Prepositions used with "expense"

"of expense", "for expense" or "in expense"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases expense of is used

Most businesses can't afford that kind of expense.

Voicemail charges are another hidden source of expense.

It's always good to have some back up cash: 20-30K or 1 yr of expenses is more than enough.

In favour of assessee Disallowance of expenses towards earning exempt income -- Whether Sec.

You would have been out of expenses for meals even if you had not experienced the regretful fire.

Issue remand back to AO Disallowance of expenses towards earning interest &; dividend income -- Whether provision of Sec.

Example: (using completely made up figures) Let's say the profit per board is $2, so there is now $2M in the bank, minus lots of expenses etc.

It's at least 3 years of expenses covered just in case! Most graduates I know who are now at age 27-28 may not have been able to save that much in KL.

Section 14A is the deduction of expenses incurred by the assessee in relation to income not at all chargeable to tax and not the income chargeable to tax at lower rate of tax.

In 15% of cases expense for is used

Prepaid or deferred charges for expenses and commissions paid by such insurance company.

A general fund shall likewise be created and used for expenses of administration of the association.

Carry extra cash- You may need to spend some cash while driving in winter on some expenses that are as a result of an accident, car break down or any other unplanned for expense.

Soc Sec and other trust fund money take a small minor route change in that they first go to the trustfund where they buy government bonds then they go directly to pay for expenses.

When the firm asked respondent for an explanation, he confirmed that he had in fact billed the firm's client for expenses not incurred by the client and which instead purely personal.

Convoluted or complex payment requests, such as payment to a third party or to accounts in other countries, requests for payments in cash or requests for upfront payment for expenses or other fees.

In 13% of cases expense in is used

However, i have about $3K in expenses.

The Bishop of Liverpool attended on 60 days claiming 15,600 for attendance and 4,220 in expenses.

In the first five months of this year, Lord Bramall claimed 7,144 in expenses, amounting to 2,381.

He only voted once in the entirety of 2001/2002 session yet claimed 10,517 in expenses in this period.

The increase in expense for every 1% improvement from with point making it prohibitive without increasing taxes.

She believed they were the ' perfect couple ' to raise a child and was paid 4,500 in expenses for her part of the deal.

None of the disadvantages of ETFs justifies the tens of thousands of dollars you're giving up in expenses if you invest in unit trusts.

In 9% of cases expense on is used

Reading material for the tour bus just goes on expenses.

They also spend less of their employer's money on expense accounts.

During such times people get scared and start cutting back on expenses.

TGF UKIP UKIP MEP's have been no angels on expenses and it is a fairly turbulent party.

The fact I was on business trip for nearly two years there (and hence on expense account) did not help me at all.

On the other hand, when you buy a policy which has so short term restrictions or limits on expenses, you take a call that you would take care of such deductions from your own pocket.

In 9% of cases expense with is used

There was plenty of it and it really helped him with expenses.

I was doubtful because it is December and probably I will be bombarded with expenses on that month.

Big entertainment budgets, free trips with expenses thrown in and closing an eye towards an occasional direct or indirect bribe.

If you have any questions or wanted to share your experiences and tips with expenses, please leave a comment below -- I love hearing from you.

JMOP, having kids hoping one will be there for you is a more valid reason than having them just to ruin your figure, suck you dry with expense, cars, food, fancy clothes and trips.

She also holds grudges with some people (and people to her since she's strict with expense reports before she hands them over to me for approval, etc) and gets easily pulled into gossip.

This enables me personally in order to catch the actual substance associated with expense blood pressure measurements as well as discussions the person with average skills doesn't comprehend.

In 5% of cases expense to is used

If its a couple hundred dollars and you don't have much income relative to expenses at the moment, and no cash reserves, they'll take a negotiated amount.

In 3% of cases expense after is used

Profits are also reported after expenses such as depreciation.

Many new businesses don't make a profit after expenses, so don't be frightened of showing a loss which you can carry forward to the next trading year.

In 3% of cases expense plus is used

But from the moment he told a client, ' I get 200 dollars-a-day, plus expenses, ' you were hooked.

Work between 4 &; 6 hours per week with renumeration of $25 per hour plus expenses and bonus scheme.

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