Prepositions used with "enthusiasm"

"of enthusiasm" or "with enthusiasm"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 49% of cases enthusiasm of is used
    The tell tail signs usually start with lack of enthusiasm to train.
    She is overjoyed at the reunion, but notices Dick's lack of enthusiasm.
    Actually I really am surprised by the level of enthusiasm and goals they have.
    MOOCs currently have enough devotees to generate a real swell of enthusiasm in academia.
    Players, coaches, media and 1,000 spectators at the venue daily, were full of enthusiasm.
    His 2005 debut, Breaking Kayfabe, was excellent, full of enthusiasm and rapid-fire spitting.
    Even with 32 bit computing, I couldn't help noticing a level of enthusiasm that went beyond its technical merit.
    OK, Kennedy is special to Democrats and there is not the same level of enthusiasm for the speakers who have followed.
    You can't invoke enthusiasm into others about a product if you don't genuinely hold those feelings of enthusiasm yourself.
    I attribute this to my increasing times and overall lack of enthusiasm (being brought on by age) in the marathon distance.

    In 42% of cases enthusiasm with is used
    I was immediately seized with enthusiasm.
    Belinda attacked the burger with enthusiasm.
    Nilanthi undertook her project with enthusiasm.
    The insight bathed me in relief and I was clean with enthusiasm and new with desire.
    I want the next president to look forward to the future with enthusiasm and determination.
    The activities included arts and a walk in the backyard and talk about our walk filled with enthusiasm,.
    They embraced the program with enthusiasm and called for our return to sustain the program but we could not continue.
    You also need to be willing to do anything for little or no pay and do it with enthusiasm and to the best of your ability.
    It was with enthusiasm that I answered, telling him about countries as varied as America, Italy, Switzerland and Cambodia.
    Thanks to all those who have accepted and made every activities, initiative and meeting that was carried out with enthusiasm.

    In 2% of cases enthusiasm against is used
    I've always ignored warnings against enthusiasm.

    In 2% of cases enthusiasm by is used
    Throughout my visit to China, I was greeted by enthusiasm and excitement, both in public and in private meetings.

    In 2% of cases enthusiasm in is used
    There was quite clearly a shift in enthusiasm.
    Tools Year on year I have come away from pumpkin scooping with an aching wrist and splattered wall, leaving me frankly lacking in enthusiasm when it comes to the fun part - The carving.

    In 1% of cases enthusiasm about is used
    Ministry of Environment clearance for the project came only in 1987! Talk about enthusiasm.

    In 1% of cases enthusiasm over is used
    Bearing in mind usually (often) first vehicle for a youngster, so very forgiving of rider error and/or over enthusiasm.

    In 1% of cases enthusiasm without is used
    Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

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