Prepositions used with "exploration"

"of exploration" or "for exploration"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 44% of cases exploration of is used
    I hope you've enjoyed this journey of exploration with me.
    I prefer to stand as a role model and a symbol of exploration.
    Havana alone is worth days of exploration amidst a paucity of frills.
    Icon fully succeeded in that, and is a genuinely interesting language, worthy of exploration.
    It takes several visits and lots of exploration to start to get to know this tropical paradise.
    The park is home to a world of exploration, from mist laden fiords to snow dusted mountain tops.
    On our first day of exploration, we boarded small skiffs and headed up the Tahuayo tributary in search of wildlife.
    Verne wrote a dark, claustrophobic Age of exploration fantasy; the film is a ridiculously opulent Cinemascope colour spectacle.

    In 24% of cases exploration for is used
    Tanzania is perhaps the most promising country for exploration.
    Open Theatre is platform for exploration where the stage is invisible.
    The rise in fear after 6 months of age keeps the newly crawling and walking babies ' enthusiasm for exploration in check.
    Whatever you do, you will encounter lots of uncertainties but at the same time, you will also have plenty of room for exploration.
    National Company KazMunayGas JSC is a national operator for exploration, production, processing and transportation of hydrocarbons.
    The embedding of indigenous knowledges into the curriculum is an avenue for exploration which has resulted in innovative practices.
    With no motor vehicle access beyond the resort itself, epic singletrack is the only road for exploration into this Canadian landscape.
    There is repair and refurbishment is taking place in many of the rooms, but most of the castle and its grounds are open for exploration.
    It resolves the conflict between those who use the sea for taking and those who use it for exploration and the joy of being in a natural environment.
    For 10 years he has been a consultant with emphasis on gold, base metals and gems with an expertise in satellite image interpretation for exploration.

    In 10% of cases exploration in is used
    Where the game gets really interesting, outside of the intense player-made areas, is in exploration and zombie-killing.
    Seeking a cut in oil import, India so far has awarded 203 oil and gas blocks in the previous seven rounds of NELP with over $11 billion committed in exploration.
    Once an idea or organization reaches the maturity (conservation) stage, it needs to release resources for novelty or change and re-engage in exploration in order to retain its resilience.

    In 5% of cases exploration to is used
    In previous centuries, travel on the high seas had been dedicated to exploration.
    By 1756, when war with England put a stop to exploration, the French had reached the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

    In 5% of cases exploration with is used
    VOICE TWO: And I'd Steve Ember with explorations in VOA Special English.
    VOICE TWO: Doc Holliday And this is Doug Johnson with explorations in VOA Special English.
    This journal concludes with explorations from Hong Kong about how teaching exercises and games can be used to introduce concepts of poststructuralism that inform narrative practice.

    In 4% of cases exploration on is used
    He now works as a contractor on exploration rigs across Australia and earns in excess of $220,000 per year.

    In 3% of cases exploration from is used
    Risks from exploration Even exploring for oil is risky.

    In 3% of cases exploration through is used
    Be it through exploration, reviews, festivals, and attractions, or via personal challenges, engaging with locals, and talking with other explorers, W.

    In 1% of cases exploration as is used
    But we also see innovations such as exploration of psychology and social critique.

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