Prepositions used with "entertainment"

"of entertainment" or "for entertainment"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases entertainment of is used

A perfect weekend's worth of entertainment.

So for the sake of entertainment, let's hope.

Entries may be on any area of entertainment law.

I think reality is still a new form of entertainment that was kind of an unexpected thing.

Just an hour and a half away, this mecca of entertainment and culture is within easy access.

We guarantee an excellent day of entertainment for your children no matter what age they are.

The only complaint I have is the lack of entertainment and having nowhere to sit in the evenings after your meal.

We live in a society where we teach our kids that physical intimacy is nothing more than a form of entertainment.

It is what it is, a disposable piece of entertainment that does not have the will or courage to reinvent the wheel.

Taylor may be a bit of a drama queen (even though he claims to be ' straight ') and provide plenty of entertainment.

In 21% of cases entertainment for is used

More variety is a good thing for entertainment.

Personally, I use it more 80% for entertainment.

What do they do for entertainment? They go to the mall.

Quality living room furniture is needed for entertainment, reading or any other activities which.

Which leads him, like most, to the conclusion that the decision was made for entertainment reasons.

Most of the victims were said to be teenagers from nearby IDP camps who came to the place for entertainment.

The material that you read in The CIC's Websites is provided solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Comedy series Hardy Bucks, Mrs Brown's Boys and The Savage Eye are shortlisted with Masterchef for Entertainment.

There are specified apps which are for business while there are specified apps which are mainly for entertainment.

In 10% of cases entertainment in is used

He also writes in entertainment and offerings from Direct TV.

In entertainment and play, the same principle can be applied.

We're missing an angel in entertainment columnist heaven I can tell ya.

His practice specializes in Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property rights.

Many of these makeup artists have an existing background in entertainment makeup artistry.

With all these Gadgets we can get Ultimate stuff regarding information as well as in entertainment.

The application brings various tv channels in entertainment, news, and hindi movies on mobile for our mobile tv viewers.

Although she may accept to watch or join in entertainment on certain occasions, she does not make this her main concern in life.

Those who engage in entertainment and art should guide society in a positive direction, by teaching that which is virtuous or good.

Change in entertainment and recreation activities of wine mass consumers For newly rich people, number of people going surfing has increased obviously.

In 5% of cases entertainment to is used

The crowd was treated to entertainment from various artistes, among them P-Unit and Jua Cali.

According to Entertainment Weekly, it will air over two nights on December 10 and December 11.

Housed under one roof you'll find the experience for all the community, from luxury and bargain shopping to entertainment in cinemas and stages.

It's the epicenter for all sorts of knowledge from sports to games, leisure to entertainment, entertainment to education, creation to devotion and so forth.

It seems a greater part of our existence as Ghanaians, stretching from our Business models to Entertainment concepts depend on the creativity of only a few.

In 5% of cases entertainment with is used

And nothing will, for the gods are not likely to exert themselves to provide us with entertainment.

One of the best means of avoiding peer pressure is to combine sports and da'wah with entertainment i.

The final day of the inaugural Course of the Force will conclude in San Diego at the Balboa Theatre, with entertainment to cap off the epic journey.

THEME NIGHTS: We have theme nights with entertainment to celebrate special days such as Cup Eve, Australia Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and more.

When you hit your budget limit for the month, you should understand that you are done with entertainment purchases until the next month's budget begins.

Showcase Cork are providing music with entertainment late into the night with ' Electric Blue ' and we have Vanessa Whelan, finalist of the Voice of Ireland.

While sports, in general, have always been associated with entertainment, Paralympics has its own niche as each differently-abled athlete is symptomatic of the undying spirit of man.

In 2% of cases entertainment as is used

In the end, it is difficult to resist visiting the hotels and restaurants that provide specialized and wide varieties of meals, activities as well as entertainment.

Elastic demand rebounds when supply is restored, but is generally discretionary (such as entertainment) and is sacrificed for non-discretionary demand (such as food).

In 2% of cases entertainment on is used

My first cookery demo! (Ok, so they were low on entertainment that evening.

In the early 1990s, under the SunVic Group, Michelle focused on entertainment and introduced over 50 acts in Singapore.

When staying at this popular spot you'll never be short on entertainment, leisure or historical tales, as there is much to see and do in and around the area.

Many international students find that part-time work is a great way to give them a little extra money, on top of their available funds, to spend on entertainment or unexpected bills.

Here's what I would like to see more of on entertainment websites in general: Early scripts reviews: dissect what works, what doesn't and why with particular focus on the mechanics of storytelling.

In 1% of cases entertainment about is used

It has to be about entertainment as well, but it's quality, grace.

Even for news divisions which are more about entertainment than news this is probably a good decision.

Is there an audience for these sorts of films in China? I hope they find an audience in China, but the film culture in China is mostly about entertainment.

In 1% of cases entertainment at is used

While RCCL excels at entertainment, Carnival is still.

This user-friendly interface sets a new standard for mobile applications at entertainment venues to enhance visitor's experiences.

And this is on top of all the incidents of violence by football players that have occurred at entertainment venues in our various capital cities which were reported in the news.

In 1% of cases entertainment through is used

The post 1970s dumbing down of education, and distraction through entertainments, and encouragement into debt, and now fear wholesale, show how TPTB have attempted to deal with the dissent.

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