Prepositions used with "example"

"of example" or "by example"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases example of is used

The good news is that there are plenty of examples.

Plenty of examples - look at the break-up of the USSR or Yugoslavia.

Think in terms of examples that will exploit your top selling points.

It is a short summary of examples of a lot more people and the sickness religion causes.

By way of example, because individuals, all of us have been tutored diverse languages; i.

These tables shows that Patentees, preferred compound of Example 80 has IC 50 value of 0.

By way of example, regular schooling students are offered a fat of 1, students who're leaning to speak English a 1.

By way of example, a Marking Heuer imitation check out is based on progressive high efficiency technological innovation.

There are thousands of examples of children of divorced parents not seeing one of their parents due to family breakdown.

In 26% of cases example by is used

Not least of all, by example, they showed.

And of course we'd have to lead by example.

What Kim should have done was lead by example.

Vu works is made very easy by examples in every sections that you decide to fill in.

He truly leads by example, on- and off-duty, and that is why Petty Officer Tremaine L.

Lead by example, of course, and encourage employees regularly to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Leading by example were Co-Captains Jean Ng and Lin Qingyi who will once again be a crucial part of the team's defence.

But the Pakasians need to lead by example, creating a socialist republic in Pak where even a lowly Kasab can be a king.

I came across a powerful leadership story that I would like to share which highlights what is leading by example all about.

In 15% of cases example for is used

I've ridden in Germany, for example.

See for examples we will add references.

For examples of email lists and forums, see our lists.

As for example, it's like H: />CD BOOT to execute CD BOOT command in command prompt.

As well as natural motion there is unnatural motion, as for example when a stone is thrown upwards.

For examples of how to do this, see press reports about the behavior of the residents of the Turkish,.

Premiss like for example yours; helmets have reduced death and injury in Australia since helmets were made compulsory.

The assessment of more than 30 years of legislation and land policy in Mali, for example, elucidates other basic inadequacies.

For examples of observations and recommendations by independent UN human rights treaty bodies on these issues, see Appendix B.

The JS I have for examples in the post only affect one thing each, but there's no reason they can't affect more than one thing.

In 11% of cases example with is used

Under such conditions and with examples, such as U.

History is bursting with examples, from aviation to banking.

An accompanying CD is packed with examples to help along the way.

The animal kingdom (and we are animals) is replete with examples of this behaviour.

This makes for beautiful docs with examples inline to show users exactly what their getting.

I shall not reciprocate with examples of Dr Swaris ' conduct which I would not choose to emulate or uphold.

I could go on all day (weeks) with examples, but it's easier to show a few inventions that don't have bad side effects.

Highlights include an explanation of science as a way of thinking critically, with examples of how facts are discovered.

History is awash with examples where well armed regular armies have expereienced long periods of resistance from seemingly weaker outfits.

But Rosin's book teems with examples of the decline of modern man and the rise of woman in terms of money, education, employment and power.

In 4% of cases example In is used

Listen again to the music in Example 2.

It's easier to see in examples than in definitions.

Time to heat pea soup in a jacketed pan In the heating of the pan in Example 6.

Funny how they seek comfort in examples of failure rather than try to copy examples of success.

Part 4 contains a protocol describing each of 16 experiments, the data from which are used in examples.

In example, I installed and launched the Chrome browser from the Metro side of things, opened a few tabs.

In Example's latest video there's a horrifying clown in a sewer, a speed addict with a chainsaw, a World War One soldier and a gangrenous demon.

There are rumours that they might do, but the Surface tablet they're producing, in example, is ' purely a reference device ' according to Microsoft.

The response is a DeviceList which is list of DeviceInfo Elements controlled by the Controller that receives the query, as demonstrated in Example 5-12.

In 2% of cases example as is used

Note: These reactions are sometimes described as examples of photocatalysis - reactions catalysed by light.

There are lots of best and top shoes makes on offer at online shops including as example, Nike, Barbie items, plus more.

Of this problem in geographic nomenclature, a hazard both to military planner and to historian, the following may serve as example.

Children must be taught by words, as well as example that human brain is only an instrument and while very important, it is part of a greater system of discovery and learning.

In 2% of cases example from is used

This only gradually weakens the society and from examples we have seen in history, totally destroys nations.

In 2% of cases example to is used

Probably the most important about it is to be able to send direct links to examples.

The topics range from the business side of script sales to examples of great dialogue and scene construction.

What we can do however, is look to what has worked, and look to examples where there have been positive outcomes.

Example The following data sequence is equivalent to Example 2 above, and may be used in performing a local ECP geometry optimisation calculation on SiO using the CEP potentials of 12.

In 1% of cases example after is used

We see examples after examples of how the middle class is squeezed, rather bizarrely, in the middle.

In 1% of cases example through is used

Let me explain through example and with a helpful recipe.

This need for transparency is best illustrated through examples.

So I can ask questions, work through examples, and learn from mistakes.

I was observing a shift toward holistic well-being through example and inspiration.

Considering both the content of what is taught and what is inspired through example and action.

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