Prepositions used with "equality"

"of equality" or "for equality"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases equality of is used

This goes against the idea of equality.

The question of equality has me puzzled.

They were never meant to be generators of equality.

Espouse true Islam by cherishing the values of equality and absolute justice for all.

Under the law of equalities, our judgements attract judgement to us in equal measure.

Let us sit and wait until that happens; we might them judge them to be worthy of equality.

The entire association should function according to the principles of equality and harmony of internal distinctions.

That is the principal merit of the dictatorial regime: unity and order in the will under the appearance of equality.

Government ' sources ' quoted by The Sunday Times say this anomaly should be addressed in the interests of equality.

Following the theme of equality and anti-discrimination, then the rights of this group would have to be advanced together.

In 18% of cases equality for is used

This is actually a platform for equality.

How much longer must we wait for equality under the law?

During the 1960s, Walker began campaigning for equality.

But the demand for equality of opportunity still has however considerable resonance.

Perhaps they felt my presence or my appearance was lampooning their fight for equality.

The problem is that a generation of supposedly ' leftist ' leaders mistook equality of opportunity for equality.

The money would only roll in if the Tigers were seen as freedom fighters, fighting for equality for Sri Lankan Tamils.

Men were walking wallets just as females expect of men today even thought the Liars and Hypocrites scream for equality.

It is the story of the fight for equality of the sexes and it is as relevant today as it was when it was first published.

Comment: Article 3 provides for equality between men and women in the enjoyment of all the rights stated in the Covenant.

In 11% of cases equality to is used

Martin said there's more to equality than marriage.

We should shift from equality of outcomes to equality of opportunities.

It's core value is - Visibility can lead to awareness which can lead to equality.

Committed to Equality and Diversity The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body.

But I have always maintained that making it trendy was just a different way to equality.

Barriers to equality include the gender-specific view of whether certain household chores were ' men's ' or ' women's work '.

Marriage is one's choice of partner in life and in the case of gay marriage refers to equality regardless of sexual orientation.

The much inferior treatment of an accused when prosecuted under the Bill violates the fundamental right to equality, he points out.

The City of Chicago and the State of Illinois have a special place in our nation's history as leader in our nation's struggle to equality to all.

In 7% of cases equality in is used

I'd a feminist in that I believe in equality between men and women.

Some of them are perfectly reasonable people who simply believe in equality.

Do nt get me wrong I do believe in equality between Man and Woman but it was all about her her her.

As I've mentioned before, I define myself as a liberal feminist -- believing primarily in equality between the genders.

It may come as a shock to many men that women are not interested in equality, or even what has been touted for feminism, in and of itself.

There are morally questionable areas of the industry that do not easily sit with those interested in equality, body image and women's self worth.

It was a conscious political decision, as Turks and specially Mongols, nomad by life style, are more independent by nature and believe in equality and freedom.

One who believes in equality of the sexes, one who does not think that the wife is a doormat, one who truly believes that the wife has as much say at home as he.

Incidentally, Bromwich piece is even more sharper than you let on: it isn't just that there's a widespread uninterest in equality, it's that there's active opposition to the very idea.

In 6% of cases equality about is used

Forgetting about equality and the values America is based on.

The marriage issue isn't about equality, it's about living in alignment with the will of our God and creator.

That was the whole point nobody has a higher moral ground to judge the other about equality and human rights.

But you are right; it's not about equality and I don't imagine that anyone in favor of this would suggest that it is.

Do you think that pillars of democracy exists in SL? Democracy is about equality, freedom, justice and human rights for all.

Admiral Ackbar says: 02:27pm 09/07/12 Well Bee, judging by your comment I'd have to say that western feminism certainly can't be about equality.

Then again, my country has never declared itself to be tolerant or democratic -- there are no conversations about equality and no promises being made here.

Equality/Diversity We will increase the levels of knowledge in the Department about equality and diversity through training, information and communication.

In 6% of cases equality on is used

SL: Buddhist sermons are based on equality.

You will reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and discover the pleasure of human relations when they are based on equality and trust.

It involves the reorganization of society, politics and the economy with a new hierarchy of values based on equality, freedom and solidarity.

Marriage is a spiritual, moral and social union of two persons on equality of rights to each other and as partners in life through thick and thin.

None of these attacks on equalities and human rights were in the Liberal Democrat ' s2010 election manifesto, or part of the coalition agreement.

The European Parliament called for legislation in its resolutions of 6 July 2011 and 13 March 2012 on equality between women and men in business leadership in the European Union.

In 4% of cases equality with is used

This is an expression erroneously viewed as synonymous with equality.

Of course Islamic culture has little to do with equality in any practical sense.

President Zardari said he desires that every child in the country enjoy his rights with equality.

They work together to ensure that the rights of every Canadian are protected and that all people are treated with equality and respect.

He also said Sri Lanka told to engage Lankan Tamils on devolution of power and We are for a future with equality, dignity, justice and self respect for Tamils.

In 2% of cases equality from is used

We should shift from equality of outcomes to equality of opportunities.

The ethical arguments from equality are quite simply ignored here in ways that do this article no favours whatsoever.

And as the Word does not withdraw from equality with the Father in glory, so the flesh does not abandon the nature of our kind.

The Bishop of Gloucester is questioning the Church of England's right to exemption from equality laws, following the recent voting against women bishops.

In 2% of cases equality towards is used

It finds that we are in the middle of a 70-80 year trend towards equality in housework and caring.

The Supreme Court can see that America is continuing its historic march towards equality and justice for all.

What you may not understand is as a society we have worked long &; hard to remove this type of behaviour and more towards equality.

Surely a better way towards equality and fuller employment would have been to encourage employers to give women jobs by perhaps lowering employer contributions.

In 1% of cases equality by is used

In our dealings with our customers, we will make sure that their rights to equal treatment set out by equality legislation are upheld.

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