Prepositions used with "engine"

"of engine" or "in engine"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases engine of is used

Damage of engine thermostat; 6.

International Journal of Engine Research, 7, 2006, pp.

The roar of engines made it almost impossible to talk.

Blocking of engine cooling fins and inner water channel; 2.

Disassemble water pump of engine and check, there is no damage; 4.

The organisers were a lubricant company who were showing the importance of engine oil n the cars.

The first of this class were built in 1870 and the total weight of engine and tender amounted to 78 tons 10 cwt.

The whistle of engine and sound of the train through the hills and tea gardens reminded us the view of Munnar in Kerala.

FR150 Hydraulic System Malfunction Phenomenon of Malfunction Occasionally non-automatic idling of engine in automatic idling mode.

The new smaller diesel engine is the first in a series of engines to be introduced in Europe under the name of Earth Dreams Technology.

In 16% of cases engine in is used

With an investment in Engine Yard, it fills out the PaaS part.

Have cutting edge technology in engine designing and fair enough assembly plants.

Sheep's coats froze to the ground, water pipes burst and diesel fuel in engines turned to sludge.

So over several trips to the dealer I've had: High Presure Pump replaced, Fuel filter, Fuse Box in engine bay.

It is just transforming chemical energy of water into heat energy and then after burning in engine to Mechanical energy.

Oracle is investing in Engine Yard, a smaller firm that specializes in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for deploying and maintaining cloud environments.

The increase reflects both improvements in engines and also government incentives, including emissions-linked car taxes and the scrappage incentive scheme.

In 10% of cases engine on is used

The price portion of an aviation engine to the whole plane should be similar to that of a gas engine to a car.

Quote: Originally Posted by tonyget Jets life depend on engine life A jet goes through several engines in its lifetime.

Motor tax is charged on engine size for 2008 cars and before, with all cars 1st July 2008 onwards charged based Co2 emissions.

In 9% of cases engine with is used

That particular era of BMWs are plagued with engine oil leaks and gearbox issues.

Bajaj introduced Boxer in year 2000 which was a light commuter segment bike with engine capacity of 100 cc.

It is especially related to dealing with engines on boats, a job that requires him to spend a lot of time underwater.

Last year Bajaj launched a new variant123abc of Boxer with engine capacity of 150 cc by the BM Boxer 150 but recently Bajaj has discontinued its production.

In 8% of cases engine for is used

Even if we do something like P2, we still need to pay lots of money for license/copyright, and for engine and parts imported to assemble cars here.

Judging from photographs of the prototype, the nacelles may be designed for engines larger in diameter than the RD-93, a derivative of the MiG-29's RD-33.

The milk float carried one or two large containers or churns with taps at the bottom from which a large can (similar to those used for engine oil) was filled.

In 5% of cases engine to is used

The impetus given to engine technology by Rolls Royce it is said was vital to the second world war.

There is also no under engine protection and engine block corrodes with salt, I have cleaned thoroughly and applied paint coating to engine aluminum block.

On 18 June, 2003, a Deepak HPT-32 aircraft crashed in a dried-up lake off Rajiv Gandhi Salai, shortly after take off from Tambaram owing to engine failure.

In 3% of cases engine like is used

I can then decide on all the important details like engine size, interior extras etc.

Sub-system manufactures, who produce major assemblies like engines, turbines, transmissions.

In 2% of cases engine without is used

Survivors tell of having been detained in Thailand, beaten, and towed out to sea on boats without engines, sufficient food and water.

Also, some vehicles were sold without engine covers, Peugeot say they will not supply under warranty but if you hassle them they will supply.

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