Prepositions used with "evaluation"

"of evaluation" or "for evaluation"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases evaluation of is used

I was exposing a terrible method of evaluation.

Precise aromas are not so important in the scheme of evaluation.

The modest impact of evaluations on the management is paradoxical.

Should you be looking at getting a property make certain you do plenty of evaluations.

There are two types of evaluation of significant importance to the NCPC: process and impact.

The later the time point of evaluation, the higher the proportion of patients who were categorized as cured.

Much of Carroll's book is dedicated to defining the process of criticism, and defending the primacy of evaluation therein.

Thanks for the suggestions My next post will discuss the dangers of evaluation that fails to ground itself in local realities.

As a result, she said, many chemicals previously considered safe under the GLP model of evaluation may not, in fact, be safe at all.

The talk around the streets is that it will take 12 months because the period of evaluation and assessment will go on for quite some time.

In 17% of cases evaluation for is used

For evaluation of significant (p<.

Answer of more than one question from any Group shall not be considered for evaluation.

The RBANS was designed for evaluation of disease progression and intervention efficacy 31.

Please note the mp3's are for evaluation purposes only and are only available for a limited period.

Perform a fast BBB (Far better Enterprise Bureau) verify of the website, at the same time examine for evaluations.

Case Report A 33-year old man presented to the Emergency Room of the Kingston Public Hospital for evaluation of a nontraumatic left scrotal swelling.

The regional accrediting bodies also have guidelines and standards for evaluation for distance education programs (Howell, Baker, Zuehl, &; Johansen, 2007).

Please see the article I linked to in a more recent post, which addresses the point of lazy reliance on impact factors for evaluation of scientists and comes up with more robust proposals.

In 12% of cases evaluation on is used

Evaluation There are many open questions on evaluation.

When you start taking a look at Ed Code, including all the articles on evaluation, you'll find out that there are references to other sections that don't even exist.

Collaborate with teachers on evaluations EDSOURCE: One of the issues at the end of the Legislature was teacher evaluations, and the whole thing fell apart in the last few days.

Collaborate with teachers on evaluations EDSOURCE: One of the issues at the end of the Legislature was teacher evaluations, and the whole thing fell apart in the last few days.

Paragraph 46 on Evaluation Techniques lists various techniques that use the ' discounted cash flow ' method but omitted the ' discounted payback method ' that is described in paragraph 45(e).

Seek advice about the Foreign Travel and EC Directive on Package Travel) Insurance requirements Safety and discipline codes A statement or separate policy on evaluation procedures and follow-up work.

In 7% of cases evaluation in is used

Fisher raised some critical questions about how we define evaluative culture in evaluation.

What we do must be subject to the proof provided by research either at the outset or in evaluation - or at best both.

The balanced scorecard can be used in evaluation, because it has been used in the planning, description and implementation of the strategy.

Two things come to mind; a) reflections on how we define evaluation theory, and practice within the context of culture; b) the role of values and valuing in evaluation.

Having thought a bit more about both of Tererai's posts and our comments, I think one of the big silences in evaluation is discussion of the cultural and political nature of commissioned evaluations.

In 4% of cases evaluation during is used

In the present education system right from schooling till doctorate, students are adopting methodology how to avoid being caught on plagiarism grounds during evaluation of online assignments.

In 4% of cases evaluation to is used

They also recommended that student grades and retention rates be examined as well as results of online learning outcomes, which have proven to be essential to evaluation.

Soon after that post, I was offered a free subscription by JNW to evaluation further their novel system of breaking news and delivering information through SMS in Sri Lanka.

In 4% of cases evaluation with is used

But still winding up with evaluations, reports, paying of artists and suppliers, etc.

My point is that we need to get much more strategic on pathways to use if we want to influence policy with evaluation.

With evaluations in multiple sites and further development of the knowledge of its core components, a promising program could become a model program.

In 3% of cases evaluation about is used

He is still enthusiastic about evaluation, and talked about the strategies they have put in place to prevent or reduce the common problems of evaluation such as goal displacement and data corruption.

In 3% of cases evaluation as is used

It is a resource that gives step-by-step lesson plans, videos, pre and post-tests as well as evaluations, through the website.

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