Prepositions used with "existence"

"of existence", "in existence" or "into existence"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases existence of is used

There is nothing like permanence of existence.

We the living have won the lottery of existence.

Life is the course of existence of an individual.

The Dreamtime is the beginning of knowledge, from which came the laws of existence.

A spectrum of existence we can no more fathom than an ameba contemplating the same.

It may be scientific to say there is no scientific explanation of existence itself.

What has instead made headlines is the fact that she is the first woman to head the AU in its ten years of existence.

The goal of satipatthana is detachment which will lead to the cessation of the conditions for the cycle of existence.

You could be fighting vampire thieves on the docks of Amn one moment, and demons on another plane of existence the next.

In 32% of cases existence in is used

The list is still in existence.

His father's HUF is in existence.

There is in existence with us another group.

Loughcrew in County Meath is one of the largest megalithic cemeteries in existence.

Other devices then in existence could do the same work, but transistors are superior.

It has been in existence since 1972 and currently has 113 members throughout Malaysia.

The magnificent free-standing statue carved out of a single rock is the tallest Buddha statue in existence today.

This honour - according to legend - belongs to the White Horse Inn, still in existence as the Rutland Arms Hotel.

The camp is set on the Grumeti river with Hippo in abundance and some of the largest Nile Crocodiles in existence.

Video catalogs are filled with TV shows transferred to DVD -- shows that were in existence as far back as the 1960's.

In 23% of cases existence into is used

Money is loaned into existence.

If you can will it into existence, there it is.

New species come into existence very, very frequently.

Taylor in this description of how the Test came into existence and what effect it had.

Questioning how it even came into existence in the first place with such unpopularity.

As a result, the one of the first orthopedic heels available were brought into existence.

Effect of certificate 9 A corporation comes into existence on the date shown in the certificate of incorporation.

If the object exists in the external world, then there must have been a cause which has brought it into existence.

Even though the United States came into existence in resistance to British imperial rule, no animosity exists today.

The unrest in Burma, officially known as Myanmar, has been going on well before the ethnic strife came into existence.

In 4% of cases existence for is used

Both are miraculous both still allow for existence in motion.

The attempt was indeed of the nature of a struggle for existence.

The will to exist plays as much a role as the demand for existence.

A state, Herzl stressed, is created by a nation's struggle for existence.

But so what? Marriage has a strict definition and reason for existence otherwise it is meaningless.

Lawrence (Edwin) There must ultimately be discreteness for existence to occur, and indeed then change.

Check all ' favorites ' automatically - or one at a time - for existence, and marks not existing links as such.

Basic Conditions for existence of Life on a planet The following basic conditions are required for the life to exist on a planet.

We name the animals, after all, they don't name us, but it still turns out that we have all emerged from the same struggle for existence.

In 3% of cases existence to is used

I am drawn out of I in to existence.

The moment a thought arises the universe comes to existence.

Print newspapers cling to existence in country after country.

To them, it is the fundamental principle of God and the key, the minor key to existence.

It is impossible to conceive of a thing as coming into existence without a cause and by itself.

It is not the limited miracle of getting things into motion or even getting things into existence.

If the object exists in the external world, then there must have been a cause which has brought it into existence.

The Mmog is ready introducing its gamers to some world where every legend and myth from folklores around the globe is introduced to existence.

For, on the basis of the principle of causality nothing can come into existence without a cause, and that for every phenomenon or event there has to be a cause.

The fact that we can not move directly from essence (theory) to existence (reality) without sufficient evidence indicates the contingency of the physical universe.

In 1% of cases existence from is used

But the past 10 years also saw some animals wiped from existence.

In 2011/12, nine societies were established that were either brand new or dormant from existence in previous years.

In 1% of cases existence like is used

Naturalistic teleology, just like existence itself.

A womb like existence where you can hide away from everything, even yourself.

In 1% of cases existence with is used

Our thinking also shares with those academic Greeks a fascination with existence more than with meaning.

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