Prepositions used with "excitement"

"of excitement" or "with excitement"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases excitement of is used

An air of excitement pervades both homes.

No raised squeals or shouts of excitement.

Like times of war, RIFs can be a time of excitement.

All in all, Barcelona is a city full of excitement, beauty, energy, and good vibes.

There was a lot of excitement and expectations about who would Kejriwal expose next.

And I think that creates simultaneously a lot of excitement about new possibilities.

These hindrances notwithstanding, the sense of excitement and anticipation surrounding the elections is palpable.

For this situation is a temporary failure; it is removed after a while with the breaking of excitement and handicaps.

First-Time Buyer Advice Being a first-time home buyer is a fantastic experience full of excitement and feelings of a.

A feeling of excitement and fun should be conveyed, however concurrently, honesty, respectability and also believe in.

In 29% of cases excitement with is used

The hall buzzed with excitement.

Then his eyes blazed with excitement.

I was sick with excitement and terror.

Was Hi De Hi based on this place? Because if it is, I am beside myself with excitement.

Come up with something that will supercharge everyone with excitement about the future.

In the late morning after picking up the show tickets, we proceed to the show venue with excitement.

Dalia Ziada is bursting with excitement when she talks about the activists who will be training at the Center.

Entries in the archaeologist's diaries show that he was beside himself with excitement when he unearthed his find.

I remember hearing them wrap gifts as I lay their, wide awake with excitement and anticipation of the next morning.

Songs: Soul Asylum, She Sells Sanctuary, Love Removal Machine I'd rigid with excitement at the thoughts of this gig.

In 7% of cases excitement in is used

I ran over to stand in front of Rades in excitement.

If someone told me it there's beer in the party, I will run around in circles in excitement.

It was on her third attempt that the 80,000 strong crowd roared in excitement as the former world champion stretched out to 6.

I used to love playing the old Duke Nukem games and have recently been battling away on Duke Nukem 3D in excitement for this game.

How much did that cost again? The Vancouver logo, although a somewhat interesting approach, seems to lack in excitement and execution.

I can't call this a bad chocolate, but neither does it have anything which leaps out and shouts at me in excitement: it is just a plain bar of milk chocolate.

In 1% of cases excitement from is used

If someone told me not only it's not just beer, but craft beer, I'd gon na throw up from excitement.

Soon the octopus hangs over the glass, extending its arms to say hello, while children scream from excitement, and from their suppressed fears.

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