Prepositions used with "eye"

"of eye", "with eye" or "to eye"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases eye of is used

MICHAEL USHER: Wow, four sets of eyes.

She had the kind of eyes you fall into.

A pair of eyes, cold, soul-less, calculating.

Furthermore, the NYT's involvement would bring a dispassionate pair of eyes to the affair.

Our Support Team Is With You All The Way Your website isn't just a nice piece of eye candy.

But the eating of Dhamma language can be done by way of eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, or mind.

Additionally, when you are suffering from infection or any kind of eye condition, contact lenses are an absolute no-no.

Worse than the blindness of eyes is the blindness of hearts which do not obtain their insight by advice and admonition.

Not that I'd saying we should all be freak shows, the pleasantness of eye candy in the form of fashion is always welcome.

Salivating over an alien is too disturbing for words so I shall have to resent this story for my one chance of eye candy.

In 18% of cases eye with is used

Draft with eye to use in contents page 3.

Ben looking at me with eyes that say all 1690.

There is truth there for those with eyes to see.

You're a cloud, obviously, and the chaps you're zapping are horned imps with eye patches.

She's also trying to solve some problems to do with eye disease in younger people as well.

And so, I still go about with eyes wide and marvelling at the natural spectacle before me.

Tess followed him to the middle of the room, where he was, and stood there staring at him with eyes that did not weep.

It is, to any one with eyes to see, pretty obviously false (the real mystery, I think, is why so many fail to see this).

The players of blind cricket team are models for those blessed with eyes filled with greed for the glitter of the world.

Posted by: Helloseekers September 16, 2012, 12:15 pm 12:15 pm Living is easy with eyes closed, Misundertstanding all you see.

In 17% of cases eye to is used

It cuts down on eye to eye contact.

This leads to eyes becoming dry and irritated.

Munde and Nitin Gadkari can not see eye to eye.

If others find it difficult to see eye to eye with us, they have every right to follow a different path.

Office Work - tiredness and damage to eyes can result from prolonged periods of work with computer screens.

But he's an awfully good officer, and in the end we see eye to eye on the best way to run a Marine Corps unit.

Iftikhar Firdous reported that according to eye witness accounts, the grenade was thrown from inside one of the houses.

They destroy the lives of those who do not see eye to eye with them either by lawsuit, or by inclusion in their publications.

This is the first time it and I meet eye to eye, and I can feel myself sweating profusely just by observing its killing intent.

Till now im working in a mNC company &; more stable career &; somehow now only starting to eyes on some investment but not to house yet.

In 7% of cases eye in is used

This situation results in eye discomfort.

Put in eye drops prior to applying makeup around your eyes.

If the situation is negative, a woman will not indulge in eye contact.

This change in eye colour has predominantly been seen in patients with mixed coloured irides, i.

PROBLEM: - In case of head-ache or pain in eyes she can apply hair oil or collyrium for relief from pain.

Please read this data sheet so that you will be fully informed on the reasons why the WSF has taken this major step forward in eye safety.

Eye strain from working too lengthy in computers with out breaks can result in eye pressure, eye muscle tissues weak spot and blurry vision.

Eye Exam In Eye Clinic Orlando By: Robert Willimss Nov 12th 2012 - Want details about the eye exam Orlando? Then this article can guide you.

While it would seem the eyebrow styles passed down by Egyptians have the strongest influence in eye makeup and eyebrow styles, several other era's continue to dominate.

In 6% of cases eye for is used

One workout that I all the time recommend to somebody who is struggling for eye strain is referred to as palming.

The day was a soft cool to cold drizzle, not hard enough to send you in, but constant enough to make you dread the need for eye glasses, a real Irish day.

He founded the Centre for Eye Research Australia and has been a Board Member of The Fred Hollows Foundation, the River Blindness Foundation and the Vision CRC.

Though Edwards made his fortune as a trial attorney juries just loved, he wisely made no attempt to charm them from the defense table, and took notes instead of angling for eye contact.

Services performed include treatments for eye and skin diseases, open heart surgeries, Parkinson's disease, kidney transplants, neurological disorders, and countless others (Schwab, 1997).

In 5% of cases eye on is used

It cuts down on eye to eye contact.

He's on eye drops, so he's comfortable but his eyesight remains poor.

With the treaty of Lisbon it is on eye level with the Council of the EU.

Based on eye witness reports, there are several casualties and many people are injured.

A heavy head is incompatible with flight and therefore sets an upper limit on eye size.

I know it is not much comfort at the moment but my PhD was based around diabetes, though mainly focused on eyes.

So there are many studies on injuries through sport, some on eye injury in sport, but few on eye injuries through squash.

Examination of the available epidemiological literature on eye injuries in boxing suggests that they are relatively uncommon.

According to reports on eye injuries, the things to watch out most for are foreign bodies or debris which flies at a high speed.

I must ask, will that time I spent on eye doctor be worth it? Having to wear glasses or touch lenses to get via every single day is exasperating to say the least.

In 4% of cases eye at is used

You will get the right effect by hanging artwork at eye level.

Good merchandisers display the particularly profitable items they most want you to buy at eye level.

The bar service area is sunken so that the bartenders are at eye level with patrons seated at the bar.

For this, you'll need to place your computer at eye level and take a seat on a comfortable chair which has good back support.

Core app functionality will mainly be displayed at eye level, but additional features and options are accessible via this menu overflow button.

Multi Layer Latent Image A concealed emblem consisting of the numerals of the denomination can be seen when the note is tilted horizontally at eye level.

If you will be speaking for some time with a person in a wheelchair, sit down so that you are at eye level with her so she doesn't have to strain her neck to look up at you.

In 4% of cases eye by is used

Don't even think of doing the spacings by eye.

Interpreting them by eye is also straightforward.

The data files can be read by eye and are easily interpreted.

I did not even think of using that since it was simpler to do it by eye.

The brightest Cepheid in the sky is Polaris, though the variations are too small to be seen by eye.

So that if they try to have your attention by eye contact or by any signal, you can respond quickly.

You can't photograph a black hole (since all light is drawn to the hole and uncapturable on film or by eye).

Especially for print, calibrating your monitor (with a device rather than doing it by eye using the color management on your mac) is definitely an essential.

Next I fixed the mainframe to the rear bracket and by eye I lined up the middle two brackets using the front bracket as my guide to keep the whole lot level.

The latest is Julampitiye Amare identified by eye witnesses as being involved in the recent attack on a rally of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna in Katuwana where two innocent bystanders were killed.

In 2% of cases eye about is used

Learn about eye hazards and encourage your employer and joint health and safety committee members to do the same.

Put the Wave Wand into the section at about eye level, wind around the Wave Wand and hold for a few seconds before unwinding.

I'd talking about eyes that behave like TV sets! Those big bulging eyes on either side of this praying mantis head are compound eyes.

Provide training and education about eye hazards - particularly those specific to contact lens use - and training on the proper use of eye wash stations and procedures for rinsing the eyes.

In 2% of cases eye from is used

From this point many ideas raises to get rid from eye dark circles.

And the abstract sketches in which I have made it so real as they were not real (Fingers from Eye).

Day 2 focused on mobile where delegates heard from experts from Eye for Travel, Beep Marketing and Netbiscuits.

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