Prepositions used with "efficiency"

"of efficiency", "for efficiency" or "in efficiency"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases efficiency of is used

There are many examples of efficiency improvements.

This sort of efficiency can be put when you repair drywall.

To reach a high level of efficiency we need libraries like OpenCL.

Processes (layout, model sheets, even storyboards!) are skipped in the name of efficiency.

In my opinion allowing developers to take the most of the Videocore is a matter of efficiency.

Unconcern for the fruits of action is not an unearthly ideal; it is just part of efficiency at work.

It is regretted that in Sri Lanka the government service has not reached the expected level of efficiency and quality.

He said this strongly endorses Ireland's push for increasing levels of efficiency in homes, businesses and the public sector.

This would force the company to get rid of their old inefficient plants and invest in plants with greater levels of efficiency.

Once Nodes C and E are gathered beneath Node bigF, as described below, a Big Job can then be executed as a whole for the sake of efficiency.

In 13% of cases efficiency for is used

I'd all for efficiency, especially in the gov't.

These options would have scope for efficiencies through rationalizing headquarters and branch structures.

Much of the rest of the revolution relied on a never-ending search for efficiencies in the distribution network.

We just need to talk to our insurance providers for efficiency needs in the privet sector, they have our attention.

If you're trying to argue on the need for efficiency in different forms of transport, at least account for these effects.

How can that be done? The Democrat and Republican plan do not address it, other than to talk about hoped for efficiency gains.

What is more efficient, private enterprise of government? The answer to this demonstrates how hoped for efficiency gains are hoped for.

Don't feel that you need to give up entirely on your priorities of achieving work-life balance, using technology for efficiency, and creating flexible schedules and locations of work.

Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost administers the Leverage for Efficiency, Accountability and Performance (LEAP) Fund to make loans to state agencies and local public offices requiring.

In 11% of cases efficiency in is used

There's a popular belief in efficiency of starvation.

In the absence of consensus be a matter of more of account results in efficiencies.

Jevons argued that this view was incorrect, as further increases in efficiency would tend to increase the use of coal.

Cost reduction projects often include improvements in efficiency which either reduce material consumption or increase output.

Being trained as a physicist he found more than factor three variation in efficiency for such an ancient ' ' device ' ' as simply unacceptable.

An increase in efficiency regarding campaign management was the order of the day, especially in times when the market has got more and more saturated.

In 7% of cases efficiency to is used

An investment proposal may result in the consumption of fewer services due to efficiency improvements.

Carter tried to lead the way to efficiency and reducing our dependence on foreign oil but this was almost completely reversed by Reagan.

I mean, work has to get done and anyone who has kids knows that children are the greatest impediment to efficiency in the known universe.

For instance managing methods this kind of the exact famed Household windows systems in addition to efficiency bundles identical to the ' microsoft ' Office collection.

In 7% of cases efficiency with is used

Often used upon rapidly vehicles or even to get a driver whose fashion involves elevated coping with efficiency.

The challenge for school boards every year is to come up with efficiencies and a balanced budget, said Don Drone, director of education at the Wellington board.

Mikel Arteta was once again superb in front of the defence, moping up danger and then playing the ball out with efficiency while Cazorla dictated proceedings before finding the net late in the game.

In 6% of cases efficiency on is used

Does that have any negative effect on efficiency? (I.

Leo writes more posts on efficiency and customer happiness over on the Buffer blog.

We further improved on efficiencies when we took the line right below the hotel instead of the one 15 minutes walk down the road.

You'll find examples of airports focused on efficiency, on customer service, on commercial efforts and partnership with other industry stakeholders.

In 4% of cases efficiency as is used

Any girls backpack/purse consists of phenomena in addition to kind as well as efficiency.

In 2% of cases efficiency about is used

Africa is a beautiful and largely undeveloped country meaning Western idea about efficiency are sometimes less developed than we might like.

In 1% of cases efficiency from is used

The entire system as it were, is struggling to evolve from efficiency in Nature to perfection in spirit.

Every penny saved from efficiency savings - including a 45 per cent reduction in management costs -- needs to be invested back in to patient care.

In 1% of cases efficiency through is used

The current account problem can only be solved with a reduction in energy utilisation through efficiencies.

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