Prepositions used with "exam"

"of exam" or "for exam"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases exam of is used

For others it's the dreaded time of exams.

So all of the candidate of Exam weating to few days to get result.

They produce mountains of exam scripts, all of which have to be marked.

Anyway, the second week of exams passed by rather quickly -- with me taking on a new sleeping habit.

Have you increased the number of exam centres from last year? No, but we have rationalised the number.

This weekend I got to celebrate the end of exams, my birthday, and the end of our long distance days.

Even IIT-JEE conducts pen and paper exam as an optional mode of exam for those who find it inconvenient to appear for online tests.

Your teachers will give you plenty of notice on important tests so you have enough time to study for the type of exam you'll be taking.

Before each set of exams the jury members spent long, intense days in a jury room (our hotel's conference venue ), finalising the actual papers.

Ms Noor said the region has been trying hard to lift itself out of ignorance and the cancellation of exams had put a dent on the march to literacy.

In 19% of cases exam for is used

Preparation for exam is a long process.

This wasn't simply a matter of cramming for exams.

It is not a task of day or two so don't wait for exam.

You gain less by studying for exams at the last minute.

You gain less by studying for exams at the last minute.

The YU-card can be used as photo ID on campus for exams.

So many students are preparing for exams before this suspension.

And as we now know, for exam boards, meeting these needs is profitable.

ExamTime is an online study environment that helps you revise and prepare for exams.

They are in class; they're preparing for exams, and I'd not getting them out of class.

In 11% of cases exam in is used

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Then, we start wondering where all those zeros in exams came from.

He realizes in exam that he has wasted a lot time but then it is no use.

Some students do better in class than in exams, so this gives students a chance to.

Poor marks in exam, a fight with a good friend, no increment in pocket money, all the more reasons to hate life, I thought.

In exam after realizing that he has wasted time, he decides that in the next session he will start from the first day and will not waste time again.

Other solutions include differentiating the curriculum, accounting for age in exams, and greater flexibility to keep the youngest children back a year.

Last year, when former Education minister Sam Ongeri released KCPE exam results, he shocked people with revelations of the many witty ways used in exam cheating.

In 10% of cases exam to is used

These are following problems with eBooks when it comes to exam preparation with them.

In the lead up to exams, try and get your hands on some exam papers for previous years.

Particularly important when it comes to exam periods and work stress, sleep will help you achieve.

Two aspects of the British system that I really liked were the large numbers of international students and the focus on coursework as opposed to exams.

Photo: PA Ministers will relinquish control of syllabuses and hand them to exam boards and academic panels made up of senior dons from Russell Group universities.

Recently Masonic Orders or obedience's in some countries have felt the need to exam regulations imposed upon them, (or about to be imposed by their Supreme Council).

Write few points in book itself so that I can grasp whole chapter in few words, mark most important formulas, so that i can refer them during revision and just before going to exam.

In 10% of cases exam with is used

A certain candidate was found with exam answers scribbled on a sandal.

I exercised a few times a week while studying because it really helped clear my mind and the tension/stress that comes along with exam day approaching.

I would love to be stuck in Jamaica but in the UK we have school, college and uni kids that should either be back, or going back next week, most with exams coming up.

In 5% of cases exam on is used

Surprising as it may be, most professors would like their students to succeed on exams.

In the larger scheme of things, grades on exams are just steps on your way to your future.

George this appears to say that getting rid of grammer schools (de-tracking) has a very positive effect on exam results.

Others work in the public system so will be teaching school or university students which often focuses on exam preparation.

In 4% of cases exam at is used

Practice a lot, at exam keep focused.

At exam time, when time is really short, and I'd starving, I can whip up a filling omelette in minutes.

With a little time management during the school year, you not only minimize stress at exam time, but maximize productivity and results.

The letters provide a great example of the dangers of making assumptions and jumping to conclusions, and also how to reply to a false accusation with humour and style.

In 3% of cases exam about is used

Having failed several times myself, this is what I have to say about exams and results.

In 3% of cases exam by is used

Student assessment is carried by exams, course work, oral presentation and continual assessment.

Figures published by exam boards showed that the proportion of test papers graded an A dropped by 0.

Courses will be taught by university professors and civil-society activists, they will run for six weeks each, and will each be followed by exams.

In 3% of cases exam during is used

The Knec Act now criminalises possession of copies of exam papers by unauthorised persons before or during exams.

Really it's no laughing matter and it's very unfortunate that those who study and live out of home can't even afford to eat properly during exam time.

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