Prepositions used with "factor"

"of factor" or "to factor"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases factor of is used

This was due to number of factors.

This rests on a number of factors.

Gladwell observes a number of factors.

Is it really that simple? Hardly, We have dozens of factors to consider and calculate.

It could be weeks before normality returns due to a malevolent combination of factors.

There are a number of factors that conspire to work against this industry, which I write about in a series of posts.

It's a mix of factors and considerations, not least the fact that SMU depends on government grants for other things.

Whether persons below the 60 per cent threshold are actually experiencing poverty will depend on a number of factors.

US also have a lot of factors (VIX, A/D indicator etc ), suggesting a retracement is on the cards back to around 1377.

In 19% of cases factor to is used

You'll also need to factor in inflation.

Wise does not seem to factor in non-AGW topics either.

We also change our menu according to factors like the weather.

The Elite's forgot to factor into the mix, ' When people loose everything, they loose it '.

Maybe the Minister was referring to public spending measured in PPPs to factor in the cost of living.

Don't forget to factor in the cost to sell! Your stuff doesn't just miraculously sell itself as soon as you show up.

Trouble is by the time he settles in a new team and sorts his head out after Ducati age will start to factor even more.

If you are planing on traveling in both the North and the South Islands do not forget to factor in the cost of the ferry.

Very little coal is trucked around, and once you start to factor in ALL the externalities investing in rail looks sillier.

In 5% of cases factor on is used

After all, this has a direct impact on factors such as style, price and more.

But this schedule depended on factors beyond his control, on weather and on the availability of replenishment ships.

Yes, I can see that this could be extremely silly, or not, depending on factors that are not obvious from this video.

The rhinoplasty operation The operation depends on factors such as the reasons for the surgery, but can include: Anaesthesia -- you will be given a general or local anaesthetic.

In 3% of cases factor by is used

But, of course, our tastes are constructed by factors beyond the happenstance of our youthful viewing.

In 2% of cases factor at is used

I would look at factors such as when the stock was last ordered, what it was used for and how often it was used.

The biggest slice is income tax, which is a simple percentage of GDP at factor cost - eg 33 percent in New Zealand.

Workers also claim that at factor dormitories, dozens of people are crammed into single rooms, sleeping in triple bunk beds.

The next biggest slice is ' indirect taxes '; which essentially make the difference between GDP at factor cost and GDP at market prices.

In 2% of cases factor from is used

A millisecond later, a useful thought comes to mind: perhaps Adam thinks that the test schedule arises from factors that are fully within my control.

Aside from factors such as climate change and natural disasters, human destruction of these forests for logging and agricultural purposes are taking its toll.

Government should inspire confidence in the citizenry, by insulating the scheme from factors that could be perceived as divisive, it should also be made a rallying point where Nigerians will.

In 2% of cases factor with is used

Victimization most often occurs in combination with factors like substance abuse, conflicted social relationships, poverty, and homelessness.

And then there is the candidates ' personal appeal, along with factors such as ethnicity and religion that are particularly relevant this year.

In 1% of cases factor in is used

This is more complex, far less controllable, far more varied in factors involved, far more susceptible to misunderstanding.

In 1% of cases factor x is used

Last week the two ended up kissing in front of housemates and their relationship became hot gossip in the x factor house.

Every week when the boys preform on the x factor show you can hardly make out the judges comments due to the crowds of screaming girls.

And with a band never having won the x factor could this new Boy Band go all the way and win the show? Even if they do nt something tells me these boys are going to be around for a long time to come.

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