Prepositions used with "environment"

"of environment", "for environment" or "on environment"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases environment of is used

He was a lover of nature and a protector of environment.

Policies designed in this sort of environment rarely work.

Nice variety of environments and great arcade style sound.

The poor baby, I just can't imagine trying to survive in that kind of environment.

Wilson of the Department of Environment and Conservation, Perth, Western Australia.

However, this type of environment can lead to depression in certain people, Health.

Peterborough is uniquely placed to become a demonstrator city in this way and, as Home of Environment Capital,.

She has over twenty six years of experience in the field of environment, education, community development, etc.

Otherwise, she can choose to be at home or work from a coffee outlet for a change of environment or for inspiration.

More information on this programme can be assessed from the website of Environmental Protection Agency of Ghana click here.

In 14% of cases environment for is used

Sarabhai is the Founder Director of Centre for Environment Education.

These incidents showed that working for environmental protection is a dangerous kind of job.

If David Cameron or the minister for environment want to courier me their jeans I'd be more than happy to catalyse them.

It has long been considered that working for environmental protection and natural resources conservation is no easy task.

As part their passion for environment, Thaba Ya Batswana were Cofounder of the Klipriviersberg Conservancy now known as KlipSA.

Its lowest score is 208 for customer service, well above the category average, while its highest score of 418 is for environment.

Government sector dominates the market for environment infrastructure and Private/government sectors for environment technologies.

In 12% of cases environment on is used

In supporting urban infrastructure, ADB places great importance on environment and sustainability.

It is time for the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Environment, Heritage and Local Government to grab this hiatus by the scruff.

He also has a number of other board and advisory level appointments with organisations working on environment policy and is a regular peer reviewer.

Uwiragiye also attended the first Earth Summit in conjunction with the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED ), which took place in Brazil in 1992.

While that window is focused, click on Environment Browser, to make sure that you're running the code in the browser's chrome (instead of in the page's content).

The manual was released to be used in integrated environment planning as the counties undertake development programmes which might impact negatively on environment.

The Protocol contains reference to a precautionary approach and reaffirms the precaution language in Principle 15 of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.

Now that he is no more, the political stronghold of the younger Saraki, the current chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Ecology, will be put to the test.

SECOND MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE OF DEVELOPING COUNTRIES ON ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT: The environment and development ministers from 50 developing countries met in Malaysia from 26-29 April.

Who appointed FitzPatrick and Bradshaw to the Executive Board of DDDA? I'd sure the Oireachtas Committee on Environment, Heritage and Local Government, will advise and explain before too long.

In 9% of cases environment in is used

HIV epidemics thrive in environments where drug users are criminalized.

So this is the change in environment vis--vis May 2008 when we had similar numbers for forex reserves.

They are in environments where they have little control over their food choices and they are doing their best.

She will also provide radical change in environment that refresh the sprit and physical challenge that renews the body.

This is the right approach in environments with sufficient rainfall, and where land-use systems are based on farming or ranching.

We have been successful only to get from the investors a very broad description of what should be done in environmental protection.

As a rookie in environment issues, I am very concerned with the issue of whether we can find an effective way to stop this worsening.

Q: What effect did the Arab uprising have on your investment strategy? A: Obviously, the change in environment has caused us to rethink our strategies.

The need to achieve a environment friendly business is one of the important issues due to changes in environment policy of the government and depleting.

In 5% of cases environment to is used

It differs from Table to table, and environment to environment.

Up to a fifth of the disease burden in poor countries may be linked to environmental risk factors.

A letter co-written by leading council members was then sent to environment secretary Owen Paterson.

With regard to resilience to environmental risks, poor people are more vulnerable to natural disasters (e.

Save the ELA included with their news release an open letter to Environment Minister Peter Kent asking him to intervene.

For the MDGs and other internationally agreements related to environment to be achieved, they must become a national reality.

Improving environmental management of for example watersheds and mangrove forests increase the resilience of poor people and their livelihoods to environmental risks.

For more information on AngloGold Ashanti's management approach on human rights issues, please refer to Environment, community and human rights of the Group-level Report.

In general, poverty and environment are inter-linked through four main dimensions including livelihoods, resilience to environmental risks, health and economic development.

However, they are not suited to environments where users require different profile structures or where users need to be able to customize certain aspects of their profiles.

In 3% of cases environment with is used

I will take it up with Environment Protection dept.

Birds and animals behave instinctively with environment.

I am Judge of the High Court of Kenya, dealing with Environment and Land.

I agree with the content of this article because each of us has to understand problem with environment.

With the help of these he has been able to adapt himself with environment or modify it to suit his convenience.

In 2% of cases environment from is used

No area of it, from environment to education, works as it should.

She can prove herself in every field, If she have got chance from environment, and support from family or society.

In 1% of cases environment about is used

The question was about wildlife in my country and Australia and many questions about environment.

However, obliquely they do make an important point about environment and things like crime, employability, standard of living and so forth.

In 1% of cases environment between is used

UNEP? s programme in Sudan focuses on addressing the links between environmental pressures and conflict.

In 1% of cases environment by is used

The meeting, chaired by Environment Secretary Owen Patterson, will co-ordinate the government's response to the outbreak.

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