Prepositions used with "entry"

"of entry" or "for entry"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases entry of is used

At the Chicago Port of Entry, U.

A very low cost of entry and start again.

Mombasa is also the main port of entry by sea.

They can also be obtained at any point of entry (airports and land borders) on arrival.

Exchange Control copy of Bill of Entry, original invoice and a copy of letter of credit.

Single-entry and transit visas can be obtained on arrival at the port of entry into Tanzania.

Most others have been classified in skill level B in recognition of the wide range of entry routes that are possible.

Application dates: Applications should be submitted to the Principal, TATCOT by the 31st January of the year of entry.

Generally, if just telling someone else your idea is a threat to it then you don't have a high enough barrier of entry.

AutoFill An Excel 2007 feature that quickly creates a series of entries based on the data you enter in one or two cells.

In 22% of cases entry for is used

The closing date for entries is.

Closing date for entries: 24th August 2012.

The deadline for entries is mid-summer, the judging occurs early.

This happens every monday morning, guys looking for entry point now look at the volumes.

McVey's certainly one to watch for entry on to the definitive ' Sunday Times Rich List '.

Log on to the website and select? APPLY FOR ENTRY TO THE UWI? and follow the instructions.

Open your eyes by nnapr A passport and visa, which must be obtained in advance, are required for entry into Nigeria.

Final year undergraduate students are advised to apply for entry to the programme of choice by the stipulated deadline.

The Web app contained an electronic ticket to the match, allowing for entry via barcode scanning at the special Telecom gate.

In 12% of cases entry to is used

The barriers to entry are huge.

To entry in somewhere is entrance.

It means removing potential barriers to entry.

There were few or no formal barriers to entry.

It's really fairly quick and the barriers to entry are low.

These can be used to familiarise the student with the school prior to entry.

Factors that can limit the threat of new entrants are known as barriers to entry.

New Zealand has a high barrier to entry in required net worth, that makes it interesting.

See section 57 with respect to entry into any part of premises used only for residential purposes.

But a Conservative minister seeking to raise the barrier to entry even higher than it is at present should pause for thought.

In 6% of cases entry on is used

Please indicate teams on entry forms.

Comments on entries are welcome and should be signed.

The LDAP directory service model is based on entries.

Despite Olympic military security scanning on entry, a long line for the door was processed quickly.

Companies usually go to colleges and universities looking for young recruits to hire on entry level.

All the miitary would have to do is change what they are teaching the troops on entry into boot camp.

The ticket will not let the user exit the car park if the validity time &; date has expired This ticket must be used on entry.

I had to scroll through 51 pages of results before arriving on entry number #510 which matched the book I was actually looking for.

Basically, anything you bring into Thailand from another country can be taxed on entry -- the normal rate is 20% import duty and 7% VAT.

The solution is simple - allow state schools to do what public schools do - that is test pupils on entry and don't allow the less able in.

In 3% of cases entry with is used

The hierarchy might end with entries for individual people or resources.

Open from 12noon - 11pm daily and with entry completely FREE for more information visit the website at www.

Serengeti Breweries ' -backed Waitara golf championship tees off at the Lugalo Club today with entries expected to exceed hundred.

Entries for existing teams will be available from 1st January 2012, with entries from new teams being accepted from early February 2012.

Teams must be confirmed with entry, no team changes will be accepted after this date unless due to withdrawal of a gymnast through injury/illness.

There isn't a great deal online about it for further details, but we do know that it kicks off from November 7th, 2012 for a month, with entry free.

In 2% of cases entry at is used

New Years Eve - Terms and Conditions Valid photo ID, and credit card used in purchase maybe be required for verification at entry gate.

Group visas for tourists may be issued at entry to Ghana if prior arrangements were concluded between the tour operator, the Ghana Tourist Board and the Ghana Immigration Service.

When I sat my PRII exams at the start of May, I was shocked to see how many people were taking them, especially when you contrast that figure with how many jobs are available at entry level.

In 2% of cases entry before is used

This measure does not include any time spent waiting outside of the gate before entry.

Bring sensible footwear as you'll be walking in our fields and will be required to use a foot dip before entry.

The law passed emphasized three main areas: Immigrants had to be registered with immigration authorities before entry.

In 2% of cases entry from is used

Apart from entries method in ZipFile class.

They also want to tap each and every segment of mobile devices, starting from entry level phones to high end sophisticated handsets.

DeWys reasoned that if the two groups were comparable, the lengths of time from entry into the hospital to being labeled untreatable should be equivalent in both groups.

In 2% of cases entry upon is used

Upon entry you are issued a card which activates the exhibits.

Customers are guided upon entry through each step of the process and shown simply how to use each piece of technology.

There are many price action indicators showing that it's bullish but upon entry there where a few things that looked bearish.

All will require you to declare them upon entry, and some will require you to turn them over to the authorities while you are in the country.

Upon entry to the spl, i'd poach all the young scottish talent to be the future of the club off the old firm by the enticement of just to piss them off.

Lagos ' airport is a blast from the past, it appeared as if it hadn't been updated in decades and upon entry the only sign of modernity is a large monitor with adverts near customs.

How do I use Rapidpass Pelajar? Users just need to touch the card at the Touch ' n Go reader when boarding the bus, or at the LRT and Monorail gates upon entry as well as when they exit.

In 1% of cases entry in is used

Not every company abuses people in entry level positions, but there are those that take advantage of people coming in for work experience.

This contest is open to US citizens only, and it is important to note that despite the site's mission statement, there are a lot of rules on how Coca-Cola's logo and assets can be used in entries.

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