Prepositions used with "engineering"

"of engineering" or "in engineering"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases engineering of is used

BUT! This is a marvelous piece of engineering.

Your geomatics degree is in the Faculty of Engineering.

Steve was Director of Engineering between 2007 and 2009.

Gordon Higginson was a Professor of Engineering at Durham for 20 years until 1985.

Also, access to talent is limited in scale in particular in the area of engineering.

Ijaz Hossain, a professor of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).

A group of R V College of Engineering students said they worked their way through a Windows 8 media centre app.

But engineers have -- besides knowledge of engineering matters -- the ability to design and implement solutions.

Again, the failure to lead in this direction is one of the great failures of engineering and government of our time.

It is the largest college in the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) followed by the College of Engineering and Technology.

In 26% of cases engineering in is used

And it isn't just in engineering.

She'll be in engineering or something.

You have a degree in engineering management.

He has a 2nd class honours degree in Engineering, He is now a committed Christian.

An REC Calicut graduate, Yahya graduated with distinction in Engineering and was employed with GE.

However, the one variable each of them had in common was a large increase in engineering graduates.

She dreams of double-majoring in engineering and architecture and using her education to construct green buildings.

His father, a clothing merchant (who also held a degree in engineering ), died in 1943, when Cohen was nine years old.

In engineering education, these results point to the importance of being able to represent design concepts graphically.

Whether that leads to a stimulating conversation is still doubtful -- most people just aren't interested in engineering.

In 6% of cases engineering for is used

Too true you have to give him plaudits for engineering Man Utds success for the past 20 years.

The next such event for Engineering Students will be the Nuts and Bolts Dinner, usually held in the Lent term.

In days gone by, there were jobs for science graduates in companies like ICI and opportunities for engineering graduates in the manufacturing sector.

The Act does provide an exemption for engineering businesses that provide engineering services that may involve pollution, nuclear, aviation or shipping hazards.

This is one of the reasons why we see many kids in doctors ' families opting medicine and students from families having many engineers opting for engineering course.

Note: NTU allows Science stream students with only O level physics to apply for engineering courses, but these students will have to take a one yr physic bridging module.

In 1966 was a recipient of a UWI fellowship for Engineering Sustainable Solutions Research (ESSo) and later he was received into the fellowship of the Mineralogical Society, London.

In 6% of cases engineering to is used

I left teaching when things became to politicized and went back to engineering.

What should I know about administrative controls? Administrative controls may be used in addition to engineering controls.

Shifting to engineering course madaling sabihin pero mahirap gawin, paano na kung ang male nursing student hindi niya hilig ung mathematics.

What do you feel about the New Carry-over system? Will it be helpful to Engineering students or not? What changes will it bring in engineering courses.

All students are required to complete a 1-year extensive project during the final year along with the introduction to engineering management and accounting systems course.

Across all OECD countries, health and welfare subjects are the most popular for females and subjects relating to engineering, manufacturing and construction are most popular for males.

It warned of dire consequences if the government and universities failed to act against alleged harassment meted out to engineering students, especially those pursuing civil and architecture.

In 3% of cases engineering with is used

In cooperation with engineering and product management you will implement and apply test processes, t.

Employers most often welcome applications from graduates with engineering, maths, physics or finance degrees.

Programming and tinkering with engineering stuff requires a certain cast of mind if it is to be done successfully.

CSE 2008 overall topper Shubhra Saxena is another example with Engineering background (IIT Roorkee) she opted for Public administration and Psychology.

Cesa President Felix Fongoqa in conversation with Engineering News Editor Terence Creamer about his desire to see the creation of a single voice for the construction sector.

In 2% of cases engineering as is used

In special cases such as engineering goods, the limit may be reduced to 25% in the first three years and 33% thereafter.

Indeed, there are more people called engineers than people called scientists, and many scientists are doing work that could be described as engineering as well as science.

Many of Malaysia's university graduates are trained overseas in fields such as engineering, and accountancy, allowing them to adapt easily to an international corporate environment.

Nongxa noted that whilst Witwatersrand is renowned for its advantage in the Paleo-Sciences, it has a focus on other areas in the sciences such as Engineering, Geophysics, and Public health.

Perhaps universities could advise their female students that a graduate with a degree in psychology is going make as much money as a forklift driver and suggest something useful such as engineering.

In 2% of cases engineering from is used

In any formula, constants (especially those obtained from engineering handbooks) are to be treated as variables.

The solutions thus need to come from engineering rather than Oxford educated classics graduates talking from comfortable homes in England.

He says his studies have ranged from engineering, to mathematics, Western history and Chinese literature, which were all motivated by interest.

It also generates what are known as ' backwards multipliers ' in the form of demand for inputs, particularly from engineering and mining equipment suppliers.

He joined the Group in June 2007 with 13 years experience and has held key positions in various industries ranging from engineering, medical, infrastructure and investment holdings.

In 2% of cases engineering on is used

The remaining staff work on engineering and design.

On engineering, I know 4 RG universities that awarded >30 % last year.

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The course will focus on engineering and consulting, and will assist her in future career and academic options.

With its growing revenue and focus on engineering, Huawei now spends 12 percent of its annual revenue -- some $3.

For example, a radar system will draw on engineering disciplines including systems, mechanical, electronic, software, firmware, microwave, optical and test engineering.

In 1% of cases engineering by is used

The largest shops (Google) have found ways to curb costs by engineering hardware and running it on an in-house stack and openflow.

Train journeys in many other parts of the country will also be affected by engineering works for the four days of the getaway starting on Friday, December 21.

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