badge as any court case that results from an apprehension could be compromised by failure to do so.

In 1% of cases failure on is used

Positive thinking: Do not dwell on failures and reward yourself for your successes.

A clause providing for payment of a greater sum, on failure to pay a certain sum is a penalty.

In 1% of cases failure without is used

You can not have success without failure.

Iza Coghlan and Grace Robinson graduated in 1893, Robinson completing the course without failure, an achievement for male or female.

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