Prepositions used with "excuse"

"of excuse" or "for excuse"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 56% of cases excuse of is used
    There would be no making of excuses for him.
    We must stop making all sorts of excuses for criminals.
    The power companies will find heaps of excuses to increase prices.
    I had alot of excuses in my head but decided that if it was your decision, I would respect it.
    No one can explain or give reasons why this will never happen, but what you will hear is a lot of excuses.
    Fed up with this sneaking in of excuses for the media and BBC - ' Was it because of libel laws? ' - no, it wasn't.
    Earlier he had all sorts of excuses that he wasant playing, etc etc now what? every good team has a striker 10 times better.
    There were no excuses, except plenty of excuses, and again he appeared to blame the Irish players for, well, being the Irish players.
    I got back a very long winded letter with tons of excuses, all of which I could have read in the newpapers, all of which were simply that: excuses.
    If any of you wish to come to Mass on Sunday morning, you can - you can - although, I know, there are hundreds of excuses if you don't want to come.

    In 18% of cases excuse for is used
    But now is not the time for excuses.
    Please STOP looking for excuses for them.
    Look for excuses to praise others, to praise God for the good things, whether big or small.

    In 3% of cases excuse with is used
    For me, I can only hope that one day I'll get to the point where I do anything without first categorising all available exits and coming up with excuses if a panic attack does happen.

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