Prepositions used with "expansion"

"of expansion" or "for expansion"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 42% of cases expansion of is used
    It signals a new era of expansion.
    Since 2000 The period of expansion.
    They talked about the past and the time of expansion.
    I visited Korea three times in the past two years and the signs of expansion and progress are everywhere.
    The alliances that had formed during the time of expansion fell apart, and the positions of leaders hardened.
    The time of expansion passed and the time of contraction began, and the Great Divide began to define the city.
    It was never really envisaged with the level of expansion, corruption and inequality we have forced it into today.
    These stocks have all already shown exceptional performance during tough periods and have a lot of expansion potential.
    We've supposedly had a cycle friendly local board for 2 years now and I am yet to see any sort of expansion of on-road lanes.
    He said availability of inadequate trade-related data was one of the hurdles in the way of expansion of trade between two countries.

    In 30% of cases expansion for is used
    Here, many visitors get golden opportunities for expansion of their knowledge.
    The largest flaw is that the Fire only offers 8GB of storage with no room for expansion.
    It also features 16GB of internal memory and the popular microSD card slot for expansion.
    It is the smallest of all Disneyland Hong Kong Lands but there seems to be a lot of room for expansion.
    But the Port is hardly standing still in terms of capacity, as there are many plans underway for expansion in the future.
    If an investor sees a decreasing trend, he needs to check whether the company is conserving cash for expansion or reinvestment.
    There must be the power of will for expansion and the fear has to be vanished by getting will to do is self imposed rigor of duty.
    Europe was mostly covered with glaciers until 13,000 BC, so as the climate warmed, virgin territory became available for expansion.
    So it's not a case of needing to raise spare money its a case of trying to see if there's scope for expansion sooner rather than later.
    On the other hand, global capitalism is historically limited by its ceaseless quest for expansion, social division, ecological problems and poverty.

    In 6% of cases expansion on is used
    In an interview on Wednesday, Greenstein said the Jindal administration hasn't changed their position on expansion.
    We need to use these difficult fiscal times, however, to reevaluate our continued expenditures on expansions of urban freeways.
    Despite clear warnings from top energy economists, the American coal industry gambled big money on expansion plans even as they were plunging headlong into the low-carbon future.
    Industrial policy reforms have substantially reduced industrial licensing requirements, removed restrictions on expansion, and facilitated easy access to foreign technology and FDI.

    In 5% of cases expansion with is used
    Today there are 4 distilleries -- with expansions underway at 2 of those -- and 3 new plants in development.
    The Mac was redesigned as a conventional three-piece system with expansion slots, and Macintosh II was launched in 1987.
    Even with those tax increases we had more deficits along with expansion of social programs, an economic stimulus package, then more military spending on the first Gulf War.

    In 3% of cases expansion after is used
    There was a significant decrease in the number of overstaying patients after expansion of special care units P value < 0.

    In 3% of cases expansion by is used
    Obviously when mass is converted into energy, it is characterized by expansion.
    In most cases, rising cycling levels are also accompanied by expansion in cycling infrastructure, so that it is not entirely clear what causes increased safety with higher cycling rates.

    In 3% of cases expansion in is used
    Their rapid elasticity helps in expansion and downsizing of resources as per demand.
    This is what can be used to pay workers, make interest payments, invest in expansion, and give back to owners as profits.
    Over the last 10 years, these companies have invested hundreds of millions of hard currency in expansion, plant upgrade and hotel acquisitions and refurbishing.

    In 2% of cases expansion as is used
    At the moment the software contains 223 Gardiner signs but will eventually be expanded to include the complete list which you will be able to download as expansion packs.

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