Prepositions used with "exhibition"

"of exhibition" or "for exhibition"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 39% of cases exhibition of is used
    Each team will have a handful of exhibition games.
    It encompassed a single floor of exhibition gallery space.
    Journal I began taking photographs of exhibitions in 1992.
    A quite number of exhibitions and cultural shows have been staged.
    Up next for the Thunderbirds is a pair of exhibition games against Ontario teams.
    Also, there's no dearth of exhibitions for various arts that are around in various suburbs.
    It's a lovely building with concert halls etc and until lately, anyway, an excellent program of exhibitions.
    He moved to Victoria in 2006 to accept the position of Director of exhibitions &; Visitor Experience at the RBCM.
    Made in America is the fourth in a series of exhibitions and catalogues presenting the Gallery's outstanding collection of international photographs.
    The show covers 46,000 square meters of exhibition space and once again over 700+ new board and card games are being released; games that span every age range, theme and style.

    In 16% of cases exhibition for is used
    But still nothing for exhibition games.
    Still being sought: an associate director for exhibitions.
    It led the way for exhibitions to be held at different venues throughout Taiwan in the future.
    Museums and galleries have long maintained close links with private collectors and drawn on their collections for exhibition purposes.
    You can see how the work develops from the initial idea to artistic explorations through to the finished works that are made for exhibition.
    CL -- The photos in the FT piece on Ireland are striking -- watch out for exhibitions of similar images by trendy photographers all over the place soon.
    The ICC want the ' World XI ' name to be changed and has further reasoned this by stating that the body does not permit the names of World or World XI for exhibition matches.
    Duke said the event was a forum for exhibition of the best of Nigerian cuisines from different states while the bush bar would showcase and promote the sale of traditional drinks.

    In 10% of cases exhibition in is used
    For instance, In exhibition Road in Kensington, which will be a focal point for many of the Olympic activities, O2 deployed 9 metrocells.
    At this point it seems like a lost cause, sad that after only 3 games and limited auditions in exhibition games Self has seemingly locked into his rotation.
    Until quite recently there has been very little interest in artist made books or folios in this state, the commercial galleries seemed reluctant to include them in exhibitions.

    In 8% of cases exhibition at is used
    Honestly, none of these designers sell as much as they claim at exhibitions.
    Second, the 509 doesn't run very often and you could make a rotten connection at exhibition Loop.
    Crossovers will be provided so that cars on different routes can bypass each other, an arrangement similar to that now used at exhibition Loop.

    In 8% of cases exhibition on is used
    I usually put on exhibitions and promote other sculptor? s work.
    Humility is so sensitive that it can not be brought out on exhibition.
    Using a presentation on board on exhibition display is an added advantage.

    In 5% of cases exhibition through is used
    Through exhibitions and participation, you'll understand how archaeologists use their finds to recreate the past.

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