Prepositions used with "estate"

"of estate" or "in estate"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases estate of is used

Liability of estate of deceased partner 35.

He have a lot of estates, his main residence is in Bodensee, Germany though.

The research involves a national survey of estate agents managers/employers and employees.

The research is drawn from a wider study involving a national online survey of estate agents managers, employers and employees.

A lot of estates are used by tradesmen too since they are huge, handle well, look tidy and, with a diesel engine, last for years.

We reported how Weston, former owner of estate agent Premier Places, admitted four counts of fraud between April 2007 and February 2009.

Leaseholding is a growing home ownership style in Poplar and Limehouse, which is coupled with the introduction of estate management companies.

However, there is no requirement for members of estate management companies to demonstrate such expertise or such qualifications to anybody's satisfaction.

Our records show that the Williams in 1829, were still in possession of estates in Westmoreland and the decline in the price of sugar had no disastrous effect.

To show more of the service site techniques of estate planning attorney, following information below has found to be effective in online marketing of the company.

In 18% of cases estate in is used

Then, in 1999, a judge in Estate of Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the suburbs foxes do best in estates with large gardens.

The common LCC established in estates include Mucunabracteata, Pueraria phaseoloides and Calopogonium cearuleum.

You can also sell an item back in order to gain coins, but there is a lost in estate points from the item that you are selling.

MJ587N2FXBM6 Practice Areas Accomplishing a certain estate plan is manageable thru the supportive legal consultants or attorneys.

The integrity of a certain estate planning attorney's job is mainly seen with the long years of experience, thereby getting more loyal clients in the business.

In 14% of cases estate on is used

Cameron asks Brown to confirm he is planning a levy on estates.

Disputes between beneficiaries on estate matters can be emotionally-charged.

Again, I invited them to come for a more intensive course on estate planning after this introductory talk.

They have now started a campaign of pressure on estates ' owners in order to make sure I have no home to rent.

Government policy was to crack down on what ministers said was an epidemic of anti-social behaviour on estates by members of the undeserving poor.

In 7% of cases estate for is used

Prepares various types of estimates for estates management projects.

In an Almanac for the year 1828, we find several Williams? s as proprietors for estates in Westmoreland.

In 6% of cases estate to is used

Not more than one suit to be broughtClaim for loss to estate may be added 2.

If the intention was to provide cover for the directors ' families, a Death in Service scheme would be neater - company pays premium, claims is paid to trustees, trustees distribute to estate.

In 6% of cases estate with is used

For his loyalty and derring-do he was rewarded with estates in Westmorland; Brougham, Appleby, Brough and Pendragon.

In 3% of cases estate as is used

Term insurance is not as well-suited for permanent needs, such as estate settlement proceeds.

Form alliances with local businesses such as Estate Agents and Security Firms as they will often be contacted with a need for a locksmith.

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