Prepositions used with "element"

"of element" or "with element"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases element of is used

Project Management can be a mess of elements to organize and balance.

It's not any one element then, but rather a combination of elements that make St.

The attempted fraud offers an insight into the desperation of elements behind it.

It consists of a number of elements with theme playing a linking role through the units.

A very important one was to find the best combination of elements of RISC and CISC CPUs.

The p value was calculated as the proportion of elements greater than the observed correlation.

It is growing by simply every different missing out on morning and yes it hits most of elements of much of our your life.

The basic division lies in the number of elements in a transaction, if there are minimum two elements in a transaction i.

It's mysterious because you never know exactly how many spells are available or what certain combinations of elements will give you.

You can also, without having extensive graphic design training, create unique icons based on the hundreds of elements provided by us.

In 17% of cases element with is used

For elements with element children, returns same as toXMLString.

Stick with elements that have lasted a while and that have longevity.

This type can be used with element declarations and attribute declarations.

Creating mere puppets out of people, infested with elements of man-made ideas.

It was more about a journey of two characters with elements of fun and romance thrown in.

Happy and joyous sound with elements mentioned above will befit the entrance of the couples to a reception.

Based on the number of participants (and the end number of groups you wish ), create different categories with elements.

Even with elements that have been mentioned above, couples who want to be married should not forget that what they love must prevail.

His style has an endearing vintage touch with elements of the ridiculous and the surreal -- a salute to The Muppets and Monty Python.

But how can we know that there is vacuum in air? Should it be filled with elements or molecules? Then like that it should be very packed.

In 7% of cases element by is used

And then by element four, the doubling down.

They are the result of an ongoing process that are fostered by elements like space, outside influence and other people.

One hypothesis put forth is that the Salafists are heavily infiltrated by elements of the former Ben Ali secret police, a 250,000 member spook and intimidation force.

On receipt of this order the Marines formed up defensively along ridges south of the road, and during the evening were relieved by elements of the 2nd Infantry Division.

It is a hangover from the clandestine organisation of the exile years when the sole object was the defeat of apartheid, a goal supported by elements of the political Left, Right and Centre.

In 7% of cases element to is used

Remove classes applied to elements in the page content $ (' article * ').

This specification uses the prefix fo: for referring to elements in the XSL namespace.

You alert me to elements I need to understand so I can ask the right questions and plan more effectively.

The ' clip ' property applies to elements that have a ' overflow ' property with a value other than ' visible '.

The real political dynamite is the recommended return to elements of John Howard's Pacific solution, so long reviled by Labor.

Both Yolngu and European Australians frequently express incredulity at the way people of the other culture regard and respond to elements of the natural world.

According to a Bloomberg News report, there are a number of other variables to element into that forecast, such as oil consumption in China and OPEC production levels.

If you need to do are afflicted by irritable intestinal, you might find that the digestive tract might respond much more extremely in order to elements for example tension as well as diet plan.

In 5% of cases element for is used

For elements with element children, returns same as toXMLString.

This is recommended approach for element that need to be animated.

It may be set for elements that generate boxes that are not absolutely positioned.

For example, consider the data for elements in the second row of the periodic table.

Many parents believe that the characters in a name can compensate for elements that are lacking.

In the main this is because of the intricacies of the engineering aspects involved in accounting for elements of the environment.

In 3% of cases element as is used

The XML literal can contain comments and processing instructions as well as elements, attributes, and text.

Since these deeper-lying things do exist, they too are to be counted as essences, as elements or potentials from which all things are composed.

He does not think of the mind and things even deeper again as elements; and as soon as he hears you call them elements, he is likely to lose interest.

In 3% of cases element on is used

A classes on elements and even additional elements that are both unhelpful and in-fact now obsolete; for example the font tag.

In 2% of cases element from is used

Indeed they will be largely made from elements of the landscape (for example turf roofs, cob walls, timber cladding).

In 2% of cases element per is used

The development of early semi-empirical MO parameterisations in the 1970's was based on (manual and laborious) 7 acquisition of data for at most 10-20 molecules per element parametrised.

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