Prepositions used with "employee"

"of employee" or "for employee"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases employee of is used

The work requirements of employees vary.

Every 3-5 years, 50% of employee skills become outdated.

The median is the value below which 50% of employees fall.

Then divide that by the number of employees working in that company 10 years later.

To sum up, the practice of paying bonus is part of the reward package of employees.

This also demonstrate the appreciation by the organization of employees ' abilities.

In this instance, the receivers are the members of the test team made up of employees of Lufthansa Cargo and DSO.

Also, they do not include the earnings of employees not on adult rates of pay, most of whom will be young people.

The first step in that process is to find out what sort of employee you are, as many of the rights depend on that.

However such clauses may also attempt to restrict future employment of employees once they leave the organisation.

In 16% of cases employee for is used

In short, there are benefits for employees and employers.

Another issue is the effects of positive deviance for employees.

At the same time it took measures to improve the quality of life for employees.

After paying ZERO for employee healthcare, now many of the will have to pay something.

It's open enrollment for employees who depend on their workplace-sponsored health plans.

This makes work more fun for employees and it strengthens the relationship with customers.

Cleveland Clinic said it set up a heart surgery program in 2010 for employees of home improvement retailer Lowe's Cos.

International agencies in Malaysia have placed Swinburne graduates as one of their top choices for employee recruitment.

For employees, it gives direction about how they are expected to behave and (should) inspire them to give of their best.

You will become familiar with the rights and responsibilities for employees within the Saskatchewan Labour Standards Act.

In 15% of cases employee to is used

Information to be provided to employee 45(3.

Denial of shares to employees is another one.

Government-provided meals (yum) are charged to employees at about $2.

They conduct proper recruitment process to employee a right employee for right position.

Open only to employees of Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) member organizations.

Issue Letters of Secondment Ensure that you issue proper letters of secondment to employees required to go on secondment.

Intrapreneurship refers to employee initiatives in organizations to undertake something new, without being asked to do so.

It is available to employees and is earnings related, with funding coming from your National Insurance Contributions (NICs).

This is not the only example of employers posing political ' Trick or Treat ' questions to employees to have hit the headlines.

In 6% of cases employee by is used

In contrast, a democratic manager would encourage participation by employees.

The worker members are selected by employees or by the union (if there is one).

Half of the fees were paid by the employer, the other half by employee wage deductions.

The other chart showed the reasons given by employees for learning a foreign language.

It also beefed up crimes against incarcerated sexual predators by employees of prisons.

One pie chart showed a foreign language course training done by employees through part time.

These principles are governed by employees through a central management system and internal strategy.

The figure for that year was estimated to be $14 billion for penalties paid for by employees and individuals.

A number of claims have been brought by employees subjected to disciplinary sanctions for bullying behaviour.

We in opposition knew that swaying an audience dominated by employees and guests of industry would not be easy.

In 6% of cases employee with is used

I loved what I saw of my interactions with employees.

Employers can negotiate with employees about work conditions.

Run experiments to improve business with employees front and centre.

Employers should be prepared to deal with employee queries on this point.

I wish that my manager had known how to work with employees who are in distress.

Laughter creates a bond that brings others together; people like to be with employees who are having fun.

Readers belong to all socio-professional categories, with employees, workers, and farmers being the main groups.

This ensures your records are up-to-date and helps you to avoid costly and unproductive disputes with employees.

They allow for better collaboration with employees across different geographic areas, or who may be working from home.

We also need to bring customer support services back to the United States of America and staff them with employees who are US Citizens.

In 4% of cases employee in is used

But underneath the headline, we note that the increase in employees was just 86,000 or +0.

There is no probationary period for promoted employees including cases in employee secondment.

Can you please tell me why there is so much of difference in employee amount and employer 's? 2.

In the Manufacturing sector there were five times as many workplaces that reported a fall in employees (20.

Abundant investment in employees ' development is considered as another feature of co-ordinated market economies.

Abundant investment in employees ' development is considered as another feature of co-ordinated market economies.

Does the hire and fire principle apply to seconded employees? The same principle should apply in employee secondment.

Catherine's background is generalist HR but she specialised in Employee Relations in 1995 and has been providing advice to businesses ever since.

In a company, this should result in employees knowing how their own work contributes to achieving the company goals, which helps keep people motivated and engaged.

In 4% of cases employee on is used

Much depends on employee confidence in their employer.

Network Some of the best companies to work for rely on employee referrals.

With a slowdown also comes the opportunity to focus on employees, HR and training.

They rarely improve outcomes because they don't focus on employees ' emotional needs.

Seek Professional Advice on Employee Secondment It is necessary that your organization.

The other may focus internally on employees developing valuable IP to further the business.

Section 19(a) of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 imposes an obligation on employees to ensure their safety at work.

Get to know all applicable legislation on employee misconducts including absence from duty, the organization's disciplinary rules and.

An employer does not guarantee to cocoon employees from stress and upset, nor is the employer a guarantor of the safety or health of the employee.

In 2% of cases employee from is used

Banks are always experiencing internal theft from employees.

For example: If we prepare a Report from Employees Table (of Northwind.

How do you plan to de-link revenue growth from employee growth? It's not one against the other.

There are also cases where employees seek guarantees from colleagues to avail of loans from employee co-operative credit societies.

I think the successful companies will embrace the scheme and build better performance and efficiency through loyalty and dedication from employees.

In 2% of cases employee per is used

Maggie, I think that the employer penalty for dropping all health insurance is only $2,000-$3000 per employee.

Howard How many plates of food does Applebee's serve per hour per employee? The price increase would be justified but modest.

Success was based on net profits, sales per square foot, sales per employee, and per dollar inventory investment (Lusch &; Serpkeuci, 1990).

That makes employees malleable to employer demands for more wage restraint, more task assignments, more productive output per employee and hence more working hours with little extra pay or benefits.

In 1% of cases employee about is used

They are also often in possession of personally confidential information about employees.

Managers will be creating evaluations that fit with their beliefs about employees, and possibly discarding critical information.

We talk about employee engagement including the kinds of things employees need to feel engaged and what the managers and leaders need to provide.

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