Prepositions used with "error"

"of error", "in error" or "for error"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases error of is used

The margin of error for the study was +/- 3.

The results also have a wide margin of error.

What a disaster, comedy of errors by the agent.

We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error.

He indicated his margin of error, which was very small, but I have forgotten the figure.

Then I started getting lots of error messages and could only run the computer in safe mode.

Without having undergone rigorous de-bugging, projects may be delivered with high levels of errors (as high as 45%).

However, in average the percentage of errors is about 3,5% and this is a rate not acceptable for European Parliament.

In Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Indiana, Colorado and Virginia, Obama led by less than the margin of error in polls.

In 15% of cases error in is used

Some contend the dating is in error and is closer to 4,000 B.

If you have received it in error, please delete it from your system.

Since such judgments are sometimes in error, a procedure has been developed to test the judgment.

It appears that the Thessalonians also believed, in error, that the rapture could occur at any moment.

For the mqGetBag call, the field in error resides in the message descriptor of the message about to be retrieved.

I have presented multiple lines of data, evidence and peer reveiwed literature that clearly establishes he is in error.

If you have received the message in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the message from your system.

That way, many may believe in error that it belongs to the University of Lagos, and may register thinking it's important.

This reason can also occur on the MQXCNVC call; the coded character-set identifier in error is the SourceCCSID parameter.

In 12% of cases error for is used

We have a razor thin margin for error.

The margin for error is infinitesimal.

Tip 3: Scan your hard drive for errors.

Singapore has very little room for errors.

For errors of quality and security Wldwei.

He then asked me to search in my pc for error reports.

Also beware of the high tides as they can leave no room for error.

Uniform processing is followed by potential for errors and irregularities.

The high speed demands with no room for error makes this such an exciting circuit.

Check and double check for errors in formatting, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

In 8% of cases error to is used

Love is not blind to error or sin.

Many newspapers hate owning up to errors.

This was attributed to errors in sugar production data in January.

Beneficiaries who could not withdraw from their ATMs could be due to errors in their data.

I've done this in the past on my own account several times due to errors when updating WhatsApp.

Additionally, the other input fields of forecast meteorological conditions are subject to errors.

Cons of Option (b) (4 ): Collection: --Visual identification of Cape Verdeans prone to error because of various skin colors.

The 31-year-old has become more prone to error in his own half of the field and less consistently dangerous moving forwards.

This could be for many reasons -- a lack of talent, a proneness to errors, off-pitch behaviour or simply the prospect they could lose their heads at any moment.

In 7% of cases error with is used

I'd proud as it was my first, with errors.

Watts would naturally have chosen the graph with error bars.

He talked me to a file on my computer where I could see events and sources etc with errors.

Just as you can love a filthy, smelly, flea-ridden mongrel, you can love a book with errors.

Explanation: The attempt to load the &4; library or procedure ' &3'; failed with error code &1.

He points out that for all my hifalutin ' grammar snobbishness, this page is riddled with errors.

To get around this limitation, the attack compares thousands of fragments to identify those with errors.

I can not tell you how many times I have gone through to compile someone's work and found it covered with errors.

Free-running has been vastly improved, and now feels much more responsive, with errors seeing a reduction as well.

What kind of reviews would a book that's *actually* filled with errors because it never met an editor get? I shudder to think.

In 5% of cases error from is used

The Ummah as a whole, collectively is saved from error i.

Today, they are mostly obsolete since they are not very accurate as they suffer from errors.

We need discretion to judge truth from error and to judge between what is good and what is best.

And there is no person, after the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) who is infallible from errors.

And there is no person, after the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) who is infallible from errors.

On the other hand, it is recognised by all Muslim critics that the biographers never made much effort to sift truth from error.

In addition, no warranty is given as to the freedom of this website from errors, defects, viruses or other malicious programs or macros.

From this we can demonstrate that Imam Bukhari's Tarikh is in no way free from error, nor did it remain uncriticised from hadith scholars.

The name is derived from the root ' mund ' (to shave) as he that comprehends the teaching of the Upanishad is shaved or liberated from error and ignorance.

They know how to use their textbook to review, they have created effective study guides from their notes, and they have learned from errors on homework assignments.

In 4% of cases error without is used

But we do have the text of what they wrote without error.

If you want to show off, swallow a dictionary and, at least, try and write without errors.

A Device or Controller explicitly tests if the required inputs are actually present, valid and without errors.

In essence, the charism of infallibility is the magisterium's ability to know the truth of God and to teach without error.

The percentage is taken by dividing the number of Bills Processed without errors into the total number of Bills Processed.

Patricia, OM December 25, 2008 The bible is to be read literally, it is to be believed wholly, every word is correct and without error.

Peter on an issue of faith and morals and that this teaching is binding for the universal Church, irreformable (meaning it will not change) and infallible (meaning it is without error).

In 2% of cases error by is used

So without further ado here is my step-by-step, trial by error guide to making a home made wreath.

Do you leave the work too late? Is there commonly a final panic towards the end? Are the last few hectic hours often marred by errors? If so, use Personal Time Management.

The remediation amounts contained in the financial remediation framework are intended to reflect financial harm caused by errors in the foreclosure and loss mitigation process.

In 2% of cases error into is used

Those who go to the Qur'an through concordances, instead of their own familiarity with its Contents and contexts, are quite liable to fall into error in their interpretation.

In 2% of cases error on is used

What sort of physics did you do, Toby, that employed someone who doesn't place very much importance on error range or probable range.

Therefore, alas, many of the faithful expended much strength and also much goodwill on errors that crept in during the course of thousands of years.

Access to information has revealed and clarified the basis for government decisions, disclosed environmental and health dangers and shed light on error, mismanagement and illegal activities.

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