Prepositions used with "enterprise"

"of enterprise" or "for enterprise"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases enterprise of is used

And it's not the kind of enterprise I'd lend support to.

So the core of enterprise management is the management of internal and external relations.

But the State which emerged in 1922 was a powerful apparatus for the discouragement of enterprise.

On the flip side of the coin, 47 percent of enterprises already had a security breach due to BYOD.

Even so, this surely doesn't imply that anybody and everybody will succeed at this sort of enterprise.

Hundreds of enterprises employ more than 40,000 workers who make tens of millions of garments a year.

Accordingly, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment is arranging for these agencies to ensure.

This follows from the source of contributory infringement, which is the tort doctrine of enterprise liability.

Life itself represents a gamble, even to the best prepared and most sober and in the soberest of enterprises.

In 20% of cases enterprise for is used

Now is the time for enterprises to invest in this relationship.

I see Windows RT a better option for enterprise than Windows Pro.

Military Awards, Promotions) and The Queen's Award for Enterprise.

Hashicorp will initially offer downloadable add-ons to the software for enterprise customers.

The hotel is suited for enterprise guests or these taking pleasure in leisure time in Pretoria.

In China the most patents are applied for private, little for enterprise, even less for invitation patent.

Given under my Official Seal, This 26th day of May 2000 Mary Harney Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment P.

With his vast amount of experience and dedication, Derek wants to make Vodafone the number one for enterprise in Ghana.

Co-facilitators and Partners Katalyst works through co-facilitator Action for Enterprise (AFE) to implement these interventions.

It's the best system Microsoft has ever come out with, it works very well, and it's still pretty new, and it's even newer for enterprises.

In 11% of cases enterprise in is used

They have demonstrated courage in engaging in enterprise, and we salute their effort.

These days, software decisions in enterprises are increasingly made from the bottom-up.

Most schools don't emphasize the synergy between knowledge and focused creativity in enterprise.

There are also single and multi-company programmes subsidised by the HRDA and schemes to support training in enterprises.

Which one is the best place for training ERP? This is a common question asked by students interested in Enterprise Resource Planning.

Since then, CBT has gained much traction in enterprises over the past 20 years as it has sought to embed quality in all organisational processes.

Contrary to this techno-nationalism, it is regions that possess specialised competencies embedded in enterprises that compete on the global scenes.

Among newly rich people, major wine consumers are female, young people of 30-34 years old, middle and senior managers in enterprises and technicians.

The ' ACTIVE ' setting is new to Oracle 11g Release 2 and displays the output using HTML and Flash, similar to the way it is shown in Enterprise Manager.

The term private cloud on the other hand references more an organic evolution of the virtualisation movement that's been ongoing in enterprise IT for the better part of a decade.

In 7% of cases enterprise to is used

Knowledge and free thinking give rise to enterprise and innovation.

According to Enterprise Ireland there is only 50 indigineous Irish companies per annum opening US offices.

Consumer To Enterprise Interestingly, it was Stein who helped define a set vision for the company in its early days.

Commercial property is meant to be a service to enterprise, trade and employment, however in Ireland the cartel organised these ruinous leases to destroy all three.

Canonical also provides services to the IT industry to bring Ubuntu-based products to market, and to enterprise and consumer users to maximise their Ubuntu experience.

Everyone's problem you say! I've looked in to enterprise boards but they all seem to just be for start up, they don't seem to facilitate purchase of an existing business.

In 5% of cases enterprise on is used

And while the alleged impact on enterprise is a popular argument against the 50p tax, not all experts are convinced.

These are people that work an extra job at home, writing about their opinions on enterprise IT and are not payed for those efforts.

We have a clear focus on enterprise, and our Centre for Enterprise, established in 2000, aims to inspire Portsmouth students to learn and succeed in entrepreneurship.

Another study based on Enterprise Surveys, Almeida and Carneiro (2009 ), measures enforcement of labor laws by the distance between the firm's location and surrounding enforcement offices.

In 5% of cases enterprise with is used

Moreover, the United States lacks effective arbitration system to deal with enterprises that refuse to make compromise with the employees.

Both bodies have the same organization through vocational training centres set up and directly managed by themselves, centres set up in partnership with enterprises and approved centres.

In essence, future factories will have secure wireless networks supporting a highly automated production process, seamlessly interlinked with enterprise software working through the cloud.

In 2% of cases enterprise as is used

To share with people fellas, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, Microsof company vis has long been started within a couple of updates? Property basic/ Quality as well as Enterprise type.

In 2% of cases enterprise at is used

At enterprise level cooperation occurs mainly between schools and companies which employ graduates.

Bishop Welby was corporate treasurer at Enterprise Oil and nobody has a bad word to say about how he did the job.

In 2% of cases enterprise by is used

Therefore, this form is widely used by enterprises.

Ovum believes that the business potential offered by enterprise social networking will only be unlocked when necessity dictates a business change.

In addition to infotainment and entertainment services, this Internet of Vehicles facilitates the interconnection of vehicles with commercial business services provided by enterprise applications.

In 2% of cases enterprise from is used

The young entrepreneur is more likely to get cash from Enterprise Ireland who have adopted the role of VC than any of our supposed VC funds or angel investors.

The Privatisation and Utility Sector Reform Project (PUSRP) was established in 2001 as a follow-up project from Enterprise Development Project II (EDP) which ended in 2000.

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