Prepositions used with "euro"

"of euro" or "in euro"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases euro of is used

The hundreds of euro you spend could easily save you thousands of euro.

These can add up to thousands of euro - all of which are constant costs.

In 1999, the first year of euro being used as a currency, the exports were at 469billion.

Any assets, pension fund etc will immediately be taken out of euros and put into sterling.

Also consider the tax loopholes which are starving billions of Euros from the Irish state e.

Millions or billions of euros will be spent in order to establish this new language lesson in our schools.

In other carriers these plans offer various prices from few Euros to hundred of Euros for a particular product.

We are going to be watching huge amounts of euro coin walking back out the door, and we have to minimize this where possible.

A look at how the Euro was born C onsumer kits of euro coins are seen during a funds transfer operation in Marseille, December 6, 2001.

It has cost billions upon billions of Euros to construct -- but also save billions of dollars in damages from storms and countless lives.

In 27% of cases euro in is used

He kept comparing the price of this in euros to the price of that in dollars.

I live in La Ceiba, every winter, and have never been asked about dealing in Euros.

Looking over the books for H1, I see that in euro terms my share portfolio was down 1.

And the European peripheral countries (PIIGS) racked up enormous amount of debt in euros.

Charges for cross-border transfers in euro are the same as those for payments made within a single EU country.

Now the way to play that as an investor is to have your money in foreign currencies, in Canadian dollars, in Euros, in Yen.

He goes so far as to suggest that countries using the single European currency pay in euros and no longer in dollars, but to no avail.

The drop in export earnings has been due mainly to the global economic meltdown, particularly the economic downswing in euro zone, exporters said.

Withdrawing euro from a cash machine, making a card payment or a bank transfer in euro (up to 50,000) costs the same anywhere in the EU as it does in Ireland.

Can I load my Skype credit Easyload in Euro Dollars or in any other currency? Yes, you can get Skype credit in euro or any other currency equalant to US Dollars.

In 3% of cases euro by is used

The mentality of people and their envy of the successful and admirable Spanish method is shown by Euros comment: 10.

Draghi justified the plan on the grounds that it would help the central bank's monetary policy complement economic restructuring by euro zone governments and restore economic growth.

In 3% of cases euro to is used

After a few days people will basically switch to euro for almost everything in any case because it's simpler for them.

It will be a dual-currency till tray and it will be used simply to change pounds to Euros AFTER the customer has handed over the cash to pay for the drink.

In 3% of cases euro With is used

With euro as a common currency, it helped Germany expand its exports to its European neighbours big time.

In 2% of cases euro after is used

Still, Barroso argues the case for surveillance is all the stronger after euro countries agreed to provide a 440 billion guarantee to the new bailout fund and promised to lend 80 billion to Greece.

In 2% of cases euro at is used

I would give him one more year for us to see if class is permanent, because as it looks so far at Euros Torres ' price isn't going to get any higher.

In 2% of cases euro on is used

And now they stand at more than a trillion euros.

This project represents an investment of 122 million euros.

Stuck as I am on a small distant island, I would really like to understand Irish views on euro exit.

The cost of the first phase of the operation was 51 million euros, financed by the state (8 million ), the Region Pays de la Loire (16.

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